2019 Topps

Errors / Variations

371 record(s)

  1a   Ronald Acuña Jr.   BASE: Batting
  1b   Ronald Acuña Jr.   VAR: In dugout
  7a   Gleyber Torres   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  7b   Gleyber Torres   VAR: In warm-ups
  10a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Pitching; UER: 2018 innings not included in calculation of career WHIP and ERA
  10b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Kneeling, white cap; UER: 2018 innings not included in calculation of career WHIP and ERA
  10c   Sandy Koufax   VAR: Legend
  16a   Charlie Blackmon   BASE: Jogging
  16b   Charlie Blackmon   VAR: American Flag Shirt
  21a   Jean Segura   BASE: Running
  21b   Ozzie Smith   VAR: Legend
  32a   Carlos Correa   BASE: Batting (horizontal)
  32b   Carlos Correa   VAR: Fielding (vertical)
  32c   Cal Ripken Jr.   VAR: Legend
  34a   Josh Donaldson   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  34b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Capless
  37a   Marcus Stroman   BASE: Pitching
  37b   Marcus Stroman   VAR: In dugout
  41a   Corey Seager   BASE: Batting
  41b   Corey Seager   VAR: In warm-ups
  46a   Jose Abreu   BASE: Watching flight of ball (horizontal)
  46b   Jose Abreu   VAR: Wearing balaclava (vertical)
  46c   Frank Thomas   VAR: Legend
  49a   Michael Kopech   BASE: Delivering pitch (vertical)
  49b   Michael Kopech   VAR: In bullpen (horizontal)
  50a   Mookie Betts   BASE: Batting (horizontal)
  50b   Mookie Betts   VAR: In warm-ups (vertical)
  50c   Ted Williams   VAR: Legend
  52a   J.T. Realmuto   BASE: Looking to his left
  52b   J.T. Realmuto   VAR: Facing forward
  53a   Brandon Crawford   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  53b   Brandon Crawford   VAR: In dugout
  57a   Justin Verlander   BASE: Pitching
  57b   Justin Verlander   VAR: Wearing suit
  57c   Nolan Ryan   VAR: Legend
  60a   Kyle Tucker   BASE: Running bases (vertical)
  60b   Kyle Tucker   VAR: In dugout (horizontal)
  62a   Elvis Andrus   BASE: Red jersey
  62b   Elvis Andrus   VAR: In warm-ups
  77a   J.D. Martinez   BASE: Batting (vertical)
  77b   J.D. Martinez   VAR: In warm-ups (horizontal)
  84a   Matt Carpenter   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  84b   Matt Carpenter   VAR: In dugout
  100a   Mike Trout   BASE: Leaping catch at wall
  100b   Mike Trout   VAR: Wearing suit
  100c   Hank Aaron   VAR: Legend
  107a   Scooter Gennett   BASE: Running (vertical)
  107b   Scooter Gennett   VAR: Fielding (horizontal)
  109a   Michael Conforto   BASE: White uniform
  109b   Michael Conforto   VAR: Blue uniform
  110a   Trevor Bauer   BASE: Pitching
  110b   Trevor Bauer   VAR: In dugout
  112a   Joey Gallo   BASE: Batting, gray uniform
  112b   Joey Gallo   VAR: Blue jersey
  119a   Willson Contreras   BASE: Catcher's gear (horizontal)
  119b   Willson Contreras   VAR: Celebrating (vertical)
  125a   Paul DeJong   BASE: Preparing to throw ball (vertical)
  125b   Paul DeJong   VAR: Backhanding ball (horizontal)
  128a   Yoenis Cespedes   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  128b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: In warm-ups
  130a   Blake Snell   BASE: Pitching
  130b   Blake Snell   VAR: Wearing suit
  133a   Ryan Zimmerman   BASE: Batting, gray uniform
  133b   Ryan Zimmerman   VAR: White uniform
  137a   Carlos Rodon   BASE: Pitching (vertical)
  137b   Carlos Rodon   VAR: In dugout (horizontal)
  139a   Mitch Haniger   BASE: Running (vertical)
  139b   Mitch Haniger   VAR: Fielding (horizontal)
  149a   Khris Davis   BASE: Gray uniform, watching flight of ball
  149b   Khris Davis   VAR: Anthony Slocumb signed uniform
  150a   Aaron Judge   BASE: Batting
  150b   Aaron Judge   VAR: Wearing Suit
  150c   Don Mattingly   VAR: Legend
  157a   Buster Posey   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  157b   Buster Posey   VAR: American Flag Catcher Gear
  161a   Eric Hosmer   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  161b   Eric Hosmer   VAR: Pinstriped uniform
  163a   Aaron Nola   BASE: Preparing to deliver pitch
  163b   Aaron Nola   VAR: Ball behind back
  166a   Matt Chapman   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  166b   Matt Chapman   VAR: Coming out of dugout
  168a   Salvador Perez   BASE: White uniform (vertical)
  168b   Salvador Perez   VAR: Gray uniform (horizontal)
  172a   Brandon Nimmo   BASE: Running
  172b   Mike Piazza   VAR: Legend
  176a   Trea Turner   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  176b   Trea Turner   VAR: Capless
  176c   Ty Cobb   VAR: Legend
  178a   Jose Altuve   BASE: Batting; UER: Incorrect 2018 H (169), BA (.316), and career H (1419)
  178b   Jose Altuve   VAR: Capless; UER: Incorrect 2018 H (169), BA (.316), and career H (1419)
  178c   Jackie Robinson   VAR: Legend
  180a   Justin Turner   BASE: Batting (horizontal)
  180b   Justin Turner   VAR: Gatorade shower (vertical)
  183a   Freddie Freeman   BASE: Batting (vertical)
  183b   Freddie Freeman   VAR: In dugout (horizontal)
  200a   Jacob deGrom   BASE: Pitching
  200b   Jacob deGrom   VAR: Batting
  203a   Will Smith   ERR: Player pictured is Tony Watson
  203b   Will Smith   COR: Corrected photo from the factory set
  209a   Nicholas Castellanos   BASE: Fielding (horizontal)



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