2002 Fleer Fall Classic

Errors / Variations

40 record(s)

  7a   Paul Molitor   VAR: Blue Jays
  7b   Paul Molitor   VAR: Brewers
  11a   Luis Aparicio   VAR: White Sox
  11b   Luis Aparicio   VAR: Orioles
  16a   Babe Ruth   VAR: Yankees
  16b   Babe Ruth   VAR: Red Sox
  17a   Red Schoendienst   VAR: Braves
  17b   Red Schoendienst   VAR: Cardinals
  21a   Paul O'Neill   VAR: Yankees
  21b   Paul O'Neill   VAR: Reds
  24a   Tony Perez   VAR: Reds
  24b   Tony Perez   VAR: Phillies
  26a   Steve Garvey   VAR: Dodgers
  26b   Steve Garvey   VAR: Padres
  27a   Jim Hunter   VAR: Athletics
  27b   Jim Hunter   VAR: Yankees
  43a   Eddie Collins   VAR: Athletics
  43b   Eddie Collins   VAR: White Sox
  46a   Keith Hernandez   VAR: Mets
  46b   Keith Hernandez   VAR: Cardinals
  50a   Kirk Gibson   VAR: Dodgers
  50b   Kirk Gibson   VAR: Tigers
  55a   Lenny Dykstra   VAR: Mets
  55b   Lenny Dykstra   VAR: Phillies
  62a   Dave Winfield   VAR: Blue Jays
  62b   Dave Winfield   VAR: Yankees
  73a   Wade Boggs   VAR: Red Sox
  73b   Wade Boggs   VAR: Yankees
  75a   Roger Maris   VAR: Yankees
  75b   Roger Maris   VAR: Cards
  78a   Dave Parker   VAR: Pirates
  78b   Dave Parker   VAR: Athletics
  81a   Graig Nettles   VAR: Yankees
  81b   Graig Nettles   VAR: Padres
  86a   Reggie Jackson   VAR: Yankees
  86b   Reggie Jackson   VAR: Athletics
  87a   Goose Goslin   VAR: Senators
  87b   Goose Goslin   VAR: Tigers
  90a   Steve Carlton   VAR: Phillies
  90b   Steve Carlton   VAR: Cards


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