1990 Score

Errors / Variations

36 record(s)

  107a   Jamie Moyer   ERR: Misspelled "scintilating" in 1st sentence on back
  107b   Jamie Moyer   COR: "Scintillating" spelled correctly in 1st sentence on back
  168a   Ron Hassey   ERR: Uniform #27 on back
  168b   Ron Hassey   COR: Uniform #24 on back
  176a   Lloyd McClendon   ERR: Uniform #1 on back
  176b   Lloyd McClendon   COR: Uniform #10 on back
  195a   Bret Saberhagen   ERR: 7th line of bio "...leading practical joke."
  195b   Bret Saberhagen   COR: 7th line of bio "...leading practical joker."
  220a   Mike Aldrete   ERR: Uniform #25 on back
  220b   Mike Aldrete   COR: Uniform #24 on back
  232a   Mike Devereaux   ERR: RF on front
  232b   Mike Devereaux   COR: CF on front
  280a   Bo Jackson   ERR: 2nd last line of text begins "Watham..."
  280b   Bo Jackson   COR: 2nd last line of bio begins "Wathan..."
  338a   Ken Griffey Sr.   ERR: Uniform #25 on back
  338b   Ken Griffey Sr.   COR: Uniform #30 on back
  449a   Bill Spiers   ERR: "Born: June 5, 19"
  449b   Bill Spiers   COR: "Born: June 5, 1966"
  477a   Zane Smith   ERR: Career ERA .393
  477b   Zane Smith   COR: Career ERA 3.93
  491a   David Wells   ERR: Reversed negative on back; stadium roof on left side of photo
  491b   David Wells   COR: Stadium roof on right side of photo
  561a   Ryne Sandberg   ERR: 3B on front
  561b   Ryne Sandberg   COR: No position listed on front
  583a   Milt Cuyler   ERR: 998 games for London
  583b   Milt Cuyler   COR: 98 games for London
  608a   Billy Bates   ERR: "first in the league with 12 triples" in final sentence
  608b   Billy Bates   COR: No mention of triples
  618a   Joe Skalski   ERR: Uniform #27 on back
  618b   Joe Skalski   COR: Uniform #67 on back
  633a   Tom Barrett   ERR: Uniform #29 on back
  633b   Tom Barrett   COR: Uniform #14 on back
  683a   Wade Boggs   ERR: Second in hits (215) in last sentence of 2nd paragraph
  683b   Wade Boggs   COR: Second in hits (205) in last sentence of 2nd paragraph
  693a   Terry Steinbach   ERR: "cathers" in 2nd to last sentence in 2nd paragraph
  693b   Terry Steinbach   COR: "catchers" in 2nd to last sentence in 2nd paragraph


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