2015 Topps Update

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  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2015

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2015 Topps Update

Errors / Variations

125 record(s)

  US16b   John Axford   VAR: Sparkle (top of glove)
  US17b   Manny Machado   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US23b   Kevin Plawecki   VAR: Sparkle (on left shoulder)
  US25b   Byron Buxton   VAR: Sparkle (on his right batting glove)
  US31b   Gordon Beckham   VAR: Sparkle (on sunglasses)
  US32b   Blake Swihart   VAR: In catcher's gear
  US32c   Blake Swihart   VAR: Sparkle (on top of finger left hand)
  US35b   Justin Bour   VAR: Sparkle (on glove)
  US42b   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US46b   David Price   VAR: Sparkle (necklace on top of pitching shoulder)
  US49b   Mark Canha   VAR: Sparkle (top of batting helmet)
  US50b   Alex Guerrero   VAR: Sparkle (above blurred photographer)
  US51b   Yasmani Grandal   VAR: Sparkle (on right shoulder)
  US58b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US61b   Dallas Keuchel   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US64b   David Price   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US68b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US72b   Brett Gardner   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US76b   Lorenzo Cain   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US82b   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Sparkle (on Glove)
  US87b   Zack Greinke   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US90b   Jacob deGrom   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US92b   Justin Upton   VAR: Unpacking bats
  US92c   Justin Upton   VAR: Sparkle (on top of brim on batting helmet)
  US93b   Sonny Gray   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US99b   Daniel Fields   VAR: Sparkle (above belt on side)
  US100b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US103b   Joey Gallo   VAR: Laughing
  US115b   Stephen Vogt   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US122b   Marlon Byrd   VAR: Sparkle (on brim of batting helmet)
  US123b   Felix Hernandez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US124b   Preston Tucker   VAR: Sparkle (on top of batting helmet)
  US127b   Eduardo Rodriguez   VAR: High five
  US130b   Jonathan Villar   VAR: Sparkle (on brim of batting helmet)
  US135b   Jason Heyward   VAR: Laughing in batting cage
  US135c   Jason Heyward   VAR: Sparkle (top of raised cleat)
  US139b   Mike Moustakas   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US141b   Glen Perkins   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US147b   Chris Archer   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US148b   Taylor Featherston   VAR: Sparkle (on lower elbow)
  US151b   Colby Lewis   VAR: Rubbing ball down
  US154b   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US155b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: In batting cage
  US155c   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Sparkle (on brim of batting helmet)
  US157b   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Batting
  US157c   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Sparkle (on necklace)
  US158b   Jason Kipnis   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US160b   Slade Heathcott   VAR: Sparkle (on back of batting helmet)
  US161b   Jeff Samardzija   VAR: Sitting in dugout
  US161c   Jeff Samardzija   VAR: Sparkle (on chest)
  US167b   Derek Norris   VAR: Rounding bases
  US167c   Derek Norris   VAR: Sparkle (on right side of mask)
  US170b   Mike Foltynewicz   VAR: Sparkle (on top of glove)
  US171b   Jhonny Peralta   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US172b   Adrian Gonzalez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US173b   Salvador Perez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US174b   Carlos Correa   VAR: In Dugout
  US176b   Austin Hedges   VAR: Sparkle (on top of right arm)
  US186b   A.J. Pollock   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US190b   Shelby Miller   VAR: Standing with teammate
  US190c   Shelby Miller   VAR: Sparkle (on back of neck, necklace)
  US199b   Troy Tulowitzki   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US200b   Adam Jones   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US201b   Jose Altuve   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US203b   Jesse Hahn   VAR: Sparkle (on neck above name plate)
  US214b   Yadier Molina   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US220b   Addison Russell   VAR: Signing autographs
  US224b   Ezequiel Carrera   VAR: Sparkle (on upper back)
  US228b   Geovany Soto   VAR: Sparkle (on right shoulder pad)
  US237b   Craig Kimbrel   VAR: Shaking hands
  US237c   Craig Kimbrel   VAR: Sparkle (on left sleeve)
  US240b   Jonathan Papelbon   VAR: Sabermetric Stats on back
  US244b   Colby Rasmus   VAR: Sparkle (on right arm)
  US245b   Rubby De La Rosa   VAR: Sparkle (on bottom of glove)
  US247b   Ryan Braun   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US249b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US252b   Francisco Rodriguez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US257b   Josh Hamilton   VAR: Sparkle (on glove)
  US260b   Andrew Miller   VAR: In dugout
  US260c   Andrew Miller   VAR: Sparkle (on chest above New York)
  US265b   Brett Lawrie   VAR: With sunglasses in dugout
  US273b   Justin Upton   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US284b   Matt Wisler   VAR: Sparkle (on belt buckle)
  US295b   Russell Martin   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US300b   Max Scherzer   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US302b   Chris Sale   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US309b   Howie Kendrick   VAR: In dugout
  US310b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US315b   Kyle Kendrick   VAR: Sparkle (on back of hat)
  US317b   Luis Sardinas   VAR: Sparkle (on left sleeve)
  US318b   Phillippe Aumont   VAR: Image of Rally Squirrel
  US320b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Sparkle (on bottom of right cleat)
  US324b   Carlos Rodon   VAR: In dugout
  US325b   Matt Kemp   VAR: In dugout
  US325c   Matt Kemp   VAR: Sparkle (on back of helmet)
  US335b   Norichika Aoki   VAR: Warm-up circle
  US335c   Norichika Aoki   VAR: Sparkle (on corner of elbow)
  US336b   Mark Teixeira   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  US337b   Martin Prado   VAR: With kids
  US341b   Eddie Rosario   VAR: Sparkle (under elbow, on top of hat in dugout)



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