2015 Topps

Errors / Variations

194 record(s)

  1a   Aaron Rodgers   BASE: Green jersey
  1b   Aaron Rodgers   VAR: White jersey
  1c   Brett Favre   VAR: Hall of Fame
  3a   Jordy Nelson   BASE: Green jersey
  3b   Jordy Nelson   VAR: White jersey
  4a   Joseph Randle   BASE: Running
  4b   Tony Romo   VAR: Touchdown gesture
  4c   Roger Staubach   VAR: Hall of Fame
  10a   Eddie Lacy   BASE: Running
  10b   Eddie Lacy   VAR: Tossing football
  11a   Clay Matthews   BASE: Tackling
  11b   Clay Matthews   VAR: Jumping
  15a   Matt Forté   BASE: Running
  15b   Matt Forté   VAR: Pointing up
  15c   Gale Sayers   VAR: Hall of Fame
  20a   Randall Cobb   BASE: Jumping
  20b   Randall Cobb   VAR: Running
  25a   Kelvin Benjamin   BASE: Blue jersey
  25b   Kelvin Benjamin   VAR: Black jersey
  30a   Cam Newton   BASE: Dark jersey
  30b   Cam Newton   VAR: White jersey
  30c   Braylon Beam   VAR: Honorary coach
  35a   Dez Bryant   BASE: Catching touchdown
  35b   Dez Bryant   VAR: Making 'x' with arms
  40a   DeMarco Murray   BASE: Green jersey
  40b   DeMarco Murray   VAR: White jersey
  40c   Emmitt Smith   VAR: Hall of Fame
  44a   Troy Polamalu   BASE: Running
  44b   Troy Polamalu   VAR: Standing
  44c   Ronnie Lott   VAR: Hall of Fame
  50a   Matt Ryan   BASE: Passing
  50b   Matt Ryan   VAR: Fist pump
  55a   Julio Jones   BASE: Horizontal card
  55b   Deion Sanders   VAR: Hall of Fame
  65a   Alshon Jeffery   BASE: Holding ball out
  65b   Alshon Jeffery   VAR: Kneeling
  70a   Calvin Johnson   BASE: Catching ball
  70b   Barry Sanders   VAR: Hall of Fame
  75a   Arian Foster   BASE: Running with ball
  75b   Arian Foster   VAR: Arms wide
  75c   Earl Campbell   VAR: Hall of Fame
  80a   Peyton Manning   BASE: White jersey
  80b   Peyton Manning   VAR: Orange jersey
  80c   John Elway   VAR: Hall of Fame
  90a   Matthew Stafford   BASE: White jersey
  90b   Matthew Stafford   VAR: Dark jersey
  95a   Sammy Watkins   BASE: Stiff arm
  95b   Sammy Watkins   VAR: Standing with football
  105a   Jamaal Charles   BASE: Running in the rain
  105b   Jamaal Charles   VAR: Hand on chest
  110a   Jimmy Graham   BASE: Catching football
  110b   Jimmy Graham   VAR: Preparing to spike football
  115a   J.J. Watt   BASE: Running
  115b   J.J. Watt   VAR: Left arm raised
  120a   Odell Beckham Jr.   BASE: One-handed catch
  120b   Odell Beckham Jr.   VAR: First down gesture
  120c   Jerry Rice   VAR: Hall of Fame
  125a   Tom Brady   BASE: Preparing to pass
  125b   Tom Brady   VAR: No football
  130a   Ben Roethlisberger   BASE: Preparing to pass
  130b   Ben Roethlisberger   VAR: Touchdown gesture
  130c   Terry Bradshaw   VAR: Hall of Fame
  150a   Drew Brees   BASE: Dark jersey
  150b   Drew Brees   VAR: White jersey
  155a   Eli Manning   BASE: White jersey
  155b   Eli Manning   VAR: Blue jersey
  160a   Andrew Luck   BASE: Passing
  160b   Andrew Luck   VAR: Preparing to spike football
  175a   Rob Gronkowski   BASE: Catching football
  175b   Rob Gronkowski   VAR: Spiking football
  182a   T.Y. Hilton   BASE: Running
  182b   T.Y. Hilton   VAR: Hands up
  185a   LeSean McCoy   BASE: Blue pants
  185b   LeSean McCoy   VAR: White pants
  186a   Jason Pierre-Paul   BASE: Rushing
  186b   Lawrence Taylor   VAR: Hall of Fame
  198a   Ryan Tannehill   BASE: Passing
  198b   Dan Marino   VAR: Hall of Fame
  205a   Mike Evans   BASE: Red jersey
  205b   Mike Evans   VAR: White jersey
  206a   Marshawn Lynch   BASE: Horizontal card
  206b   Terrell Davis   VAR: Hall of Fame
  208a   Alfred Morris   BASE: Red jersey
  208b   Alfred Morris   VAR: White jersey
  209a   Richard Sherman   BASE: Horizontal card
  209b   Richard Sherman   VAR: White jersey holding turkey
  210a   Philip Rivers   BASE: Blue jersey
  210b   Philip Rivers   VAR: White jersey
  212a   Patrick Willis   BASE: Tackling
  212b   Mike Singletary   VAR: Hall of Fame
  220a   C.J. Anderson   BASE: Orange jersey
  220b   Marshawn Lynch   VAR: White jersey
  225a   Le'Veon Bell   BASE: Throwback jersey
  225b   Le'Veon Bell   VAR: White jersey
  225c   Bo Jackson   VAR: Black jersey; UER: "1995 Heisman Trophy" should be 1985; "drafted ... in '97" should be '87
  228a   Adrian Peterson   BASE: White jersey
  228b   Adrian Peterson   VAR: Purple jersey
  229a   Tre Mason   BASE: Dark jersey
  229b   Eric Dickerson   VAR: Hall of Fame
  229c   Marshall Faulk   VAR: Hall of Fame



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