1969-70 FKS Publishers Wonderful World of Soccer Stars

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1969-70 FKS Publishers Wonderful World of Soccer Stars


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  1   George Armstrong   Arsenal FC
  2   David Court   Arsenal FC
  3   Bobby Gould   Arsenal FC
  4   George Graham   Arsenal FC
  5   Frank McLintock   Arsenal FC
  6   Bob McNab   Arsenal FC
  7   Terry Neill   Arsenal FC
  8   John Radford   Arsenal FC
  9   Pat Rice   Arsenal FC
  10   Jimmy Robertson   Arsenal FC
  11   Jon Sammels   Arsenal FC
  12   Peter Simpson   Arsenal FC
  13   Peter Storey   Arsenal FC
  14   Ian Ure   Arsenal FC
  15   Bob Wilson   Arsenal FC
  16   John Angus   Burnley
  17   Arthur Bellamy   Burnley
  18   Colin Blant   Burnley
  19   Frank Casper   Burnley
  20   Ralph Coates   Burnley
  21   Doug Collins   Burnley
  22   Martin Dobson   Burnley
  23   Rod Jones   Burnley
  24   Steve Kindon   Burnley
  25   Les Latcham   Burnley
  26   Dave Merrington   Burnley
  27   Brian O'Neil   Burnley
  28   Fred Smith   Burnley
  29   Dave Thomas   Burnley
  30   Colin Waldron   Burnley
  31   Tommy Baldwin   Chelsea FC
  32   Alan Birchenall   Chelsea FC
  33   Peter Bonetti   Chelsea FC
  34   John Boyle   Chelsea FC
  35   Charlie Cooke   Chelsea FC
  36   John Dempsey   Chelsea FC
  37   Ron Harris   Chelsea FC
  38   Marvin Hinton   Chelsea FC
  39   John Hollins   Chelsea FC
  40   Peter Houseman   Chelsea FC
  41   Ian Hutchinson   Chelsea FC
  42   Eddie McCreadie   Chelsea FC
  43   Peter Osgood   Chelsea FC
  44   Bobby Tambling   Chelsea FC
  45   David Webb   Chelsea FC
  46   Dietmar Bruck   Coventry City
  47   Willie Carr   Coventry City
  48   Chris Cattlin   Coventry City
  49   Dave Clements   Coventry City
  50   Mick Coop   Coventry City
  51   George Curtis   Coventry City
  52   Ian Gibson   Coventry City
  53   Bill Glazier   Coventry City
  54   Ernie Hannigan   Coventry City
  55   Tony Hateley   Coventry City
  56   Brian Hill   Coventry City
  57   Ernie Hunt   Coventry City
  58   Ernie Machin   Coventry City
  59   Neil Martin   Coventry City
  60   Maurice Setters   Coventry City
  61   Mel Blyth   Crystal Palace
  62   Roger Hoy   Crystal Palace
  63   Cliff Jackson   Crystal Palace
  64   John Jackson   Crystal Palace
  65   Steve Kember   Crystal Palace
  66   Mark Lazurus   Crystal Palace
  67   John Loughlan   Crystal Palace
  68   John McCormick   Crystal Palace
  69   Jim Oliver   Crystal Palace
  70   David Payne   Crystal Palace
  71   John Sewell   Crystal Palace
  72   Brian Snowdon   Crystal Palace
  73   Colin Taylor   Crystal Palace
  74   Tony Taylor   Crystal Palace
  75   Robert Woodruff   Crystal Palace
  76   Willie Carlin   Derby County
  77   Peter Daniel   Derby County
  78   Alan Durban   Derby County
  79   Les Green   Derby County
  80   Kevin Hector   Derby County
  81   Alan Hinton   Derby County
  82   Dave Mackay   Derby County
  83   Roy McFarland   Derby County
  84   John McGovern   Derby County
  85   John O'Hare   Derby County
  86   John Richardson   Derby County
  87   John Robson   Derby County
  89   Ron Webster   Derby County
  90   Frank Wignall   Derby County
  91   Alan Ball   Everton
  92   Sandy Brown   Everton
  93   Colin Harvey   Everton
  94   John Hurst   Everton
  95   Jim Husband   Everton
  96   Tommy Jackson   Everton
  97   Howard Kendall   Everton
  98   Roger Kenyon   Everton
  99   Brian Labone   Everton
  100   John Morrissey   Everton
  101   Andy Rankin   Everton
  102   Joe Royle   Everton
  103   Gordon West   Everton
  104   Alan Whittle   Everton
  105   Tommy Wright   Everton
  106   Billy Baxter   Ipswich Town
  107   David Best   Ipswich Town
  108   Frank Brogan   Ipswich Town
  109   Tommy Carroll   Ipswich Town
  110   Ian Collard   Ipswich Town
  111   Colin Harper   Ipswich Town
  112   Billy Houghton   Ipswich Town
  113   Derek Jefferson   Ipswich Town
  114   Mick McNeil   Ipswich Town
  115   Mick Mills   Ipswich Town
  116   Peter Morris   Ipswich Town
  117   John O'Rourke   Ipswich Town
  118   Colin Viljoen   Ipswich Town
  119   Ron Wigg   Ipswich Town
  120   Charlie Woods   Ipswich Town
  121   Rod Belfitt   Leeds United
  122   Billy Bremner   Leeds United
  123   Jack Charlton   Leeds United
  124   Allan Clarke   Leeds United
  125   Terry Cooper   Leeds United
  126   Johnny Giles   Leeds United
  127   Eddie Gray   Leeds United
  128   Terry Hibbitt   Leeds United
  129   Norman Hunter   Leeds United
  130   Mick Jones   Leeds United
  131   Peter Lorimer   Leeds United
  132   Paul Madeley   Leeds United
  133   Mike O'Grady   Leeds United
  134   Paul Reaney   Leeds United
  135   Gary Sprake   Leeds United

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