1990 Imperial Publishing Ltd Waterloo


  1   The Duke of Wellington  
  2   Viscount Hill  
  3   Gen. Sir T. Picton  
  4   Gen. Sir W. Ponsonby  
  5   The Marquis of Anglesey  
  6   Sir John Colborne  
  7   Lord Fitzroy Somerset  
  8   Lt. Col. Sir J. Macdonell  
  9   Emperor Napoleon I  
  10   Marshal Blucher  
  11   Marshal Ney  
  12   Marshal Soult  
  13   The First Shot Fired in the Waterloo Campaign  
  14   The Waterloo Ball  
  15   Wellington at Waterloo  
  16   The Fight at Hougomont  
  17   Macdonell and Graham at Hougomont  
  18   Corpl. Brewster bringing cartidges to Hougomont  
  19   The Union Brigade capturing French guns  
  20   The Scots Greys charging French artillery  
  21   Corpl. Shaw at Waterloo  
  22   Sergt. Ewart capturing the Eagle  
  23   Hughes at Waterloo  
  24   Caol. Colquitt and the live shell  
  25   The last charge of the Imperial Guard  
  26   The general advance at Waterloo  
  27   Napoloeon leaving his carriage  
  28   The flight from Waterloo  
  29   The meeting of Wellington and Blucher  
  30   Wellington writing his Waterloo despatch  
  31   Napoleon at Charlerol after his defeat  
  32   Napoleon going on board H.M.S. Bellerophon  
  33   Napoleon at St. Helena  
  34   Battle of Waterloo, Plan 1  
  35   Battle of Waterloo, Plan 2  
  36   The Waterloo Medal  
  37   Centre of the Gold Medal presented to Wellington  
  38   Tomb of Napoleon, Paris  
  39   Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner  
  40   The Wellington Monument, St. Paul's  
  41   A Military Baggage Wagon  
  42   The Island of Elba  
  43   The Well and Farm, Hougomont  
  44   Farm at Hougomont  
  45   The Farm at La Haye Sainte  
  46   La Belle Alliance  
  47   Mont St. Jean  
  48   The church at Waterloo  
  49   St. Helena  
  50   The monuments, Waterloo  

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