2000 Topps Pokemon TV Animation Edition Series 2



  77   Ponyta  
  78   Rapidash  
  79   Slowpoke  
  80   Slowbro  
  81   Magnemite  
  82   Magneton  
  83   Farfetch'd  
  84   Doduo  
  85   Dodrio  
  86   Seel  
  87   Dewgong  
  88   Grimer  
  89   Muk  
  90   Shellder  
  91   Cloyster  
  92   Gastly  
  93   Haunter  
  94   Gengar  
  95   Onix  
  96   Drowzee  
  97   Hypno  
  98   Krabby  
  99   Kingler  
  100   Voltorb  
  101   Electrode  
  102   Exeggcute  
  103   Exeggutor  
  104   Cubone  
  105   Marowak  
  106   Hitmonlee  
  107   Hitmonchan  
  108   Lickitung  
  109   Koffing  
  110   Weezing  
  111   Rhyhorn  
  112   Rhydon  
  113   Chansey  
  114   Tangela  
  115   Kangaskhan  
  116   Horsea  
  117   Seadra  
  HV1   Ash Ketchum  
  HV2   Team Rocket: Jesse  
  HV3   Todd  
  HV4   Team Rocket: James  
  HV5   Team Rocket: Cassidy  
  EP1   Pokémon - I Choose You!  
  EP2   Pokémon Emergency  
  EP3   Ash Catches a Pokémon  
  EP4   Challenge of the Samurai  
  EP5   Showdown in Pewter City  
  EP6   Clefairy and the Moon Stone  
  EP7   The Water Flowers of Cerulean City  
  EP8   The Path to the Pokémon League  
  EP9   The School of Hard Knocks  
  EP10   Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village  
  EP11   Charmander - The Stray Pokémon  
  EP12   Here Comes the Squirtle Squad  
  EP13   Mystery at the Lighthouse  
  EP14   Electric Shock Showdown  
  EP15   Battle Aboard the St. Anne  
  EP16   Pokémon Shipwreck  
  EP17   Island of the Giant Pokémon  
  EP18   Tentacool and Tentacruel  
  EP19   The Ghost of Maiden Peak  
  EP20   Bye, Bye Butterfree  
  EP21   Abra and the Psychic Showdown  
  EP22   The Tower of Terror  
  EP23   Haunter vs. Kadabra  
  EP24   Primeape Goes Bananas  
  EP25   Pokémon Scent-Sation  
  NNO   Checklist CL  

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