1952 Parkhurst Frostade International League (V338-1)


  1   Joe Becker MGR   Toronto Maple Leafs
  2   Aaron Silverman   Toronto Maple Leafs
  3   Bobby Rhawn   Toronto Maple Leafs
  4   Russ Bauers   Toronto Maple Leafs
  5   Bill Jennings   Toronto Maple Leafs
  6   Grover Bowers   Toronto Maple Leafs
  7   Vic Lombardi   Toronto Maple Leafs
  8   Billy DeMars   Toronto Maple Leafs
  9   Frank Colman   Toronto Maple Leafs
  10   Charley Grant   Toronto Maple Leafs
  11   Irving Medlinger   Toronto Maple Leafs
  12   Burke McLaughlin   Toronto Maple Leafs
  13   Lew Morton   Toronto Maple Leafs
  14   Red Barrett   Toronto Maple Leafs
  15   Leon Foulk   Toronto Maple Leafs
  16   Neill Sheridan   Toronto Maple Leafs
  17   Ferrell Anderson   Toronto Maple Leafs
  18   Ray Shore   Toronto Maple Leafs
  19   Duke Markell   Toronto Maple Leafs
  20   Bob Balcena   Toronto Maple Leafs
  21   Wilmer Fields   Toronto Maple Leafs
  22   Charlie White   Toronto Maple Leafs
  23   Gerald Fahr   Toronto Maple Leafs
  24   Jose Bracho   Toronto Maple Leafs
  25   Ed Stevens   Toronto Maple Leafs
  26   Maple Leaf Stadium   Toronto Maple Leafs
  27   Throwing Home  
  28   Baseball Diamond  
  29   Gripping The Bat  
  30   Hiding The Pitch  
  31   Catcher's Stance  
  32   Quiz  
  33   Exercises  
  34   First Baseman  
  35   Pitcher's Stance  
  36   Swinging Bats  
  37   Quiz  
  38   Watch The Ball  
  39   Quiz  
  40   Quiz  
  41   How To Bunt  
  42   Wrist Snap  
  43   Pitching Practice  
  44   Stealing Bases  
  45   Pitching 1  
  46   Pitching 2  
  47   Signals  
  48   Regulation Baseballs  
  49   Albert Ronning   Montreal Royals
  50   Bill Glane   Montreal Royals
  51   Clark Samson   Montreal Royals
  52   Charles Thompson   Montreal Royals
  53   Pat McGlothin   Montreal Royals
  54   Spook Jacobs   Montreal Royals
  55   Art Fabbro   Montreal Royals
  56   Jim Hughes   Montreal Royals
  57   Don Hoak   Montreal Royals
  58   Tommy Lasorda   Montreal Royals
  59   Gil Mills   Montreal Royals
  60   Mal Mallette   Montreal Royals
  61   Rocky Nelson   Montreal Royals
  62   John Simmons   Montreal Royals
  63   Bob Alexander   Montreal Royals
  64   Dan Bankhead   Montreal Royals
  65   Hampton Coleman   Montreal Royals
  66   Walt Alston MGR   Montreal Royals
  67   Walt Fiala   Montreal Royals
  68   James Gilliam   Montreal Royals
  69   Jim Pendleton   Montreal Royals
  70   Gino Cimoli   Montreal Royals
  71   Carmen Mauro   Montreal Royals
  72   Walt Moryn   Montreal Royals
  73   Jim Romano   Montreal Royals
  74   Joe Lutz   Montreal Royals
  75   Ed Roebuck   Montreal Royals
  76   John Podres   Montreal Royals
  77   Walter Novick   Ottawa Athletics
  78   Vince Gohl   Ottawa Athletics
  79   Tom Kirk   Ottawa Athletics
  80   Robert Betz   Ottawa Athletics
  81   Bill Hockenbury   Ottawa Athletics
  82   Al Rubeling   Ottawa Athletics
  83   Neal Watlington   Ottawa Athletics
  84   Frank Fanovich   Ottawa Athletics
  85   Hank Foiles   Ottawa Athletics
  86   Lou Limmer   Ottawa Athletics
  87   Ed Hrabczak UER
UER: name misspelled as 'Hrabcsak'
  Ottawa Athletics
  88   Bob Gardner   Ottawa Athletics
  89   John Metkovich   Ottawa Athletics
  90   Jean-Pierre Roy   Ottawa Athletics
  91   Frank Skaff MGR   Ottawa Athletics
  92   Harry Desert   Ottawa Athletics
  93   Stan Jok   Ottawa Athletics
  94   Russ Swingle   Ottawa Athletics
  95   Bob Wellman   Ottawa Athletics
  96   John Conway   Ottawa Athletics
  97   George Moskovich   Ottawa Athletics
  98   Charlie Bishop   Ottawa Athletics
  99   Joe Murray   Ottawa Athletics
  100   Mike Kume   Ottawa Athletics

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