1989 Lotte Gum


  1   Taigen Kaku   Seibu Lions
  2a   Ryoji Moriyama   Seibu Lions
  2b   Ryoji Moriyama   Seibu Lions
  3   Hisanobu Watanabe   Seibu Lions
  4   Kimiyasu Kudoh   Seibu Lions
  5a   Tsutomu Itoh   Seibu Lions
  5b   Tsutomu Itoh   Seibu Lions
  6   Kazuhiro Kiyohara   Seibu Lions
  7   Hatsuhiko Tsuji   Seibu Lions
  8   Hiromichi Ishige   Seibu Lions
  9a   Koji Akiyama   Seibu Lions
  9b   Koji Akiyama   Seibu Lions
  10   Ken Hirano   Seibu Lions
  11a   Masato Yoshii   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  11b   Masato Yoshii   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  12   Hideyuki Awano   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  13   Kazuyoshi Ono   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  14   Tatsumi Murata   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  15a   Daijiro Oishi   Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes
  15b   Daijiro Oishi   Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes
  16a   Yoshiaki Kanemura   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  16b   Yoshiaki Kanemura   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  17   Takayuki Murakami   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  18   Hiromasa Arai   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  19a   Ralph Bryant   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  19b   Ralph Bryant   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  20   Takahisa Suzuki   Kintetsu Buffaloes
  21a   Hiroaki Matsuura   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  21b   Hiroaki Matsuura   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  22   Yukihiro Nishizaki   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  23a   Hiroshi Tsuno   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  23b   Hiroshi Tsuno   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  24   Fujio Tamura   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  25a   Terushi Nakajima   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  25b   Terushi Nakajima   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  26a   Yasunori Oshima   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  26b   Yasunori Oshima   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  27a   Yukio Tanaka   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  27b   Yukio Tanaka   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  28   Yoshihiro Suzuki   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  29a   Mike Easler   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  29b   Brian Dayett   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  30a   Anthony Brewer   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  30b   Anthony Brewer   Nippon-Ham Fighters
  31a   Yoshinori Sato   Orix Braves
  31b   Yoshinori Sato   Orix Braves
  32   Yukihiko Yamaoki   Orix Braves
  33a   Tsutomu Sakai   Orix Braves
  33b   Tsutomu Sakai   Orix Braves
  34   Nobuyuki Hoshino   Orix Braves
  35   Hiromi Matsunaga   Orix Braves
  36   Junichi Fukura   Orix Braves
  37   Boomer Wells   Orix Braves
  37b   Boomer Wells   Orix Braves
  38   Kazuhiko Ishimine   Orix Braves
  39   Yasuo Fujii   Orix Braves
  40a   Hiromitsu Kadota   Orix Braves
  40b   Hiromitsu Kadota   Orix Braves
  41   Kazuhiro Yamauchi   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  42a   Takanori Yamauchi   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  42b   Takanori Yamauchi   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  43   Shuji Fujimoto   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  44   Hiroyuki Yoshida   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  45a   Hiroshi Yugamidani   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  45b   Hiroshi Yugamidani   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  46a   Willie Upshaw   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  46b   Willie Upshaw   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  47   Tony Bernazard   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  48a   Makoto Sasaki   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  48b   Makoto Sasaki   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  49a   Kazunori Yamamoto   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  49b   Kazunori Yamamoto   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  50a   Katsuya Kishikawa   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  50b   Katsuya Kishikawa   Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  51a   Yukinaga Maeda   Lotte Orions
  51b   Yukinaga Maeda   Lotte Orions
  52a   Katsuo So   Lotte Orions
  52b   Katsuo So   Lotte Orions
  53   Hiroshi Ogawa   Lotte Orions
  54   Kazuhiko Ushijima   Lotte Orions
  55   Kazumi Sonokawa   Lotte Orions
  56a   Choji Murata   Lotte Orions
  56b   Choji Murata   Lotte Orions
  57   Hidetoshi Hakamada   Lotte Orions
  58   Takeshi Aiko   Lotte Orions
  59   Norifumi Nishimura   Lotte Orions
  60   Yoshio Mizukami   Lotte Orions
  61   Hideaki Takazawa   Lotte Orions
  62   Masashi Yokota   Lotte Orions
  63a   Mike Diaz   Lotte Orions
  63b   Mike Diaz   Lotte Orions
  64a   Kazuyuki Ono   Chunichi Dragons
  64b   Kazuyuki Ono   Chunichi Dragons
  65   Tatsuo Komatsu   Chunichi Dragons
  66   Genji Kaku   Chunichi Dragons
  67   Kazuyoshi Tatsunami   Chunichi Dragons
  68a   Toru Nimura   Chunichi Dragons
  68b   Toru Nimura   Chunichi Dragons
  69   Hiromitsu Ochiai   Chunichi Dragons
  70   Masaru Uno   Chunichi Dragons


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