1996 Larry Fritsch Cards AAGPBL Series 2


  235   Aggie Allen   Kalamazoo Lassies
  236   Vivian Anderson   Milwaukee Chicks
  237   Charlotte Armstrong   South Bend Blue Sox
  238   Mary Baker   South Bend Blue Sox
  239   Pat Barringer   Chicago Colleens
  240   Ginger Bell   Springfield Sallies
  241   Sonny Berger   South Bend Blue Sox
  242   Jaynne Bittner   Grand Rapids Chicks
  243   Audrey Bleiler   South Bend Blue Sox
  244   Rita Briggs   Fort Wayne Daisies
  245   Eileen Burmeister   Rockford Peaches
  246   Helen Campbell   Muskegon Lassies
  247   Betty Carveth   Fort Wayne Daisies
  248   Jean Cione   Kenosha Comets
  249   Pauline Crawley   Battle Creek Belles
  250   JoJo D'Angelo   South Bend Blue Sox
  251   Louella Daetweiler   Rockford Peaches
  252   Faye Dancer   Peoria Redwings
  253   Shirley Danz   Racine Belles
  254   Cartha Doyle   Rockford Peaches
  255   Gertie Dunn   South Bend Blue Sox
  256   Mid Earp   Grand Rapids Chicks
  257   June Emerson   Peoria Redwings
  258   Betty Emry   Racine Belles
  259   Maddy English   Racine Belles
  260   Liz Farrow   Rockford Peaches
  261   Alva Jo Fischer   Muskegon Lassies
  262   Anita Foss   Muskegon Lassies
  263   Edna Frank   Racine Belles
  264   Rose Gacioch   Rockford Peaches
  265   Anne Georges   Springfield Sallies
  266   Phil Gianfrancisco   Grand Rapids Chicks
  267   Mary Lou Graham   South Bend Blue Sox
  268   Dottie Green   Rockford Peaches
  269   Dorothy Harrell   Rockford Peaches
  270   Kay Heim   Kenosha Comets
  271   Joan Holderness   Kenosha Comets
  272   Katie Horstman   Fort Wayne Daisies
  273   Shirley Jameson   Kenosha Comets
  274   Chris Jewitt   Kenosha Comets
  275   Margaret Johnson   Chicago Colleens
  276   Daisy Junor   South Bend Blue Sox
  277   Margaret Jurgensmeier   Rockford Peaches
  278   Marie Kazmierczak   Kenosha Comets
  279   Jackie Kelley   Rockford Peaches
  280   Addie Kerrar   Rockford Peaches
  281   Kerry Kerrigan   Rockford Peaches
  282   Pepper Kerwin   Peoria Redwings
  283   Helen Ketola   Fort Wayne Daisies
  284   Erma Keyes   Peoria Redwings
  285   Dolores Klosowski   South Bend Blue Sox
  286   Tracy Kobuszewski   Kenosha Comets
  287   Riley Kotil   South Bend Blue Sox
  288   Annabelle Lee   Peoria Redwings
  289   Barbara Liebrich   Kalamazoo Lassies
  290   Alta Little   Fort Wayne Daisies
  291   Jackie Mattson   Kenosha Comets
  292   Lex McCutchan   Kenosha Comets
  293   Betty McKenna   Battle Creek Belles
  294   Bernie Metesch   South Bend Blue Sox
  295   Sally Meier   Fort Wayne Daisies
  296   Ellie Moore   Grand Rapids Chicks
  297   Carolyn Morris   Rockford Peaches
  298   Dottie Mueller   South Bend Blue Sox
  299   Helen Nelson   Rockford Peaches
  300   Dolly Niemiec   Grand Rapids Chicks
  301   Eileen O'Brien   Muskegon Lassies
  302   Janice O'Hara   Kenosha Comets
  303   Marilyn Olinger   Grand Rapids Chicks
  304   Barbara Parks   Kenosha Comets
  305   Dolly Pearson   Kalamazoo Lassies
  306   Marge Pieper   Kenosha Comets
  307   Pauline Pirok   South Bend Blue Sox
  308   Helen Rauner   Fort Wayne Daisies
  309   Mary Reynolds   Peoria Redwings
  310   Marty Rommelaere   Kenosha Comets
  311   Mary Rudis   Springfield Sallies
  312   Terry Rukavina   Kalamazoo Lassies
  313   Doris Sams   Muskegon Lassies
  314   Gig Smith   Grand Rapids Chicks
  315   Jean Smith   Grand Rapids Chicks
  316   Barb Sowers   Grand Rapids Chicks
  317   Elma Steck   Rockford Peaches
  318   Dottie Stolze   Muskegon Lassies
  319   Anne Surkowksi   South Bend Blue Sox
  320   Norma Taylor   Fort Wayne Daisies
  321   Ginny Tezak   Racine Belles
  322   Dolly Vanderlip   Fort Wayne Daisies
  323   Inez Voyce   Grand Rapids Chicks
  324   Betty Wanless   South Bend Blue Sox
  325   Betty Warfel   Rockford Peaches
  326   Nancy Warren   Muskegon Lassies
  327   Betty Weaver   Fort Wayne Daisies
  328   Jean Weaver   Fort Wayne Daisies
  329   Joanne Weaver   Fort Wayne Daisies
  330   Margaret Wigiser   Rockford Peaches
  331   Elsie Wingrove   Grand Rapids Chicks
  332   Karl Winsch   South Bend Blue Sox
  333   Jo Winter   Racine Belles
  334   Betty Yahr   Rockford Peaches


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