1994 American Archives Origins of Baseball


  1   Abner Doubleday  
  2   Doubleday Field  
  3   Rounders 1744  
  4   Early Baseball 700 AD  
  5   The Knickerbockers   New York Knickerbockers
  6   Alexander Cartwright  
  7   Baseball in the 1850's  
  8   Social Clubs  
  9   Brooklyn Eckfords   Brooklyn Eckfords
  10   New England Baseball  
  11   Henry Chadwick  
  12   Brooklyn Excelsiors   Brooklyn Excelsiors
  13   Abraham Lincoln  
  14   Andrew Johnson  
  15   First Enclosed Park  
  16   Brooklyn Atlantics   Brooklyn Atlantics
  17   Jim Creighton   Brooklyn Excelsiors
  18   Baseball in the 1860's  
  19   1869 Red Stockings   Cincinnati Red Stockings
  20   Cincinnati Celebration   Cincinnati Red Stockings
  21   Harry Wright   Boston Red Stockings
  22   Boston Ball Club 1872   Boston Red Stockings
  23   Arthur Cummings   New York Mutuals
  24   William Hulbert   Chicago Cubs
  25   George Wright   New York Mutuals
  26   A.G. Spalding   Boston Red Stockings
  27   Albert Bushong   St. Louis Browns
  28   Bid McPhee   Cincinnati Red Stockings
  29   James O'Rourke   New York Giants
  30   Pud Galvin   Pittsburgh Alleghenys
  31   Edwin Bligh
  Louisville Colonels
  32   William Purcell   Philadelphia Athletics
  33   Roger Connor   New York Giants
  34   Cincinnati Ball Club   Cincinnati Reds
  35   Peter Browning   Louisville Colonels
  36   Bill Gleason   St. Louis Browns
  37   Paul Hines   Providence Grays
  38   Baseball in the 1880's  
  39   Robert Carruthers
  St. Louis Browns
  40   New York Metropolitans   New York Metropolitans
  41   Saint George's Field   New York Mets
  42   Charles Radbourne   Providence Grays
  43   George Andrews   Philadelphia Athletics
  44   William Hoy   Washington Nationals
  45   Chicago Ball Club   Chicago Cubs
  46   Cap Anson   Chicago Cubs
  47   John Clarkson   Chicago White Stockings
  48   Mike Kelly   Boston Beaneaters
  49   Buffalo Bisons 1887   Buffalo Bisons
  50   Moses Walker   Toledo Blue Stockings
  51   Detroit Ball Club   Detroit Wolverines
  52   Little League  
  53   Louisville Ball Club   Louisville Colonels
  54   John Farrell   Providence Grays
  55   Walter Latham   St. Louis Browns
  56   Fred Dunlap   Cleveland Spiders
  57   Tim Keefe   New York Giants
  58   Cincinnati Ball Club   Cincinnati Reds
  59   1889 World Tour   Chicago White Stockings
  60   Dan Brouthers   Detroit Wolverines
  61   John M. Ward   Providence Grays
  62   A.G. Spalding   Chicago White Stockings
  63   The Baseball Cap  
  64   Tom Esterbrook   New York Metropolitans
  65   Mark Baldwin   Pittsburgh Pirates
  66   Tony Mullane   Cincinnati Red Stockings
  67   John Glasscock   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  68   Amos Rusie   New York Giants
  69   Jake Beckley   Cincinnati Reds
  70   Jimmy Collins   Boston Beaneaters
  71   Charles Comiskey   Chicago White Sox
  72   Tom Connolly UMP
  73   Mickey Welch   New York Giants
  74   Ed Delahanty   Philadelphia Athletics
  75   Hugh Duffy   Boston Beaneaters
  76   Buck Ewing   New York Giants
  77   Clark Griffith   Chicago Cubs
  78   Kid Nichols   Boston Beaneaters
  79   Billy Hamilton   Kansas City Cowboys
  80   Ban Johnson
American League President
  81   Willie Keeler   Baltimore Orioles
  82   Bobby Wallace   Cleveland Spiders
  83   Nap Lajoie   Cleveland Naps
  84   Connie Mack   Philadelphia Athletics
  85   Fred Clarke   Louisville Colonels
  86   Tommy McCarthy   Boston Beaneaters
  87   John McGraw   Baltimore Orioles
  88   Jesse Burkett   Cleveland Spiders
  89   Frank Chance   Chicago Cubs
  90   Mordecai Brown   Chicago Cubs
  91   New York Nationals   New York Giants
  92   Jack Chesbro   New York Highlanders
  93   Sam Thompson   Philadelphia Phillies
  94   Boston v. New York 1891   Boston Beaneaters / New York Giants
  95   Rube Waddell   Louisville Colonels
  96   Joe Kelley   Baltimore Orioles
  97   Addie Joss   Cleveland Naps
  98   Boston Beaneaters   Boston Beaneaters
  99   Baltimore Baseball Club   Baltimore Orioles
  100   The Game in 1899  


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