1991 Wild Card Draft


  1a   Wild Card #1 VAR, RDM
VAR: Redemption Card
  1b   Todd Lyght VAR, EXCH
VAR: Exchange Card
  Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  2   Kelvin Pritchett   Ole Miss Rebels
  3   Robert Young   Mississippi State Bulldogs
  4   Reggie Johnson   Arizona Wildcats
  5   Eric Turner   UCLA Bruins
  6   Pat Tyrance   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  7   Curvin Richards   Pittsburgh Panthers
  8   Calvin Stephens   South Carolina Gamecocks
  9   Corey Miller   South Carolina Gamecocks
  10   Michael Jackson   Southern Miss Golden Eagles
  11   Simmie Carter   Southern Miss Golden Eagles
  12   Roland Smith   Miami Hurricanes
  13   Pat O'Hara   USC Trojans
  14   Scott Conover   Purdue Boilermakers
  15a   Wild Card #2 VAR, RDM
VAR: Redemption Card
  15b   Russell Maryland VAR, EXCH
VAR: Exchange Card
  Miami Hurricanes
  16   Greg Amsler   Tennessee Volunteers
  17   Moe Gardner   Illinois Fighting Illini
  18   Howard Griffith   Illinois Fighting Illini
  19   David Daniels   Penn State Nittany Lions
  20   Henry Jones   Illinois Fighting Illini
  21   Don Davey   Wisconsin Badgers
  22a   Wild Card #3 VAR, RDM
VAR: Redemption Card
  22b   Rocket Ismail VAR, EXCH
VAR: Exchange Card
  Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  23   Richie Andrews   Florida State Seminoles
  24   Shawn Moore   Virginia Cavaliers
  25   Anthony Moss   Florida State Seminoles
  26   Vince Moore   Tennessee Volunteers
  27   Leroy Thompson   Penn State Nittany Lions
  28   Darrick Brownlow   Illinois Fighting Illini
  29   Mel Agee   Illinois Fighting Illini
  30   Darryll Lewis   Arizona Wildcats
  31   Hyland Hickson   Michigan State Spartans
  32   Leonard Russell   Arizona State Sun Devils
  33   Floyd Fields   Arizona State Sun Devils
  34   Esera Tuaolo   Oregon State Beavers
  35   Todd Marinovich   USC Trojans
  36   Gary Wellman   USC Trojans
  37   Ricky Ervins   USC Trojans
  38   Pat Harlow   USC Trojans
  39   Morris Lewis   Georgia Bulldogs
  40   John Kasay   Georgia Bulldogs
  41   Phil Hansen   North Dakota State Bison
  42   Kevin Donnalley   North Carolina Tar Heels
  43   Dexter Davis   Clemson Tigers
  44   Vance Hammond   Clemson Tigers
  45   Chris Gardocki   Clemson Tigers
  46   Bruce Pickens   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  47   Godfrey Myles   Florida Gators
  48   Ernie Mills   Florida Gators
  49   Derek Russell   Arkansas Razorbacks
  50   Chris Zorich   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  51   Alfred Williams   Colorado Buffaloes
  52   Jon Vaughn   Michigan Wolverines
  53   Adrian Cooper   Oklahoma Sooners
  54   Eric Bieniemy   Colorado Buffaloes
  55   Robert Bailey   Miami Hurricanes
  56   Ricky Watters   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  57   Mark Vander Poel   Colorado Buffaloes
  58   James Joseph   Auburn Tigers
  59   Darren Lewis   Texas A&M Aggies
  60   Wesley Carroll   Miami Hurricanes
  61   Dave Key   Michigan Wolverines
  62   Mike Pritchard   Colorado Buffaloes
  63   Craig Erickson   Miami Hurricanes
  64   Browning Nagle   Louisville Cardinals
  65   Mike Dumas   Indiana Hoosiers
  66   Andre Jones   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  67   Herman Moore   Virginia Cavaliers
  68   Greg Lewis   Washington Huskies
  69   James Goode   Oklahoma Sooners
  70   Stan Thomas   Texas Longhorns
  71   Jerome Henderson   Clemson Tigers
  72   Doug Thomas   Clemson Tigers
  73   Tony Covington   Virginia Cavaliers
  74   Charles Mincy   Washington Huskies
  75   Kanavis McGhee   Colorado Buffaloes
  76   Tom Backes   Oklahoma Sooners
  77   Fernandus Vinson   NC State Wolfpack
  78   Marcus Robertson   Iowa State Cyclones
  79   Eric Harmon   Clemson Tigers
  80   Rob Selby   Auburn Tigers
  81   Ed King   Auburn Tigers
  82   William Thomas   Texas A&M Aggies
  83   Mike Jones   NC State Wolfpack
  84   Paul Justin   Arizona State Sun Devils
  85   Robert Wilson   Texas A&M Aggies
  86   Jesse Campbell   NC State Wolfpack
  87   Hayward Haynes   Florida State Seminoles
  88   Mike Croel   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  89   Jeff Graham   Ohio State Buckeyes
  90   Vinnie Clark   Ohio State Buckeyes
  91   Keith Cash   Texas Longhorns
  92   Tim Ryan   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  93   Jarrod Bunch   Michigan Wolverines
  94   Stanley Richard UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Richards" on front and back
  Texas Longhorns
  95   Alvin Harper   Tennessee Volunteers
  96   Bob Dahl   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  97   Mark Gunn   Pittsburgh Panthers


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