1976 Fleer Official Major League Patches - Baseball Firsts

Total Cards: 42

Size: 2 1/2" x 4"

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These cards were inserted into packs of Fleer MLB Real Cloth Baseball Patches as stabilizers and are not mentioned on the pack itself.

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1976 Fleer Official Major League Patches

Baseball Firsts


  1   Slide   Chicago White Stockings / Boston Beaneaters
  2   Spring Training   Chicago White Sox / Cincinnati Reds
  3   Bunt   Brooklyn Atlantics
  4   Catcher's Mask  
  5   Four Straight Homers - Lou Gehrig   New York Yankees
  6   Radio Broadcast   Pittsburgh Pirates
  7   Numbered Uniforms   Cleveland Indians
  8   Shin Guards   New York Giants
  9   Players Association   New York Giants
  10   Knuckleball   Louisville Colonels
  11   Player With Glasses   St. Louis Cardinals
  12   Baseball Cards  
  13   Standardized Rules  
  14   Grand Slam   New York Giants
  15   Player Fined  
  16   Presidential Opener   Philadelphia Athletics / Washington Senators
  17   Player Transaction   Chicago White Stockings / Boston Beaneaters
  18   All-Star Game  
  19   Scoreboard  
  20   Cork Center Ball  
  21   Scorekeeping  
  22   Domed Stadium   Houston Astros
  23   Batting Helmet   Brooklyn Dodgers
  24   Fatality   New York Yankees
  25   Unassisted Triple Play   Cleveland Indians
  26   Home Run At Night   Cincinnati Reds
  27   Black Major Leaguer   Brooklyn Dodgers
  28   Pinch Hitter   New York Giants
  29   Million-Dollar World Series   New York Yankees / New York Giants
  30   Tarpaulin   Cincinnati Reds
  31   Team Initials   Philadelphia Athletics
  32   Pennant Playoff   St. Louis Cardinals / Los Angeles Dodgers
  33   Glove  
  34   Curve Ball  
  35   Night Game   Cincinnati Reds
  36   Admission Charge  
  37   Farm System   St. Louis Cardinals
  38   Telecast   Cincinnati Reds / Brooklyn Dodgers
  39   Commissioner  
  40   .400 Hitter   Chicago White Stockings
  41   World Series   Boston Pilgrims / Pittsburgh Pirates
  42   Player Into Service   Boston Braves

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