2000 ArtBox Dragonball Z Chromium


  1   As a child of a Saiyan, he is originally sen  
  2   He learns martial techniques from his adopti  
  3   Frieza could sense that something about Goku  
  4   The super showdown begins! "I will destroy y  
  5   Gohan and Krillin feel the impending doom of  
  6   Goku's speed exceeds Burter's, who is known  
  7   Goku, now a Super Saiyan, has enough power t  
  8   Goku excelled in martial arts since he was a  
  9   For Gohan, his father's abilities seem like  
  10   The son of Chi Chi and Goku, Chi Chi tries t  
  11   There is no sign of Gohan being a brat anymo  
  12   After escaping Dodoria's pursuit, Gohan and  
  13   With Goku's encouragement, Gohan builds up h  
  14   Recoome's Eraser Gun is about to give the fi  
  15   Gohan was made to do unreasonably harsh trai  
  16   Gohan and Krillin chase after Frieza as they  
  17   Gohan breaks free of the space capsule which  
  18   Gohan, enduring solitaire training for half  
  19   On arriving on King Kai's planet, they tell  
  20   As a young-at-heart woman, Bulma's superior  
  21   Gohan and Krillin, watching the battle betwe  
  22   Chi Chi and Ox-King know about Goku's death  
  23   Getting ready for the final battle, Tien, Ya  
  24   The situation changes! The warriuor Piccolo  
  25   Master Roshi trained two boys, Goku and Kril  
  26   At first glance, Master Roshi is just an old  
  27   With Master Roshi as his master, Krillin und  
  28   Kami introduces Goku to King Yemma in order  
  29   Goku is nearly crushed by the Giant Monkey a  
  30   Goku died in the battle with Raditz, but con  
  31   Goku's fighting abilities increase to a powe  
  32   It has been 5 years since the championship t  
  33   Goku learns about the arrival of Vegeta and  
  34   Goku leaves for Planet Namek on the spaceshi  
  35   Responding to Raditz's attack, Goku countera  
  36   Frieza was slashed! While rejoicing in their  
  37   As a Saiyan, Vegeta originally came to Earth  
  38   Vegeta and Nappa have arrived on Earth. Thei  
  39   The sky darkens as the two Saiyans land on E  
  40   Goku risks his life by using the Triple Kaio  
  41   The wounded Vegeta releases and energy blast  
  42   Even Vegeta, who has explosively powered up,  
  43   Zarbon transforms into an ugly sight, overwh  
  44   After saving Dende, Gohan and friends dine a  
  45   Vegeta has confidence. Vegeta, who is suppos  
  46   Arriving one step ahead to Planet Namek was  
  47   On Planet Namek, Vegeta and Zarbon display a  
  48   It is the arrival of the Ginyu Force! Vegeta  
  49   At full power, Vegeta launches a preemptive  
  50   When Goku sees the faces of his friends in t  
  51   Frieza, who was irritated that Zarbon didn't  
  52   Frieza's power in his final transformation f  
  53   An angry Gohan unleashes a powerful kick at  
  54   Although Frieza collected all of the Dragon  
  55   Looking at Goku's calm and collected appeara  
  56   Gohan attacked with full power Thunder strik  
  57   With one blow, Goku defeats Recoome! Unbelie  
  58   The clash of two great super powers! The tru  
  59   Frieza fired a double energy disk, but it is  
  60   With two minutes left until Planet Namek exp  
  61   Goku goes into a rage as he sees Piccolo and  
  62   The battle of Planet Namek ends with Goku's  
  63   Frieza is totally confident that he can defe  
  64   Gohan gained so much power that he could eve  
  65   Upon escaping the space current, Planet Name  
  66   Krillin prepares to release the Spirit Bomb  
  67   Planet Kai where Recoome and others of the G  
  68   The Saiyans arrive on Earth earlier than exp  
  69   Tien is a martial artist who takes on traini  
  70   With the death of Yamcha, Krillin's anger ex  
  71   This is the alter ego that was born out of t  
  72   Piccolo did not participate in the "kumite"  
  73   Chi Chi tried to raise Gohan as an average,  
  74   The enraged Dodoria blows away everything in  
  75   On the 7th day away from Earth, Gohan and Kr  
  76   Earth's soldiers getting ready for the final  
  77   Frieza asks Goku to become his apprentice. O  
  78   Gohan transforms into a Giant Monkey and get  
  79   On the day of departure, Bulma wears a space  
  80   Joining forces with Vegeta, Gohan and Krilli  

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