1999 ArtBox Dragon Ball Z Series 3


  1   Ginku attempts to show off Goku's body at its  
  2   Ginyu was beginning to "Change Now!" back int  
  3   Goku and Ginjy's man-to-man combat begins! Je  
  4   Goku is Ginyu? ginyu is Goku? Ginyu replaces  
  5   Goku with Ginyu's body. Unaccustomed to Ginyu  
  6   The seriously injured Goku takes Vegeta's rec  
  7   Gohan and Krillin discover a Dragon Ball next  
  8   Gohan and crew were summoning the Shenron. Th  
  9   The Super Shenron can only grant three wishes  
  10   The situation changes! The warrior Piccolo ar  
  11   The Super Shenron can grant 3 wishes. If Picc  
  12   Frieza hurls the skewered Krillin. Gohan trie  
  13   As Piccolo is rushing to battle he discovers  
  14   The Dragon Balls have turned into stones! A b  
  15   An angry Gohan unleashes a powerful kick at F  
  16   Frieza is raving mad because his wish was not  
  17   Gohan attacked with full power Thunder strike  
  18   Ginyu in Bulma's body was about to "Change No  
  19   Frieza was still hiding his true powers. At l  
  20   Piccolo and Frieza's first fight begins. Kril  
  21   Piccolo rejects the offers of assistance from  
  22   When Goku sees the faces of his friends in th  
  23   Just as Frieza was going to strike a finishin  
  24   Goku suffers serious injuries from his fight  
  25   Vegeta asks Krillin to nearly kill him. After  
  26   The fight with Piccolo was a complete reversa  
  27   Frieza, powered up with his second transforma  
  28   As Vegeta dies he asks Goku to help ease the  
  29   Vegeta has confidence. Vegeta, who is suppose  
  30   While Krillin throws Frieza into confusion, D  
  31   Frieza's power in its final transformation fr  
  32   Gohan rushes out to help Piccolo shooting a f  
  33   Frieza makes a swift, fierce attack on Goku.  
  34   Bulma, all alone on Planet Namek, meets Ginyu  
  35   Piccolo and the others can only watch as Vege  
  36   Frieza could sense that something about Goku'  
  37   Goku begins to make a Spirit Bomb while battl  
  38   Planet Kaio where Recoome and others of the s  
  39   Frieza is deceived by two Kamehameha blasts f  
  40   Frieza asks Goku to become his apprentice. Of  
  41   A carefree Frieza announces to Goku that he c  
  42   Piccolo and the others feel the impending doo  
  43   Frieza and Goku's incredible battle begins. W  
  44   Frieza's terrifying declaration: I will destr  
  45   Goku hurls a Kaio-ken x 20 at Frieza but it o  
  46   Goku feels like Frieza wasn't bluffing when h  
  47   The super showdown begins! I will destroy you  
  48   This time Goku has been enveloped by an energ  
  49   By battling the powerful enemy Frieza, Piccol  
  50   Goku goes into a rage as he sees Piccolo and  
  51   With incredible strength, Frieza hacks the gr  
  52   Goku, transformed into a Super Saiyan, tells  
  53   Frieza is totally confident that he can defea  
  54   The clash of the two great super powers! The  
  55   Frieza is vexed by Goku's carefree attitude.  
  56   Goku was buried in the ground by Frieza's att  
  57   Frieza was slashed! While rejoicing in their  
  58   Frieza is immediately thwarted by a full powe  
  59   Goku dodges Frieza's attack. What will you do  
  60   Two minutes left until Planet Namek explodes.  
  61   Piccolo sends Kami and the others off to Shin  
  62   Frieza fired a double force Enhanjo force but  
  63   The battle of Planet Namek ends with Goku's c  
  64   Gohan and the others leave Maron in the Korin  
  65   Gohan is in a desperate battle for the hostag  
  66   Garlic Jr. plans to rule the world by turning  
  67   Garlic Jr., the one who in the past confined  
  68   Piccolo battles the Spice Boys and is command  
  69   Garlic Jr., who has been revived from the Dea  
  70   Kami tries to push through the boundary of th  
  71   Gohan slashes Garlic Jr.'s stomach open. But  
  72   Garlic Jr. was revived by his own latent powe  

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