1983 Donruss Magnum P.I.


  1   It was Saturday morning and I had planned to lie  
  2   "Magnum," he said, "just because it's the weeken  
  3   I crawled out of bed and took a quick shower...s  
  4   Since it was Saturday, I decided to take my own  
  5   One of the joys of being a famous detective is t  
  6   When I arrived at Higgins' he was outside practi  
  7   "Before we get started on our next case, I want  
  8   Exhausted, I flopped in a chair at Higgins' desk  
  9   "Well, it seems there are some crooks down at th  
  10   "Higgins, you amaze me. How do you know about th  
  11   "Well, Magnum, to be perfectly honest with you,  
  12   I think I'll get on my boat and paddle over ther  
  13   I was half way across the harbor when I heard Hi  
  14   When I arrived at the docks, I looked everywhere  
  15   Guess I had better call Higgins, so I can find o  
  16   After Higgins finished his lunch, I said, "Look,  
  17   T.C. picked me up and we flew over the dock area  
  18   Just then I spotted something. "Hold on, T.C.,"  
  19   Wouldn't you know, T.C. dropped me off onto a bo  
  20   I was ready...and they weren't going to get away  
  21   I carefully opened the door and stepped in. No o  
  22   I heard footsteps outside. I knew then I was abo  
  23   (looking up, blue-and-green shirt)  
  24   ?  
  25   (in driver's seat)  
  26   ?  
  27   (T.C. running from helicopter)  
  28   (Higgins explains)  
  29   (running on forest path)  
  30   (big beach reel)  
  31   (outdoor table with tea pitcher)  
  32   (Higgins and dogs; same image as 42)  
  33   (driving with top down)  
  34   (blue tank top, white hat)  
  35   (checking rear fender after bump)  
  36   (rusty wharf)  
  37   (preparing to kiss hand)  
  38   (leaning on car, in front of porch)  
  39   (stepping out of driver's seat)  
  40   (grinning, cyan shirt, palm tree behind)  
  41   (squatting in woods)  
  42   (Higgins and dogs; same image as 32)  
  43   (smiling, purple shirt)  
  44   ?  
  45   (running on beach)  
  46   (sitting in driver's seat, smiling, purple shirt)  
  47   (smiling, woods near beach, brown towel)  
  48   ?  
  49   ?  
  50   (Thomas in green head phones and mic)  
  51   (driving, white shirt)  
  52   (mouth open, poles, purple tank top)  
  53   (Robin-1 license plate)  
  54   (leaning head, perplexed, red shirt)  
  55   (grille, Da Nang hat)  
  56   (confrontation in den, Higgins and dogs on stairs)  
  57   (standing holding roll bar, in camo)  
  58   (plum shirt, gray collar)  
  59   (T.C. in green head phones and mic)  
  60   (aiming gun from car door)  
  61   (green shirt with white collar)  
  62   (smiling with dark blue headband/bandanna)  
  63   (hand on wall at gate)  
  64   (smiling at table in hat)  
  65   (jumping catwalk stairs)  
  66   (fixing door handle)  

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