1978 Topps Mork & Mindy


  1   Never trust a man with four lips! All you'll get is double talk!  
  2   Mork, that's the last time I use your tailor!  
  3   My favorite dessert... porcelain!  
  4   You're in good hands with Ork State!  
  5   Sorry about last night -- I made a real crimluck out of myself!  
  6   No, Mork - A double date doesn't mean going out with a two-headed Venusian!  
  7   Mindy I'd like to take you to a restaurant with lots of atmosphere, nitrogen!  
  8   Be it ever so humble there's no place like Ork!  
  9   Mindy, have you heard from Trash Gordon lately?  
  10   Somebody just sold me Mt. Rushmore.. If I can buy the Grand Canyon I'll have somewhere to put it!  
  11   Nice outfit... But does it come with two pairs of pants?  
  12   Whenever I see a car engine I'm reminded of home cooking!  
  13   Mindy, I had thousands of things to eat for lunch!  
  14   I always thought aliens were green and scaly!  
  15   I come from a distant planet!  
  16   Mork - You're a man of few words-- All of them weird!  
  17   Shazbot! I'm at the end of my rope!  
  18   Okay, Lefty, the breakout's set for tonight!  
  19   Get out of your shells.. Meet people.. Tell a few yokes!  
  20   I just played the juke box -- And it won!  
  21   No more furniture moving today! I've got a cramp in my finger!  
  22   My arms fell asleep! Quick... Dip them in coffee!  
  23   I tell you, Sylvia.. We can't go on meeting like this!  
  24   🎵 You light up my splurg..🎵  
  25   Mork acts more and more human every day!  
  26   Mork's in the bathroom! He's taking a meteor shower!  
  27   I know you're watching the T.V.-- But I wish you'd turn it on!  
  28   I feel like having dessert! How about a bologna sundae!  
  29   Some of my best friends are sandwiches!  
  30   Mork's a responsible guy... Responsible for lots of trouble!  
  31   Mork is the cutest space creature I've ever met!  
  32   Daddy, how can you possibly wear such a silly outfit?!  
  33   I never met a spaceman I didn't like!  
  34   I asked Mork to take out the garbage.. He took it to the movie!  
  35   Mork, you're really smart!  
  36   You're a U.F.O. Mork... Unbelievably Far Out!  
  37   I tried to report to Orson... But he kept me on hold!  
  38   Mork-- A blind date does not mean going out in dark glasses!  
  39   Bring me a tennis racket-- I must toss the salad!  
  40   I wish my daughter would find a boyfriend who's more down to earth!  
  41   Greetings, my main Munchkin!  
  42   Mindy you're the nicest lower life form I've ever met!  
  43   Greetings Earthling, take me to your leader!  
  44   Cora, would you call me old-fashioned??  
  45   I think I've just had a close encounter of the nerd kind!  
  46   Hey, this is Mork's diary!  
  47   Na no, na no.. Err... I mean "hello"!  
  48   Mork, did you take a shower last night?  
  49   Do you like your air fried or hard boiled?  
  50   Poor fellow - I'm afraid he's lost his head!  
  51   Hi there, Plasma! Where it's at! Onk! Onk!  
  52   I wish they'd develop a vaccine for "Disco Fever"!  
  53   It's the only way to travel!  
  54   You can't live in the attic... It's dirty and full of bugs!  
  55   Zabah... Next time I travel first class!  
  56   That's some pair of antennae - Do you get good reception?  
  57   Smile, Daddy, you're on Candid Hologram!  
  58   Boy, was I ever Bezurd last night!  
  59   I've caught a cold! Quick... Get a jar to put it in!  
  60   This can has decided to have me recycled!  
  61   Shazbot! Those Nimnuls forgot my luggage!  
  62   No, I will not accept a call from the Planet Ork!  
  63   Mork - That's not an elevator... It's a washing machine!  
  64   Hold the mayo, quick!  
  65   They must have sent you to finishing school... I can still smell the varnish!  
  66   I can't stand this violence on TV! I'll never watch Saturday morning cartoons again!  
  67   Boy, they sure have ugly girls on this planet!  
  68   It's enough to drive a man ork-faced!  
  69   I've developed a new slant on life!  
  70   I'm looking forward to a certain letter!  
  71   Hmm.. Reminds me of a girl I once dated on Venus!  
  72   If this is soap opera, Mindy, where are the singing detergents?  
  73   Take two eggs.. Add a scoop of ice cream and a light bulb...  
  74   Mindy, I just broke a promise... Where's the nearest repair shop?  
  75   I've got a new boyfriend, Dad!  
  76   I've discovered a cure for hiccups--- Unfortunately it's fatal!  
  77   Is Mork in trouble?  
  78   Eugene, here's that slice of pizza you were looking for!  
  79   Long distance? Give me the Planet Neptune!  
  80   Ahhh, peppermint nail polish... My favorite!  
  81   The moon is full tonight-- It just burped!  
  82   It's all right, Mork-- To err is human!  
  83   Isn't that a strange way to sleep?  
  84   My first day on the job was difficult!  
  85   Mork are you a registered alien?  
  86   Mork you can count on me!  
  87   I think I'm going to be sick... I've just seen an egg beaten to death!  
  88   What's a nice sausage like you doing in a sandwich like this?  
  89   Nice girl... But she's suffering from termites!  
  90   Mork does your spacesuit need ironing?  
  91   Have a seat, Mork!  
  92   It's what the well dressed Orkan is wearing!  
  93   These cups are a little dirty!  
  94   Are you okay?  
  95   Mork, I'm losing my mind!  
  96   Look, an 8-armed Namzal-- But they only live on Ork!  
  97   Ah, a fleet of fellow space travelers! Welcome, little Nimnuls!  
  98   Freddie just became "Wiener of the Year"!  
  99   Mork, you're really far out!  

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