2007-08 SP Authentic

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  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2008

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Distributed in one series (#1-157). #120-121 and #144-146 do not exist. The base checklist is the Hobby version ("SP Authentic" logo), with Retail ("SP" logo) listed under Inserts/... more

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2007-08 SP Authentic


  1   Brandon Roy   Portland Trail Blazers
  2   Channing Frye   Portland Trail Blazers
  3   Jarrett Jack   Portland Trail Blazers
  4   LaMarcus Aldridge   Portland Trail Blazers
  5   Delonte West   Seattle SuperSonics
  6   Johan Petro   Seattle SuperSonics
  7   Nick Collison   Seattle SuperSonics
  8   Joe Johnson   Atlanta Hawks
  9   Josh Smith   Atlanta Hawks
  10   Marvin Williams   Atlanta Hawks
  11   Hakim Warrick   Memphis Grizzlies
  12   Pau Gasol   Memphis Grizzlies
  13   Rudy Gay   Memphis Grizzlies
  14   Al Jefferson   Minnesota Timberwolves
  15   Paul Pierce   Boston Celtics
  16   Ray Allen   Boston Celtics
  17   Andrew Bogut   Milwaukee Bucks
  18   Charlie Villanueva   Milwaukee Bucks
  19   Mo Williams   Milwaukee Bucks
  20   Michael Redd   Milwaukee Bucks
  21   Kevin Garnett   Boston Celtics
  22   Randy Foye   Minnesota Timberwolves
  23   Ricky Davis   Miami Heat
  24   Emeka Okafor   Charlotte Bobcats
  25   Gerald Wallace   Charlotte Bobcats
  26   Jason Richardson   Charlotte Bobcats
  27   David Lee   New York Knicks
  28   Eddy Curry   New York Knicks
  29   Stephon Marbury   New York Knicks
  30   Zach Randolph   New York Knicks
  31   Brad Miller   Sacramento Kings
  32   Kevin Martin   Sacramento Kings
  33   Mike Bibby   Sacramento Kings
  34   Ron Artest   Sacramento Kings
  35   Jamaal Tinsley   Indiana Pacers
  36   Jermaine O'Neal   Indiana Pacers
  37   Mike Dunleavy   Indiana Pacers
  38   Andre Iguodala   Philadelphia 76ers
  39   Andre Miller   Philadelphia 76ers
  40   Rodney Carney   Philadelphia 76ers
  41   Chris Paul   New Orleans Hornets
  42   David West   New Orleans Hornets
  43   Tyson Chandler   New Orleans Hornets
  44   Corey Maggette   Los Angeles Clippers
  45   Cuttino Mobley   Los Angeles Clippers
  46   Elton Brand   Los Angeles Clippers
  47   Darko Milicic   Memphis Grizzlies
  48   Dwight Howard   Orlando Magic
  49   Hedo Turkoglu   Orlando Magic
  50   Rashard Lewis   Orlando Magic
  51   Antawn Jamison   Washington Wizards
  52   Caron Butler   Washington Wizards
  53   Gilbert Arenas   Washington Wizards
  54   Jason Kidd   New Jersey Nets
  55   Richard Jefferson   New Jersey Nets
  56   Vince Carter   New Jersey Nets
  57   Baron Davis   Golden State Warriors
  58   Monta Ellis   Golden State Warriors
  59   Stephen Jackson   Golden State Warriors
  60   Jordan Farmar   Los Angeles Lakers
  61   Kobe Bryant   Los Angeles Lakers
  62   Lamar Odom   Los Angeles Lakers
  63   Alonzo Mourning   Miami Heat
  64   Dwyane Wade   Miami Heat
  65   Shaquille O'Neal   Miami Heat
  66   Allen Iverson   Denver Nuggets
  67   Carmelo Anthony   Denver Nuggets
  68   Marcus Camby   Denver Nuggets
  69   Andrea Bargnani   Toronto Raptors
  70   Chris Bosh   Toronto Raptors
  71   Jose Calderon   Toronto Raptors
  72   T.J. Ford   Toronto Raptors
  73   Ben Gordon   Chicago Bulls
  74   Ben Wallace   Chicago Bulls
  75   Kirk Hinrich   Chicago Bulls
  76   Luol Deng   Chicago Bulls
  77   Larry Hughes   Cleveland Cavaliers
  78   LeBron James   Cleveland Cavaliers
  79   Zydrunas Ilgauskas   Cleveland Cavaliers
  80   Andrei Kirilenko   Utah Jazz
  81   Carlos Boozer   Utah Jazz
  82   Deron Williams   Utah Jazz
  83   Mehmet Okur   Utah Jazz
  84   Luther Head   Houston Rockets
  85   Tracy McGrady   Houston Rockets
  86   Yao Ming   Houston Rockets
  87   Chauncey Billups   Detroit Pistons
  88   Rasheed Wallace   Detroit Pistons
  89   Richard Hamilton   Detroit Pistons
  90   Tayshaun Prince   Detroit Pistons
  91   Manu Ginobili   San Antonio Spurs
  92   Tim Duncan   San Antonio Spurs
  93   Tony Parker   San Antonio Spurs
  94   Amare Stoudemire   Phoenix Suns
  95   Grant Hill   Phoenix Suns
  96   Shawn Marion   Phoenix Suns
  97   Steve Nash   Phoenix Suns
  98   Dirk Nowitzki   Dallas Mavericks
  99   Jason Terry   Dallas Mavericks
  100   Josh Howard   Dallas Mavericks


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