2012 Bowman

Chrome Prospects Gold Refractors


  BCP1   Justin Nicolino   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP2   Myrio Richard   Oakland Athletics
  BCP3   Francisco Lindor   Cleveland Indians
  BCP4   Nathan Freiman   San Diego Padres
  BCP5   A.J. Jimenez   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP6   Noah Perio   Miami Marlins
  BCP7   Adonys Cardona   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP8   Nick Kingham   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP9   Eddie Rosario   Minnesota Twins
  BCP10   Bryce Harper   Washington Nationals
  BCP11   Philip Wunderlich   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP12   Rafael Ortega   Colorado Rockies
  BCP13   Tyler Gagnon   Colorado Rockies
  BCP14   Brenny Paulino   Detroit Tigers
  BCP15   Jose Campos   New York Yankees
  BCP16   Jesus Galindo   San Francisco Giants
  BCP17   Tyler Austin   New York Yankees
  BCP18   Brandon Drury   Atlanta Braves
  BCP19   Richard Jones   Chicago Cubs
  BCP20   Jeimer Candelario   Chicago Cubs
  BCP21   Jose Osuna   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP22   Claudio Custodio   New York Yankees
  BCP23   Jake Marisnick   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP24   J.R. Graham   Atlanta Braves
  BCP25   Raul Alcantara   Boston Red Sox
  BCP26   Joseph Staley   San Francisco Giants
  BCP27   Josh Bowman   Oakland Athletics
  BCP28   Josh Edgin   New York Mets
  BCP29   Keith Couch   Boston Red Sox
  BCP30   Kyrell Hudson   Philadelphia Phillies
  BCP31   Nick Maronde   Los Angeles Angels
  BCP32   Mario Yepez   Seattle Mariners
  BCP33   Matthew West   Texas Rangers
  BCP34   Matthew Szczur   Chicago Cubs
  BCP35   Devon Ethier   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BCP36   Michael Brady   Miami Marlins
  BCP37   Michael Crouse   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP38   Michael Gonzales   Minnesota Twins
  BCP39   Mike Murray   San Francisco Giants
  BCP40   Paul Hoilman   Chicago Cubs
  BCP41   Zach Walters   Washington Nationals
  BCP42   Tim Crabbe   Cincinnati Reds
  BCP43   Rookie Davis   New York Yankees
  BCP44   Adam Duvall   San Francisco Giants
  BCP45   Angelys Nina   Colorado Rockies
  BCP46   Anthony Fernandez   Seattle Mariners
  BCP47   Ariel Pena   Los Angeles Angels
  BCP48   Boone Whiting   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP49   Brandon Brown   New York Mets
  BCP50   Brennan Smith   Detroit Tigers
  BCP51   Brett Krill   San Francisco Giants
  BCP52   Dean Green   Detroit Tigers
  BCP53   Casey Haerther   Los Angeles Angels
  BCP54   Casey Lawrence   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP55   Jose Vinicio   Boston Red Sox
  BCP56   Kyle Simon   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP57   Chris Rearick   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP58   Cheslor Cuthbert   Kansas City Royals
  BCP59   Daniel Corcino   Cincinnati Reds
  BCP60   Danny Barnes   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP61   David Medina   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP62   Kes Carter   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP63   Todd McInnis   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP64   Edwar Cabrera   Colorado Rockies
  BCP65   Emilio King   Houston Astros
  BCP66   Jackie Bradley Jr.   Boston Red Sox
  BCP67   J.T. Wise   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BCP68   Jeff Malm   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP69   Jonathan Galvez   San Diego Padres
  BCP70   Luis Heredia   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP71   Jonathon Berti   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP72   Jabari Blash   Seattle Mariners
  BCP73   Will Swanner   Colorado Rockies
  BCP74   Eric Arce   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP75   Dillon Maples   Chicago Cubs
  BCP76   Ian Gac   Atlanta Braves
  BCP77   Clay Holmes   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP78   Nick Castellanos   Detroit Tigers
  BCP79   Josh Bell   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP80   Matt Purke   Washington Nationals
  BCP81   Taylor Whitenton   New York Mets
  BCP82   Dayan Diaz   Houston Astros
  BCP83   Jacob Anderson   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP84   Bryan Brickhouse   Kansas City Royals
  BCP85   Levi Michael   Minnesota Twins
  BCP86   Gerrit Cole   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP87   Danny Hultzen   Seattle Mariners
  BCP88   Anthony Rendon   Washington Nationals
  BCP89   Austin Hedges   San Diego Padres
  BCP90   Robby Price   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP91   Dillon Howard   Cleveland Indians
  BCP92   Nick Delmonico   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP93   Brandon Jacobs   Boston Red Sox
  BCP94   Charlie Tilson   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP95   Luis Angel   Detroit Tigers
  BCP96   Greg Billo   Kansas City Royals
  BCP97   Andrew Susac   San Francisco Giants
  BCP98   Greg Bird   New York Yankees
  BCP99   Dante Bichette   New York Yankees
  BCP100   Tommy Joseph   San Francisco Giants


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