1993 Fleer ProCards


  1   Brian Dour   San Jose Giants
  2   Charlie Hicks   San Jose Giants
  3   Rich Hyde   San Jose Giants
  4   Brian McLeod   San Jose Giants
  5   Kurt Peltzer   San Jose Giants
  6   Mark Peterson   San Jose Giants
  7   Eric Stonecipher   San Jose Giants
  8   Doug Vanderweele   San Jose Giants
  9   William Van Landingham   San Jose Giants
  10   Chuck Wanke   San Jose Giants
  11   Steve Whitaker   San Jose Giants
  12   Danny Calcagno   San Jose Giants
  13   Troy Clemens   San Jose Giants
  14   Doug Mirabelli   San Jose Giants
  15   Tim Casper   San Jose Giants
  16   Chris Dotolo   San Jose Giants
  17   Kurt Ehmann   San Jose Giants
  18   Brett Jenkins   San Jose Giants
  19   Don Montgomery   San Jose Giants
  20   Ricky Ward   San Jose Giants
  21   Chris Wimmer   San Jose Giants
  22   Drew Albrecht   San Jose Giants
  23   Kevin Bellomo   San Jose Giants
  24   Brent Cookson   San Jose Giants
  25   Adam Hyzdu   San Jose Giants
  26   Ron Pezzoni   San Jose Giants
  27   Dick Dietz MGR   San Jose Giants
  28   Jim Davenport CO   San Jose Giants
  29   Todd Oakes PC   San Jose Giants
  30   Checklist CL   San Jose Giants
  31   Joel Adamson   High Desert Mavericks
  32   Andres Berumen   High Desert Mavericks
  33   Kenny Kendrena   High Desert Mavericks
  34   George Kerfut   High Desert Mavericks
  35   Don Lemon   High Desert Mavericks
  36   Jim Magill   High Desert Mavericks
  37   Tom McGraw   High Desert Mavericks
  38   Barry Parisotto   High Desert Mavericks
  39   Jim Patterson   High Desert Mavericks
  40   Robert Person   High Desert Mavericks
  41   Stan Spencer   High Desert Mavericks
  42   Gerry Stafford   High Desert Mavericks
  43   Mike Whitten   High Desert Mavericks
  44   Sean Gousha   High Desert Mavericks
  45   Mark Skeels   High Desert Mavericks
  46   Randy Snyder   High Desert Mavericks
  47   Bryn Kosco   High Desert Mavericks
  48   Chris Malinoski   High Desert Mavericks
  49   Ramon Martinez   High Desert Mavericks
  50   Tim North   High Desert Mavericks
  51   John Toale   High Desert Mavericks
  52   Tony Torres   High Desert Mavericks
  53   Tim Clark   High Desert Mavericks
  54   Carl Everett   High Desert Mavericks
  55   Kerwin Moore   High Desert Mavericks
  56   Jesus Tavarez   High Desert Mavericks
  57   Fredi Gonzalez MGR   High Desert Mavericks
  58   Marty DeMerritt PC   High Desert Mavericks
  59   Carlos Ponce CO   High Desert Mavericks
  60   Checklist CL   High Desert Mavericks
  NNO   Mike McGowan TR   High Desert Mavericks
  61   Tim Burcham   Palm Springs Angels
  62   Mike Butler   Palm Springs Angels
  63   Dominick Johnson   Palm Springs Angels
  64   Korey Keling   Palm Springs Angels
  65   Keith Morrison   Palm Springs Angels
  66   Beban Perez   Palm Springs Angels
  67   John Pricher   Palm Springs Angels
  68   Mark Ratekin   Palm Springs Angels
  69   Dallas Rinehart   Palm Springs Angels
  70   Jose Trujillo   Palm Springs Angels
  71   Pat Wernig   Palm Springs Angels
  72   Mark Dalesandro   Palm Springs Angels
  73   Jose Stela   Palm Springs Angels
  74   Chris Anderson   Palm Springs Angels
  75   Todd Claus   Palm Springs Angels
  76   Tommy Dodge   Palm Springs Angels
  77   Gary Hagy   Palm Springs Angels
  78   Orlando Munoz   Palm Springs Angels
  79   Joel Smith   Palm Springs Angels
  80   Joe Urso   Palm Springs Angels
  81   Tyrone Boykin   Palm Springs Angels
  82   Dennis McCaffery   Palm Springs Angels
  83   Marquis Riley   Palm Springs Angels
  84   Jay Simpson   Palm Springs Angels
  85   Mark Sweeney   Palm Springs Angels
  86   Mario Mendoza MGR   Palm Springs Angels
  87   Howie Gershberg PC   Palm Springs Angels
  88   Gene Richards CO   Palm Springs Angels
  89   Checklist CL   Palm Springs Angels
  90   Craig Bjornson   Quad City River Bandits
  91   Dwayne Dawson   Quad City River Bandits
  92   Jamie Evans   Quad City River Bandits
  93   Anthony Gutierrez   Quad City River Bandits
  94   Chris Holt   Quad City River Bandits
  95   Mark Loughlin   Quad City River Bandits
  96   Jim McCutcheon UER
UER: McCutchen on card
  Quad City River Bandits
  97   Pat Murphy   Quad City River Bandits
  98   Ed Ponte   Quad City River Bandits
  99   Rob Rees   Quad City River Bandits


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