1992 Fleer ProCards


  1   John Courtright   Charleston Wheelers
  2   Fermin Garcia   Charleston Wheelers
  3   John Hrusovsky   Charleston Wheelers
  4   Kevin Jarvis   Charleston Wheelers
  5   Rich Langford   Charleston Wheelers
  6   Charles McClain   Charleston Wheelers
  7   Armando Morales   Charleston Wheelers
  8   Ernie Nieves   Charleston Wheelers
  9   Richard Zastoupil   Charleston Wheelers
  10   Roy Hammargren   Charleston Wheelers
  11   Greg Hammond   Charleston Wheelers
  12   Mike Harrison   Charleston Wheelers
  13   Amador Arias   Charleston Wheelers
  14   Robert Carlsen   Charleston Wheelers
  15   Jamie Dismuke   Charleston Wheelers
  16   Bobby Perna   Charleston Wheelers
  17   Calvin Reese   Charleston Wheelers
  18   Lenny Wentz   Charleston Wheelers
  19   K.C. Gillum   Charleston Wheelers
  20   Bob Jesperson   Charleston Wheelers
  21   Eugene Jones   Charleston Wheelers
  22   Elliott Quinones   Charleston Wheelers
  23   P.J. Carey MGR   Charleston Wheelers
  24   Derek Botelho PC   Charleston Wheelers
  25   Charleston Wheelers Checklist CL   Charleston Wheelers
  NNO   Dave Maetzold SD   Charleston Wheelers
  NNO   Keith Morehouse BR   Charleston Wheelers
  NNO   Tom Spencer TR   Charleston Wheelers
  NNO   Wrigley MAS   Charleston Wheelers
  26   Kurt Archer   Stockton Ports
  27   Chuck Bush   Stockton Ports
  28   Ramser Correa   Stockton Ports
  29   Mike Farrell   Stockton Ports
  30   Francisco Gamez   Stockton Ports
  31   Michael Hancock   Stockton Ports
  32   Tom McGraw   Stockton Ports
  33   Lincoln Mikkelsen   Stockton Ports
  34   Pat Miller   Stockton Ports
  35   Charlie Rogers   Stockton Ports
  36   Greg Kobza   Stockton Ports
  37   Mike Matheny   Stockton Ports
  38   Tim Carter   Stockton Ports
  39   Mark Cole   Stockton Ports
  40   Leon Glenn   Stockton Ports
  41   Oreste Marrero   Stockton Ports
  42   Julian Salazar   Stockton Ports
  43   Ed Smith   Stockton Ports
  44   Eric Whitford   Stockton Ports
  45   Dave Wrona   Stockton Ports
  46   Mike Basse   Stockton Ports
  47   Mike Carter   Stockton Ports
  48   Michael Harris   Stockton Ports
  49   Mike Lawn   Stockton Ports
  50   Rob Lukachyk   Stockton Ports
  51   Tim Ireland MGR   Stockton Ports
  52   Mark Littell PC   Stockton Ports
  53   Stockton Ports Checklist CL   Stockton Ports
  NNO   Greg Calhoon TR   Stockton Ports
  NNO   Gooding's   Stockton Ports
  54   Jose Alvarez   Salem Buccaneers
  55   Jason Christiansen   Salem Buccaneers
  56   Sean Evans   Salem Buccaneers
  57   Doug Harrah   Salem Buccaneers
  58   John Hope   Salem Buccaneers
  59   Bobby Hunter   Salem Buccaneers
  60   Dan Jones   Salem Buccaneers
  61   Troy Mooney   Salem Buccaneers
  62   Eric Parkinson   Salem Buccaneers
  63   Kevin Rychel   Salem Buccaneers
  64   Dave Watson   Salem Buccaneers
  65   Rick White   Salem Buccaneers
  66   Tim Edge   Salem Buccaneers
  67   Marcus Hanel   Salem Buccaneers
  68   Rich Aude   Salem Buccaneers
  69   Tony Beasley   Salem Buccaneers
  70   Ken Bonifay   Salem Buccaneers
  71   Ramon Martinez   Salem Buccaneers
  72   Todd Schroeder   Salem Buccaneers
  73   Joe Sondrini   Salem Buccaneers
  74   Pasquale Arace   Salem Buccaneers
  75   Rob Bailey   Salem Buccaneers
  76   Midre Cummings   Salem Buccaneers
  77   Joe Ronca   Salem Buccaneers
  78   Keith Thomas   Salem Buccaneers
  79   John Wockenfuss MGR   Salem Buccaneers
  80   Rick Keeton PC   Salem Buccaneers
  81   Salem Buccaneers Checklist CL   Salem Buccaneers
  82   Bobby Chouinard   Kane County Cougars
  83   Steve Firsich   Kane County Cougars
  84   Rick Forney   Kane County Cougars
  85   Jimmy Haynes   Kane County Cougars
  86   Matt Jarvis   Kane County Cougars
  87   Rick Krivda   Kane County Cougars
  88   Chris Lemp   Kane County Cougars
  89   Ihosvany Marquez   Kane County Cougars
  90   Juan Mercedes   Kane County Cougars
  91   Shawn O'Connell   Kane County Cougars
  92   Mat Sanders   Kane County Cougars
  93   Kris Gresham   Kane County Cougars
  94   Troy Tallman   Kane County Cougars


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