1989-90 7th Inning Sketch OHL


  1   Eric Lindros   Oshawa Generals
  2   Jarrod Skalde   Oshawa Generals
  3   Joe Busillo   Oshawa Generals
  4   Dale Craigwell   Oshawa Generals
  5   Clair Cornish   Oshawa Generals
  6   Jean-Paul Davis   Oshawa Generals
  7   Craig Donaldson   Oshawa Generals
  8   Wade Simpson   Oshawa Generals
  9   Mike Craig   Oshawa Generals
  10   Mark Deazeley   Oshawa Generals
  11   Scott Hollis   Oshawa Generals
  12   Brian Grieve   Oshawa Generals
  13   Dave Craievich   Oshawa Generals
  14   Paul O'Hagan   Oshawa Generals
  15   Matt Hoffman   Oshawa Generals
  16   Trevor McIvor   Oshawa Generals
  17   Cory Banika   Oshawa Generals
  18   Kevin Butt   Oshawa Generals
  19   Iain Fraser   Oshawa Generals
  20   Bill Armstrong   Oshawa Generals
  21   Scott Luik   Oshawa Generals
  22   Brent Grieve   Oshawa Generals
  23   Fred Brathwaite   Oshawa Generals
  24   Paul Holden   London Knights
  25   Trevor Dam   London Knights
  26   Chris Taylor   London Knights
  27   Mark Guy   London Knights
  28   Louie DeBrusk   London Knights
  29   John Battice   London Knights
  30   Chris Crombie   London Knights
  31   Sean Basilio   London Knights
  32   Aaron Nagy   London Knights
  33   Greg Ryan   London Knights
  34   Steve Martell   London Knights
  35   Scott McKay   London Knights
  36   Dennis Purdie   London Knights
  37   Steve Boyd   London Knights
  38   John Tanner   London Knights
  39   Dave Anderson   London Knights
  40   Rick Corriveau   London Knights
  41   Todd Hlushko   London Knights
  42   Doug Synishin   London Knights
  43   Dan LeBlanc   London Knights
  44   Dave Noseworthy   London Knights
  45   Karl Taylor   London Knights
  46   Jeff Hogden   London Knights
  47   Mike Kelly/Gary Agnew ACO   London Knights
  48   Wayne Maxner CO   London Knights
  49   Brett Seguin   Ottawa 67's
  50   Greg Walters   Ottawa 67's
  51   Chris Snell   Ottawa 67's
  52   Troy Binnie   Ottawa 67's
  53   Joni Lehto   Ottawa 67's
  54   Steve Kluczkowski   Ottawa 67's
  55   Ryan Kuwabara   Ottawa 67's
  56   Chris Simon   Ottawa 67's
  57   Jerrett DeFazio   Ottawa 67's
  58   Rob Sangster   Ottawa 67's
  59   Greg Clancy   Ottawa 67's
  60   Peter Ambroziak   Ottawa 67's
  61   Jeff Ricciardi   Ottawa 67's
  62   John East   Ottawa 67's
  63   Joey McTamney   Ottawa 67's
  64   Dan Poirier   Ottawa 67's
  65   Gairin Smith   Ottawa 67's
  66   Wade Gibson   Ottawa 67's
  67   Checklist (1-88)  
  68   Andrew Brodie   Ottawa 67's
  69   Craig Wilson   Ottawa 67's
  70   Pete McGlynn   Ottawa 67's
  71   George Dourian   Ottawa 67's
  72   Bob Berg   Belleville Bulls
  73   Richard Fatrola   Belleville Bulls
  74   Craig Fraser   Belleville Bulls
  75   Brent Gretzky   Belleville Bulls
  76   Jake Grimes   Belleville Bulls
  77   Darren McCarty   Belleville Bulls
  78   Ted Miskolczi   Belleville Bulls
  79   Rob Pearson   Belleville Bulls
  80   Gordon Pell   Belleville Bulls
  81   John Parco UER
Last Name should be Parco
  Belleville Bulls
  82   Ken Rowbotham   Belleville Bulls
  83   Scott Thornton   Belleville Bulls
  84   Shawn Way   Belleville Bulls
  85   Steve Bancroft   Belleville Bulls
  86   Greg Bignell   Belleville Bulls
  87   Scott Boston   Belleville Bulls
  88   Scott Feasby   Belleville Bulls
  89   Derek Morin   Belleville Bulls
  90   Sean O'Reilly   Belleville Bulls
  91   Jason Skellett   Belleville Bulls
  92   Greg Dreveny   Belleville Bulls
  93   Jeff Fife   Belleville Bulls
  94   Rob Stopar   Belleville Bulls
  95   Joe Desrosiers TR   Belleville Bulls
  96   Danny Flynn HC   Belleville Bulls
  97   Dr. R.L. Vaughan OWN   Belleville Bulls
  98   Troy Stephens   Peterborough Petes
  99   Dan Brown   Peterborough Petes
  100   Mike Ricci   Peterborough Petes


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