1981-82 O-Pee-Chee


  1   Ray Bourque   Boston Bruins
  2   Rick Middleton   Boston Bruins
  3   Dwight Foster   Colorado Rockies
  4   Steve Kasper RC   Boston Bruins
  5   Peter McNab   Boston Bruins
  6   Mike O'Connell   Boston Bruins
  7   Terry O'Reilly   Boston Bruins
  8   Brad Park   Boston Bruins
  9   Dick Redmond   Boston Bruins
  10   Rogatien Vachon   Boston Bruins
  11   Wayne Cashman   Boston Bruins
  12   Mike Gillis RC   Boston Bruins
  13   Stan Jonathan   Boston Bruins
  14   Don Marcotte   Boston Bruins
  15   Brad McCrimmon   Boston Bruins
  16   Mike Milbury   Boston Bruins
  17   Ray Bourque SA   Boston Bruins
  18   Rick Middleton SA   Boston Bruins
  19   Rick Middleton TL   Boston Bruins
  20   Danny Gare   Buffalo Sabres
  21   Don Edwards   Buffalo Sabres
  22   Tony McKegney   Buffalo Sabres
  23   Bob Sauve   Detroit Red Wings
  24   Andre Savard   Buffalo Sabres
  25   Derek Smith   Buffalo Sabres
  26   John Van Boxmeer   Buffalo Sabres
  27   Danny Gare SA   Buffalo Sabres
  28   Danny Gare TL   Buffalo Sabres
  29   Richie Dunn   Buffalo Sabres
  30   Gilbert Perreault   Buffalo Sabres
  31   Craig Ramsay   Buffalo Sabres
  32   Ric Seiling   Buffalo Sabres
  33   Guy Chouinard   Calgary Flames
  34   Kent Nilsson   Calgary Flames
  35   Willi Plett   Calgary Flames
  36   Paul Reinhart   Calgary Flames
  37   Pat Riggin RC   Calgary Flames
  38   Eric Vail   Detroit Red Wings
  39   Bill Clement   Calgary Flames
  40   Jamie Hislop   Calgary Flames
  41   Randy Holt   Washington Capitals
  42   Dan Labraaten   Calgary Flames
  43   Kevin LaVallee RC   Calgary Flames
  44   Rejean Lemelin RC   Calgary Flames
  45   Don Lever   Colorado Rockies
  46   Bob MacMillan   Colorado Rockies
  47   Brad Marsh   Philadelphia Flyers
  48   Bob Murdoch UER
UER: Born 5/17/1947, should be 11/20/1946
  Calgary Flames
  49   Jim Peplinski RC   Calgary Flames
  50   Pekka Rautakallio   Calgary Flames
  51   Phil Russell   Calgary Flames
  52   Kent Nilsson SA   Calgary Flames
  53   Kent Nilsson TL   Calgary Flames
  54   Tony Esposito   Chicago Blackhawks
  55   Keith Brown   Chicago Blackhawks
  56   Ted Bulley   Chicago Blackhawks
  57   Tim Higgins RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  58   Reg Kerr   Chicago Blackhawks
  59   Tom Lysiak   Chicago Blackhawks
  60   Grant Mulvey   Chicago Blackhawks
  61   Bob Murray   Chicago Blackhawks
  62   Terry Ruskowski   Chicago Blackhawks
  63   Denis Savard RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  64   Glen Sharpley   Chicago Blackhawks
  65   Darryl Sutter RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  66   Doug Wilson   Chicago Blackhawks
  67   Tony Esposito SA   Chicago Blackhawks
  68   Murray Bannerman RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  69   Greg Fox   Chicago Blackhawks
  70   John Marks   Chicago Blackhawks
  71   Peter Marsh   Chicago Blackhawks
  72   Al Secord   Chicago Blackhawks
  73   Tom Lysiak TL   Chicago Blackhawks
  74   Lucien DeBlois   Winnipeg Jets
  75   Paul Gagne RC   Colorado Rockies
  76   Merlin Malinowski RC   Colorado Rockies
  77   Lanny McDonald   Calgary Flames
  78   Joel Quenneville   Colorado Rockies
  79   Rob Ramage   Colorado Rockies
  80   Glenn Resch   Colorado Rockies
  81   Steve Tambellini   Colorado Rockies
  82   Ron Delorme   Vancouver Canucks
  83   Mike Kitchen   Colorado Rockies
  84   Yvon Vautour UER, RC
UER: Born in Saint John, New Brunswick and not in St. John, British Columbia
  Colorado Rockies
  85   Lanny McDonald TL   Colorado Rockies
  86   Dale McCourt   Buffalo Sabres
  87   Mike Foligno   Detroit Red Wings
  88   Gilles Gilbert   Detroit Red Wings
  89   Willie Huber   Detroit Red Wings
  90   Mark Kirton RC   Detroit Red Wings
  91   Jim Korn RC   Detroit Red Wings
  92   Reed Larson   Detroit Red Wings
  93   Gary McAdam   Calgary Flames
  94   Vaclav Nedomansky   Detroit Red Wings
  95   John Ogrodnick   Detroit Red Wings
  96   Dale McCourt SA   Buffalo Sabres
  97   Jean Hamel   Quebec Nordiques
  98   Glenn Hicks RC   Winnipeg Jets
  99   Larry Lozinski RC   Detroit Red Wings
  100   George Lyle   Hartford Whalers


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