2006 Upper Deck - Rookie Exclusive Edition UD Rookie Photo Shoot Flashback

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2006 Upper Deck

Rookie Exclusive Edition UD Rookie Photo Shoot Flashback


  PSF-AB   Anquan Boldin   Arizona Cardinals
  PSF-AJ   Adam Jones   Tennessee Titans
  PSF-AR   Antrel Rolle   Arizona Cardinals
  PSF-AW   Andrew Walter   Oakland Raiders
  PSF-BL   Byron Leftwich   Jacksonville Jaguars
  PSF-BR   Ronnie Brown   Miami Dolphins
  PSF-BU   Brian Urlacher   Chicago Bears
  PSF-CJ   Chad Johnson   Cincinnati Bengals
  PSF-CP   Carson Palmer   Cincinnati Bengals
  PSF-CR   Carlos Rogers   Washington Redskins
  PSF-CW   Carnell Williams   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  PSF-DB   Drew Brees   San Diego Chargers
  PSF-DC   Daunte Culpepper   Minnesota Vikings
  PSF-DM   Donovan McNabb   Philadelphia Eagles
  PSF-EJ   Edgerrin James   Indianapolis Colts
  PSF-EM   Eli Manning   New York Giants
  PSF-FG   Frank Gore   San Francisco 49ers
  PSF-HW   Hines Ward   Pittsburgh Steelers
  PSF-JC   Jason Campbell   Washington Redskins
  PSF-JE   Michael Jenkins   Atlanta Falcons
  PSF-JG   Joey Galloway   Seattle Seahawks
  PSF-JJ   Julius Jones   Dallas Cowboys
  PSF-JL   Jamal Lewis   Baltimore Ravens
  PSF-JP   Jake Plummer   Arizona Cardinals
  PSF-KJ   Kevin Jones   Detroit Lions
  PSF-KW   Kellen Winslow   Cleveland Browns
  PSF-LE   Lee Evans   Buffalo Bills
  PSF-LF   Larry Fitzgerald   Arizona Cardinals
  PSF-LJ   Larry Johnson   Kansas City Chiefs
  PSF-LT   LaDainian Tomlinson   San Diego Chargers
  PSF-MC   Mark Clayton   Baltimore Ravens
  PSF-MH   Marvin Harrison   Indianapolis Colts
  PSF-MJ   Matt Jones   Jacksonville Jaguars
  PSF-MV   Michael Vick   Atlanta Falcons
  PSF-PB   Plaxico Burress   Pittsburgh Steelers
  PSF-PM   Peyton Manning   Indianapolis Colts
  PSF-PR   Philip Rivers   San Diego Chargers
  PSF-RB   Reggie Brown   Philadelphia Eagles
  PSF-RJ   Rudi Johnson   Cincinnati Bengals
  PSF-RO   Ben Roethlisberger   Pittsburgh Steelers
  PSF-RW   Reggie Wayne   Indianapolis Colts
  PSF-SA   Shaun Alexander   Seattle Seahawks
  PSF-SJ   Steven Jackson   St. Louis Rams
  PSF-SM   Santana Moss   New York Jets
  PSF-TH   Torry Holt   St. Louis Rams
  PSF-TW   Troy Williamson   Minnesota Vikings
  PSF-WD   Warrick Dunn   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  PSF-WH   Roddy White   Atlanta Falcons
  PSF-WI   Reggie Williams   Jacksonville Jaguars
  PSF-WM   Willis McGahee   Buffalo Bills

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