2001 NFL Showdown 1st Edition - Monochrome

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62-card black-and-white parallel set distributed via mail offer after complaints the electronic card reader for the game wasn't able to read the foilboard cards of the base set.

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2001 NFL Showdown 1st Edition



  NNO   Replacement Pack Cover Card EXCH  
  008   Ronald McKinnon EXCH   Arizona Cardinals
  019   Ray Buchanan EXCH   Atlanta Falcons
  036   Jamal Lewis EXCH   Baltimore Ravens
  037   Ray Lewis EXCH   Baltimore Ravens
  038   Michael McCrary EXCH   Baltimore Ravens
  040   Jonathan Ogden EXCH   Baltimore Ravens
  048   Sam Cowart EXCH   Buffalo Bills
  049   Doug Flutie EXCH   Buffalo Bills
  066   Mike Minter EXCH   Carolina Panthers
  067   Muhsin Muhammad EXCH   Carolina Panthers
  084   Brian Urlacher EXCH   Chicago Bears
  098   Takeo Spikes EXCH   Cincinnati Bengals
  103   Tim Couch EXCH   Cleveland Browns
  125   Emmitt Smith EXCH   Dallas Cowboys
  129   Mike Anderson EXCH   Denver Broncos
  131   Dwayne Carswell EXCH   Denver Broncos
  133   Brian Griese EXCH   Denver Broncos
  150   Desmond Howard EXCH   Detroit Lions
  161   Brett Favre EXCH   Green Bay Packers
  170   Darren Sharper EXCH   Green Bay Packers
  178   Marvin Harrison EXCH   Indianapolis Colts
  180   Edgerrin James EXCH   Indianapolis Colts
  182   Peyton Manning EXCH   Indianapolis Colts
  199   Jimmy Smith EXCH   Jacksonville Jaguars
  201   Fred Taylor EXCH   Jacksonville Jaguars
  205   Duane Clemons EXCH   Kansas City Chiefs
  207   Tony Gonzalez EXCH   Kansas City Chiefs
  230   Jason Taylor EXCH   Miami Dolphins
  231   Zach Thomas EXCH   Miami Dolphins
  236   Daunte Culpepper EXCH   Minnesota Vikings
  241   Randy Moss EXCH   Minnesota Vikings
  244   Robert Smith EXCH   Minnesota Vikings
  245   Todd Steussie EXCH   Minnesota Vikings
  255   Willie McGinest EXCH   New England Patriots
  263   Jeff Blake EXCH   New Orleans Saints
  265   La'Roi Glover EXCH   New Orleans Saints
  279   Jessie Armstead EXCH   New York Giants
  290   Jason Sehorn EXCH   New York Giants
  291   Michael Strahan EXCH   New York Giants
  310   Ryan Young EXCH   New York Jets
  313   Tim Brown EXCH   Oakland Raiders
  316   Rich Gannon EXCH   Oakland Raiders
  326   Charles Woodson EXCH   Oakland Raiders
  330   Hugh Douglas EXCH   Philadelphia Eagles
  335   Donovan McNabb EXCH   Philadelphia Eagles
  342   Troy Vincent EXCH   Philadelphia Eagles
  348   Jason Gildon EXCH   Pittsburgh Steelers
  364   Rodney Harrison EXCH   San Diego Chargers
  370   Junior Seau EXCH   San Diego Chargers
  374   Charlie Garner EXCH   San Francisco 49ers
  378   Jerry Rice EXCH   San Francisco 49ers
  396   Ricky Watters EXCH   Seattle Seahawks
  401   Marshall Faulk EXCH   St. Louis Rams
  402   London Fletcher EXCH   St. Louis Rams
  412   Kurt Warner EXCH   St. Louis Rams
  417   Ronde Barber EXCH   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  418   Derrick Brooks EXCH   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  430   Warren Sapp EXCH   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  433   Eddie George EXCH   Tennessee Titans
  438   Derrick Mason EXCH   Tennessee Titans
  439   Bruce Matthews EXCH   Tennessee Titans
  460   Bruce Smith EXCH   Washington Redskins

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