1992 Action Packed All-Madden

24K Gold


  1G   Emmitt Smith   Dallas Cowboys
  2G   Reggie White   Philadelphia Eagles
  3G   Deion Sanders   Atlanta Falcons
  4G   Wilber Marshall   Washington Redskins
  5G   Barry Sanders   Detroit Lions
  6G   Derrick Thomas   Kansas City Chiefs
  7G   Troy Aikman   Dallas Cowboys
  8G   Eric Allen   Philadelphia Eagles
  9G   Cris Carter   Minnesota Vikings
  10G   Jerry Rice   San Francisco 49ers
  11G   Rickey Jackson   New Orleans Saints
  12G   Bubba McDowell   Houston Oilers
  13G   Jack Del Rio   Minnesota Vikings
  14G   Nate Newton   Dallas Cowboys
  15G   John Elliott   New York Giants
  16G   Fred Barnett   Philadelphia Eagles
  17G   Mike Singletary   Chicago Bears
  18G   Lawrence Taylor   New York Giants
  19G   Bruce Matthews   Houston Oilers
  20G   Pat Swilling   New Orleans Saints
  21G   Charles Haley   Dallas Cowboys
  22G   Andre Rison   Atlanta Falcons
  23G   Seth Joyner   Philadelphia Eagles
  24G   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  25G   Gary Clark   Washington Redskins
  26G   Jerry Ball   Detroit Lions
  27G   Michael Irvin   Dallas Cowboys
  28G   Haywood Jeffires   Houston Oilers
  29G   Kevin Ross   Kansas City Chiefs
  30G   Chris Doleman   Minnesota Vikings
  31G   Vai Sikahema   Philadelphia Eagles
  32G   Ricky Watters   San Francisco 49ers
  33G   Henry Thomas   Minnesota Vikings
  34G   Mike Kenn   Atlanta Falcons
  35G   Erik Williams   Dallas Cowboys
  36G   Neil Smith   Kansas City Chiefs
  37G   Mark Schlereth   Washington Redskins
  38G   Steve Wallace   San Francisco 49ers
  39G   Randall McDaniel   Minnesota Vikings
  40G   Kurt Gouveia   Washington Redskins
  41G   Al Noga   Minnesota Vikings
  42G   Tom Rathman   San Francisco 49ers
  43G   Harris Barton   San Francisco 49ers
  44G   Mel Gray   Detroit Lions
  45G   Keith Byars   Philadelphia Eagles
  46G   Todd Scott   Minnesota Vikings
  47G   Brent Jones   San Francisco 49ers
  48G   Audray McMillian   Minnesota Vikings
  49G   Ray Childress   Houston Oilers
  50G   Dennis Smith   Denver Broncos
  51G   Mark McMillian   Philadelphia Eagles
  52G   Sean Gilbert   Los Angeles Rams
  53G   Pierce Holt   San Francisco 49ers
  54G   Daryl Johnston   Dallas Cowboys
  55G   Madden Cruiser  

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