1991 Pacific


  1   Deion Sanders   Atlanta Falcons
  2   Steve Broussard   Atlanta Falcons
  3   Aundray Bruce   Atlanta Falcons
  4   Rick Bryan   Atlanta Falcons
  5   John Rade   Atlanta Falcons
  6   Scott Case   Atlanta Falcons
  7   Tony Casillas   Atlanta Falcons
  8   Shawn Collins   Atlanta Falcons
  9   Darion Conner   Atlanta Falcons
  10   Tory Epps   Atlanta Falcons
  11   Bill Fralic   Atlanta Falcons
  12   Mike Gann   Atlanta Falcons
  13   Tim Green UER
UER: Listed as DT, should be DE
  Atlanta Falcons
  14   Chris Hinton   Atlanta Falcons
  15   Houston Hoover UER
UER: On back, Deion Sanders misspelled Deon
  Atlanta Falcons
  16   Chris Miller   Atlanta Falcons
  17   Andre Rison   Atlanta Falcons
  18   Mike Rozier   Atlanta Falcons
  19   Jessie Tuggle   Atlanta Falcons
  20   Don Beebe   Buffalo Bills
  21   Ray Bentley   Buffalo Bills
  22   Shane Conlan   Buffalo Bills
  23   Kent Hull   Buffalo Bills
  24   Mark Kelso   Buffalo Bills
  25   James Lofton UER
UER: front photo actually Flip Johnson
  Buffalo Bills
  26   Scott Norwood   Buffalo Bills
  27   Andre Reed   Buffalo Bills
  28   Leonard Smith   Buffalo Bills
  29   Bruce Smith   Buffalo Bills
  30   Leon Seals   Buffalo Bills
  31   Darryl Talley   Buffalo Bills
  32   Steve Tasker   Buffalo Bills
  33   Thurman Thomas   Buffalo Bills
  34   James Williams   Buffalo Bills
  35   Will Wolford   Buffalo Bills
  36   Frank Reich   Buffalo Bills
  37   Jeff Wright RC   Buffalo Bills
  38   Neal Anderson   Chicago Bears
  39   Trace Armstrong   Chicago Bears
  40   Johnny Bailey UER
UER: 5320 yds. in college, should be 6320
  Chicago Bears
  41   Mark Bortz UER
UER: On back, Johnny Bailey misspelled as Johhny
  Chicago Bears
  42   Cap Boso RC   Chicago Bears
  43   Kevin Butler   Chicago Bears
  44   Mark Carrier   Chicago Bears
  45   Jim Covert   Chicago Bears
  46   Wendell Davis   Chicago Bears
  47   Richard Dent   Chicago Bears
  48   Shaun Gayle   Chicago Bears
  49   Jim Harbaugh   Chicago Bears
  50   Jay Hilgenberg   Chicago Bears
  51   Brad Muster   Chicago Bears
  52   William Perry   Chicago Bears
  53   Mike Singletary UER
UER: No college listed, should say Baylor
  Chicago Bears
  54   Peter Tom Willis   Chicago Bears
  55   Donnell Woolford   Chicago Bears
  56   Steve McMichael   Chicago Bears
  57   Eric Ball   Cincinnati Bengals
  58   Lewis Billups   Cincinnati Bengals
  59   Jim Breech   Cincinnati Bengals
  60   James Brooks   Cincinnati Bengals
  61   Eddie Brown   Cincinnati Bengals
  62   Rickey Dixon   Cincinnati Bengals
  63   Boomer Esiason   Cincinnati Bengals
  64   James Francis   Cincinnati Bengals
  65   David Fulcher   Cincinnati Bengals
  66   David Grant   Cincinnati Bengals
  67   Harold Green UER
UER: Misplaced apostrophe in Gamecocks
  Cincinnati Bengals
  68   Rodney Holman   Cincinnati Bengals
  69   Stanford Jennings   Cincinnati Bengals
  70a   Tim Krumrie ERR
ERR: Misspelled Krumprie on front
  Cincinnati Bengals
  70b   Tim Krumrie COR
COR: Name Spelled Krumrie on Card Front.
  Cincinnati Bengals
  71   Tim McGee   Cincinnati Bengals
  72   Anthony Munoz   Cincinnati Bengals
  73   Mitchell Price RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  74   Eric Thomas   Cincinnati Bengals
  75   Ickey Woods   Cincinnati Bengals
  76   Mike Baab   Cleveland Browns
  77   Thane Gash   Cleveland Browns
  78   David Grayson   Cleveland Browns
  79   Mike Johnson   Cleveland Browns
  80   Reggie Langhorne   Cleveland Browns
  81   Kevin Mack   Cleveland Browns
  82   Clay Matthews   Cleveland Browns
  83a   Eric Metcalf ERR
ERR: "Terry is the son of Terry"
  Cleveland Browns
  83b   Eric Metcalf COR
COR: "Eric is the son of Terry"
  Cleveland Browns
  84   Frank Minnifield   Cleveland Browns
  85   Mike Oliphant   Cleveland Browns
  86   Mike Pagel   Cleveland Browns
  87   John Talley RC   Cleveland Browns
  88   Lawyer Tillman   Cleveland Browns
  89   Gregg Rakoczy UER
UER: Name misspelled as "Greg" on both sides
  Cleveland Browns
  90   Bryan Wagner   Cleveland Browns
  91   Rob Burnett RC   Cleveland Browns
  92   Tommie Agee   Dallas Cowboys
  93   Troy Aikman UER
UER: 4328 yards in 1990 is career total, also didn't break a record that year
  Dallas Cowboys
  94a   Bill Bates ERR
ERR: Black bar on front photo
  Dallas Cowboys
  94b   Bill Bates COR
COR: No black bar on front photo
  Dallas Cowboys
  95   Jack Del Rio   Dallas Cowboys
  96   Issiac Holt UER
UER: Photo on back is actually Timmy Newsome
  Dallas Cowboys
  97   Michael Irvin   Dallas Cowboys


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