1983 Topps


  1   Ken Anderson RB
Most Consecutive Completions, game
  Cincinnati Bengals
  2   Tony Dorsett RB
Longest Run from Scrimmage
  Dallas Cowboys
  3   Dan Fouts RB
Most 300-yard Games by a QB, career
  San Diego Chargers
  4   Joe Montana RB
Most Consecutive 300-yard Games by a QB
  San Francisco 49ers
  5   Mark Moseley RB
Most Consecutive Field Goals Made
  Washington Redskins
  6   Mike Nelms RB
Most Punt Return Yards, Super Bowl game
  Washington Redskins
  7   Darrol Ray RB
Longest Interception Return, playoff game
  New York Jets
  8   John Riggins RB
Most Rushing Yards, Super Bowl game
  Washington Redskins
  9   Fulton Walker RB
Most Kickoff Return Yards, Super Bowl game
  Miami Dolphins
  10   1982 NFC Championship CCG   Washington Redskins / Dallas Cowboys
  11   1982 AFC Championship CCG   Miami Dolphins / New York Jets
  12   Super Bowl XVII SBXVII   Washington Redskins / Miami Dolphins
  13   William Andrews TL   Atlanta Falcons
  14   William Andrews PB, DP   Atlanta Falcons
  15   Steve Bartkowski   Atlanta Falcons
  16   Bobby Butler   Atlanta Falcons
  17   Buddy Curry RC   Atlanta Falcons
  18   Alfred Jackson DP   Atlanta Falcons
  19   Alfred Jenkins   Atlanta Falcons
  20   Kenny Johnson   Atlanta Falcons
  21   Mike Kenn PB   Atlanta Falcons
  22   Mick Luckhurst   Atlanta Falcons
  23   Junior Miller   Atlanta Falcons
  24   Al Richardson   Atlanta Falcons
  25   Gerald Riggs RC, DP   Atlanta Falcons
  26   R.C. Thielemann PB   Atlanta Falcons
  27   Jeff Van Note PB   Atlanta Falcons
  28   Walter Payton TL   Chicago Bears
  29   Brian Baschnagel   Chicago Bears
  30   Dan Hampton PB   Chicago Bears
  31   Mike Hartenstine   Chicago Bears
  32   Noah Jackson   Chicago Bears
  33   Jim McMahon RC   Chicago Bears
  34   Emery Moorehead DP   Chicago Bears
  35   Bob Parsons   Chicago Bears
  36   Walter Payton   Chicago Bears
  37   Terry Schmidt   Chicago Bears
  38   Mike Singletary RC   Chicago Bears
  39   Matt Suhey DP   Chicago Bears
  40   Rickey Watts DP   Chicago Bears
  41   Otis Wilson RC, DP   Chicago Bears
  42   Tony Dorsett TL   Dallas Cowboys
  43   Bob Breunig PB   Dallas Cowboys
  44   Doug Cosbie   Dallas Cowboys
  45   Pat Donovan PB   Dallas Cowboys
  46   Tony Dorsett PB, DP   Dallas Cowboys
  47   Tony Hill   Dallas Cowboys
  48   Butch Johnson DP   Dallas Cowboys
  49   Ed "Too Tall" Jones PB, DP   Dallas Cowboys
  50   Harvey Martin DP   Dallas Cowboys
  51   Drew Pearson   Dallas Cowboys
  52   Rafael Septien   Dallas Cowboys
  53   Ron Springs DP   Dallas Cowboys
  54   Dennis Thurman   Dallas Cowboys
  55   Everson Walls PB   Dallas Cowboys
  56   Danny White PB, DP   Dallas Cowboys
  57   Randy White PB   Dallas Cowboys
  58   Billy Sims TL   Detroit Lions
  59   Al Baker DP   Detroit Lions
  60   Dexter Bussey DP   Detroit Lions
  61   Gary Danielson DP   Detroit Lions
  62   Keith Dorney PB, RC, DP   Detroit Lions
  63   Doug English PB   Detroit Lions
  64   Ken Fantetti DP   Detroit Lions
  65   Alvin Hall RC, DP   Detroit Lions
  66   David Hill DP   Detroit Lions
  67   Eric Hipple   Detroit Lions
  68   Ed Murray DP   Detroit Lions
  69   Freddie Scott   Detroit Lions
  70   Billy Sims PB, DP   Detroit Lions
  71   Tom Skladany DP   Detroit Lions
  72   Leonard Thompson DP   Detroit Lions
  73   Bobby Watkins RC   Detroit Lions
  74   Eddie Lee Ivery TL   Green Bay Packers
  75   John Anderson RC   Green Bay Packers
  76   Paul Coffman PB   Green Bay Packers
  77   Lynn Dickey   Green Bay Packers
  78   Mike Douglass RC, DP   Green Bay Packers
  79   Eddie Lee Ivery   Green Bay Packers
  80   John Jefferson PB, DP   Green Bay Packers
  81   Ezra Johnson   Green Bay Packers
  82   Mark Lee   Green Bay Packers
  83   James Lofton PB   Green Bay Packers
  84   Larry McCarren PB   Green Bay Packers
  85   Jan Stenerud DP   Green Bay Packers
  86   Wendell Tyler TL   Los Angeles Rams
  87   Bill Bain RC, DP   Los Angeles Rams
  88   Nolan Cromwell PB   Los Angeles Rams
  89   Preston Dennard   Los Angeles Rams
  90   Vince Ferragamo DP   Los Angeles Rams
  91   Mike Guman   Los Angeles Rams
  92   Kent Hill PB   Los Angeles Rams
  93   Mike Lansford RC, DP   Los Angeles Rams
  94   Rod Perry   Los Angeles Rams
  95   Pat Thomas DP   Los Angeles Rams
  96   Jack Youngblood   Los Angeles Rams
  97   Ted Brown TL   Minnesota Vikings
  98   Matt Blair PB   Minnesota Vikings
  99   Ted Brown   Minnesota Vikings
  100   Greg Coleman   Minnesota Vikings


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