1969 Topps


  1   Leroy Kelly   Cleveland Browns
  2   Paul Flatley   Atlanta Falcons
  3   Jim Cadile RC   Chicago Bears
  4   Erich Barnes   Cleveland Browns
  5   Willie Richardson   Baltimore Colts
  6   Bob Hayes   Dallas Cowboys
  7   Bob Jeter   Green Bay Packers
  8   Jim Colclough   Boston Patriots
  9   Sherrill Headrick   Cincinnati Bengals
  10   Jim Dunaway   Buffalo Bills
  11   Bill Munson   Detroit Lions
  12   Jack Pardee   Los Angeles Rams
  13   Jim Lindsey RC   Minnesota Vikings
  14   Dave Whitsell   New Orleans Saints
  15   Tucker Frederickson   New York Giants
  16   Alvin Haymond   Philadelphia Eagles
  17   Andy Russell   Pittsburgh Steelers
  18   Tom Beer   Denver Broncos
  19   Bobby Maples   Houston Oilers
  20   Len Dawson   Kansas City Chiefs
  21   Willis Crenshaw   St. Louis Cardinals
  22   Tommy Davis   San Francisco 49ers
  23   Rickie Harris   Washington Redskins
  24   Jerry Simmons   Atlanta Falcons
  25   Johnny Unitas   Baltimore Colts
  26   Brian Piccolo RC, UER
UER: misspelled "Bryon" on front, "Bryan" on back
  Chicago Bears
  27   Bob Matheson RC   Cleveland Browns
  28   Howard Twilley   Miami Dolphins
  29a   Jim Turner VAR
VAR: Red dot between "Jets" and "Kicker"
  New York Jets
  29b   Jim Turner VAR
VAR: Yellow dot between "Jets" and "Kicker"
  New York Jets
  30   Pete Banaszak RC   Oakland Raiders
  31   Lance Rentzel RC   Dallas Cowboys
  32   Bill Triplett   Detroit Lions
  33   Boyd Dowler   Green Bay Packers
  34   Merlin Olsen   Los Angeles Rams
  35   Joe Kapp   Minnesota Vikings
  36   Dan Abramowicz RC   New Orleans Saints
  37   Spider Lockhart   New York Giants
  38   Tom Day   San Diego Chargers
  39   Art Graham   Boston Patriots
  40   Bob Cappadona RC   Buffalo Bills
  41   Gary Ballman   Philadelphia Eagles
  42   Clendon Thomas   Pittsburgh Steelers
  43   Jackie Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  44   Dave Wilcox   San Francisco 49ers
  45   Jerry Smith   Washington Redskins
  46   Dan Grimm   Atlanta Falcons
  47   Tom Matte   Baltimore Colts
  48   John Stofa RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  49   Rex Mirich   Denver Broncos
  50   Miller Farr   Houston Oilers
  51   Gale Sayers   Chicago Bears
  52   Bill Nelsen   Cleveland Browns
  53   Bob Lilly   Dallas Cowboys
  54   Wayne Walker   Detroit Lions
  55   Ray Nitschke   Green Bay Packers
  56   Ed Meador   Los Angeles Rams
  57   Lonnie Warwick RC   Minnesota Vikings
  58   Wendell Hayes   Kansas City Chiefs
  59   Dick Anderson RC   Miami Dolphins
  60   Don Maynard   New York Jets
  61   Tony Lorick   New Orleans Saints
  62   Pete Gogolak   New York Giants
  63   Nate Ramsey   Philadelphia Eagles
  64   Dick Shiner RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  65   Larry Wilson   St. Louis Cardinals
  66   Ken Willard   San Francisco 49ers
  67   Charley Taylor UER
UER: "...led the Redskins in pass interceptions", should be receptions
  Washington Redskins
  68   Billy Cannon   Oakland Raiders
  69   Lance Alworth   San Diego Chargers
  70   Jim Nance   Boston Patriots
  71   Nick Rassas RC   Atlanta Falcons
  72   Lenny Lyles   Baltimore Colts
  73   Bennie McRae   Chicago Bears
  74   Bill Glass   Cleveland Browns
  75   Don Meredith   Dallas Cowboys
  76   Dick LeBeau   Detroit Lions
  77   Carroll Dale   Green Bay Packers
  78   Ron McDole   Buffalo Bills
  79   Charley King RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  80   1st Series Checklist: 1-132 CL, UER
UER: #26 "Bryon", #112 "LaTourette"
  81   Dick Bass   Los Angeles Rams
  82   Roy Winston   Minnesota Vikings
  83   Don McCall RC   New Orleans Saints
  84   Jim Katcavage   New York Giants
  85   Norm Snead   Philadelphia Eagles
  86   Earl Gros   Pittsburgh Steelers
  87   Don Brumm RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  88   Sonny Bishop   Houston Oilers
  89   Fred Arbanas   Kansas City Chiefs
  90   Karl Noonan RC   Miami Dolphins
  91   Dick Witcher RC   San Francisco 49ers
  92   Vince Promuto   Washington Redskins
  93   Tommy Nobis   Atlanta Falcons
  94   Jerry Hill RC   Baltimore Colts
  95   Ed O'Bradovich RC   Chicago Bears
  96   Ernie Kellerman RC   Cleveland Browns
  97   Chuck Howley   Dallas Cowboys
  98   Hewritt Dixon   Oakland Raiders
  99   Ron Mix   San Diego Chargers


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