1962 Fleer


  1   Billy Lott   Boston Patriots
  2   Ron Burton   Boston Patriots
  3   Gino Cappelletti RC   Boston Patriots
  4   Babe Parilli   Boston Patriots
  5   Jim Colclough   Boston Patriots
  6   Tony Sardisco   Boston Patriots
  7   Walt Cudzik   Boston Patriots
  8   Bob Dee   Boston Patriots
  9   Tommy Addison RC   Boston Patriots
  10   Harry Jacobs   Boston Patriots
  11   Ross O'Hanley   Boston Patriots
  12   Art Baker   Buffalo Bills
  13   Johnny Green   Buffalo Bills
  14   Elbert Dubenion   Buffalo Bills
  15   Tom Rychlec   Buffalo Bills
  16   Billy Shaw RC   Buffalo Bills
  17   Ken Rice   Buffalo Bills
  18   Bill Atkins   Buffalo Bills
  19   Richie Lucas   Buffalo Bills
  20   Archie Matsos   Buffalo Bills
  21   Laverne Torczon   Buffalo Bills
  22   Warren Rabb RC, UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Raab" on front and back
  Buffalo Bills
  23   Jack Spikes   Dallas Texans
  24   Cotton Davidson   Dallas Texans
  25   Abner Haynes RC   Dallas Texans
  26   Jimmy Saxton   Dallas Texans
  27   Chris Burford   Dallas Texans
  28   Bill Miller RC   Dallas Texans
  29   Sherrill Headrick   Dallas Texans
  30   E.J. Holub RC   Dallas Texans
  31   Jerry Mays RC   Dallas Texans
  32   Mel Branch   Dallas Texans
  33   Paul Rochester RC   Dallas Texans
  34   Frank Tripucka   Denver Broncos
  35   Gene Mingo   Denver Broncos
  36   Lionel Taylor   Denver Broncos
  37   Ken Adamson   Denver Broncos
  38   Eldon Danenhauer   Denver Broncos
  39   Goose Gonsoulin   Denver Broncos
  40   Gordy Holz   Denver Broncos
  41   Bud McFadin   Denver Broncos
  42   Jim Stinnette RC   Denver Broncos
  43   Bob Hudson RC   Denver Broncos
  44   George Herring   Denver Broncos
  45   Charley Tolar RC   Houston Oilers
  46   George Blanda   Houston Oilers
  47   Billy Cannon   Houston Oilers
  48   Charlie Hennigan RC   Houston Oilers
  49   Bill Groman   Houston Oilers
  50   Al Jamison   Houston Oilers
  51   Tony Banfield   Houston Oilers
  52   Jim Norton   Houston Oilers
  53   Dennit Morris   Houston Oilers
  54   Don Floyd   Houston Oilers
  55   Ed Husmann RC, UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Hussman" on front and back
  Houston Oilers
  56   Robert Brooks RC   New York Titans
  57   Al Dorow   New York Titans
  58   Dick Christy   New York Titans
  59   Don Maynard   New York Titans
  60   Art Powell   New York Titans
  61   Mike Hudock   New York Titans
  62   Bill Mathis   New York Titans
  63   Ed Songin   New York Titans
  64   Larry Grantham   New York Titans
  65   Nick Mumley RC   New York Titans
  66   Tom Saidock   New York Titans
  67   Alan Miller   Oakland Raiders
  68   Tom Flores   Oakland Raiders
  69   Bob Coolbaugh   Oakland Raiders
  70   George Fleming RC   Oakland Raiders
  71   Wayne Hawkins RC   Oakland Raiders
  72   Jim Otto   Oakland Raiders
  73   Wayne Crow   Oakland Raiders
  74   Fred Williamson RC   Oakland Raiders
  75   Tom Louderback RC   Oakland Raiders
  76   Volney Peters   Oakland Raiders
  77   Charley Powell RC   Oakland Raiders
  78   Don Norton   San Diego Chargers
  79   Jack Kemp   San Diego Chargers
  80   Paul Lowe   San Diego Chargers
  81   Dave Kocourek   San Diego Chargers
  82   Ron Mix   San Diego Chargers
  83   Ernie Wright   San Diego Chargers
  84   Dick Harris RC   San Diego Chargers
  85   Bill Hudson RC   San Diego Chargers
  86   Ernie Ladd RC   San Diego Chargers
  87   Earl Faison RC   San Diego Chargers
  88   Ron Nery   San Diego Chargers

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