2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Legacy


  1   Kylo Ren Obtains The Sith Wayfinder  
  2   Kylo Ren Finds Palpatine On Exegol  
  3   Palpatine Reveals The Final Order  
  4   Rey In Training  
  5   Finn And Poe Deliver Intelligence  
  6   Lando Calrissian Helps The Resistance  
  7   Chewbacca Taken By The First Order  
  8   Rey And The Team Travel To Kijimi  
  9   C-3PO's Memory Reveals The Wayfinder  
  10   Rey Learns Who She Is  
  11   The Team Rescues Chewbacca  
  12   The Falcon Flies To Kef Bir  
  13   Rey & Kylo Ren Battle Amongst The Waves  
  14   Rey Heals Kylo Ren  
  15   Luke Skywalker Tells Rey To Face Palpatine  
  16   Ben Solo Sees A Memory Of Han Solo  
  17   The Resistance Prepares To Attack  
  18   Rey Confronts Her Grandfather  
  19   Lando Calrissian Brings Reinforcements  
  20   Ben Solo Destroys The Knights Of Ren  
  21   Ben Solo And Rey Take On Palpatine  
  22   Palpatine Drains Power From Rey And Ben Solo  
  23   The Fleet Attacked By Force Lightning  
  24   Rey Hears The Voices Of Past Jedi  
  25   Rey Deflects The Force Lightning  
  26   Palpatine Is Destroyed By Rey  
  27   Ben Solo Uses The Force To Revive Rey  
  28   The Resistance Defeats The Final Order  
  29   Rey Buries The Lightsabers On Tatooine  
  30   Rey States Her Name As "Rey Skywalker"  
  31   Director Krennic Finds Galen Erso  
  32   Young Jyn Erso Escapes The Empire  
  33   Bodhi Rook Flees The Empire  
  34   Cassian Learns Of An Imperial Defector  
  35   Jyn Erso Meets Mon Mothma  
  36   Jyn & Cassian Team With K-2SO  
  37   Chirrut & Baze Battle The Stormtroopers  
  38   Saw Gerrera Reveals The Message From Galen Erso  
  39   Director Krennic Destroys Jedha City  
  40   Grand Moff Tarkin Meets With Director Krennic  
  41   Bodhi Rook Leads The Team To Eadu  
  42   Jyn Erso Is Too Late To Save Her Father  
  43   Director Krennic Talks With Darth Vader  
  44   The Mission To Steal The Death Star Plans  
  45   Rogue One Heads To Scarif  
  46   Cassian, Jyn & K-2SO Sneak Into The Base  
  47   Admiral Raddus Defeats The Star Destroyers  
  48   Cassian & Jyn Find The Schematics  
  49   Director Krennic Ambushes Jyn & Cassian  
  50   Jyn Transmits The Death Star Plans  
  51   Tarkin Destroys The Compromised Base  
  52   The Rebel Fleet Prepares For Hyperspace  
  53   Vader's Destroyer Intercepts Rebels  
  54   Vader Pursues The Stolen Plans  
  55   Darth Vader Attacks The Rebels  
  56   Rebels Fight To Hand Off The Stolen Plans  
  57   A Small Starship Evades Vader's Grasp  
  58   The Plans Are Delivered To Princess Leia  
  59   The Rebellion Now Has Hope  
  60   Han & Qi'ra Run From The White Worms  
  61   Qi'ra Is Captured During Escape Attempt  
  62   Han Escapes, But Vows To Return  
  63   Han Encounters Tobias Beckett  
  64   Solo Meets Chewbacca In The Pit  
  65   Beckett Teams With Solo & Chewie  
  66   Beckett & The Team Try To Steal Coaxium  
  67   Enfys Nest Ruins The Hijacking Plans  
  68   Beckett Loses Val & Rio Durant  
  69   Han & Chewie Vow To Help Beckett  
  70   Han Finds Qi'ra With Crimson Dawn  
  71   The Team Meets With Dryden Vos  
  72   Han Suggests Kessel Run To Obtain Coaxium  
  73   Qi'ra Brings The Team To Lando Calrissian  
  74   Han Challenges Lando To Sabacc  
  75   Lando Joins The Mission For A Share Of Profits  
  76   Han Solo Sees The Millennium Falcon  
  77   L3-37 Instigates Revolt On Kessel  
  78   The Team Steals The Coaxium & Flees The Empire  
  79   The Millennium Falcon Lands On Savareen  
  80   Enfys Nest Reveals Her Crew To Be Rebels  
  81   Han Attempts To Outsmart Dryden Vos  
  82   Beckett Betrays Dryden Vos, Takes Chewie  
  83   Qi'ra Defeats Dryden Vos  
  84   Han Goes After Beckett  
  85   Qi'ra Contacts Maul  
  86   Han Defeats Beckett  
  87   Han Gives The Coaxium To Enfys Nest  
  88   Han Wins The Millennium Falcon From Lando  
  89   Master Yoda Begins A Secret Mission  
  90   Yoda Takes On Ventress And Her Army  
  91   The Toydarian People Learn About The Jedi  
  92   The Malevolence Wreaks Havoc On The Jedi  
  93   The Jedi Take Down The Malevolence  
  94   Cad Bane & Aurra Sing Attack Senate Building  
  95   Darth Sidious Hires Cad Bane  
  96   Cad Bane Goes For The Jedi Holocron  
  97   Obi-Wan Kenobi Meets With Duchess Satine  
  98   Ahsoka Tano Stops Aurra Sing On Florrum  
  99   Boba Fett & Bossk Are Arrested  
  100   Ahsoka Tano Protects Senator Amidala  


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