2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight!


  1a   Wax Max  
  1b   Gummy Gunther  
  2a   Piper Bag  
  2b   Buttercream Maxine  
  3a   Dawson Cookies  
  3b   Choke-a-Lot Chip  
  4a   Noodle Harriet  
  4b   Betty Spaghetti  
  5a   Lemon Nadine  
  5b   Zesty Zoe  
  6a   Hard Shelly  
  6b   Taco Tim  
  7a   Allergic Nick  
  7b   Pete Nut Allergy  
  8a   Shirley Temple  
  8b   Gretta Dine  
  9a   Flakey Fran  
  9b   Scabby Scarlet  
  10a   Three-Course Mel  
  10b   Third-Helping Theo  
  11a   Soupy Candice  
  11b   Mm Mm Gooden  
  12a   Dan Opener  
  12b   Sid Lid  
  13a   Brad Pit  
  13b   Ripened Ricardo  
  14a   Flatu-Lance  
  14b   Bart Face  
  15a   Doughnut Hole Joel  
  15b   Doughnut Don  
  16a   Sawyer Sauce  
  16b   Fresh Fischer  
  17a   Dipping Derrick  
  17b   Melting Miles  
  18a   Hot Dog Dave  
  18b   Condiment Cody  
  19a   Tenderized Travis  
  19b   Pounded Parker  
  20a   Decay Ray  
  20b   Rotting Rob  
  21a   Stick-Up Stanley  
  21b   Meltdown Mark  
  22a   Cookie Cutter Cooper  
  22b   Baked Brent  
  23a   Drippy Skippy  
  23b   Ridiculous Reese  
  24a   Tito Burrito  
  24b   Tex Mex  
  25a   Junkatarian John  
  25b   Snack Attack Jack  
  26a   Funnel Finley  
  26b   Over Etta  
  27a   Pokey Penny  
  27b   Picky Mickey  
  28a   Cola Warren  
  28b   Battling Bev  
  29a   Served Sammy  
  29b   Food Fight Felix  
  30a   Garbage Pail Sid  
  30b   Trashy Trey  
  31a   Finger Lick Ken  
  31b   Fried Hans  
  32a   Twin Keith  
  32b   Creamed Phil  
  33a   Butchered Butch  
  33b   Chuck Steak  
  34a   Grated Grady  
  34b   Foot Cheese Charlie  
  35a   Takeout Tom  
  35b   Carlo Mein  
  36a   Moldy Molly  
  36b   Loaf of Fred  
  37a   Livy Linguine  
  37b   Maca-Ronnie  
  38a   Kern Al  
  38b   Pop Corey  
  39a   Wes Quick  
  39b   Peter Pellets  
  40a   Paleolithic Paul  
  40b   Hunter Gatherer  
  41a   Cherry on Top  
  41b   Ice Cream Sun-Dee  
  42a   Joe Blow  
  42b   Owen Bubbles  
  43a   Finger Neil  
  43b   Peckish Pinky  
  44a   Peeping Paige  
  44b   Marsha Mallow  
  45a   Cotton Kandy  
  45b   Sugar Sheena  
  46a   Ice Cream Sandy  
  46b   Split Brit  
  47a   Uh-Oh Rio  
  47b   Kareem Filling  
  48a   Prized Presley  
  48b   Perry Premium  
  49a   Grady Grapefruit  
  49b   Sour Scott  
  50a   Hal 'n' Oats  
  50b   Quaker Quinn  


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