1911 Bishop & Co. PCL (E100) - Blank Backs

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Cards are different than the non-blank backed versions as follows: 1) player image is larger (zoomed) and mirrored 2) background colors are only orange and green (vs. green, blue, red, purple, yello... more

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1911 Bishop & Co. PCL (E100)

Blank Backs


  NNO   Charles Baum   Sacramento Sacts
  NNO   Len Burrell   Vernon Tigers
  NNO   Walter Carlisle   Vernon Tigers
  NNO   George Cutshaw   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Thomas Daley   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Babe Danzig   Sacramento Sacts
  NNO   Flame Delhi   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Del Delmas   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Roy Hitt   Vernon Tigers
  NNO   Wallace Hogan   Vernon Tigers
  NNO   Dutch Lerchen   Sacramento Sacts
  NNO   Judge McCredie   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Kid Mohler   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Charley Moore   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Harry Nelson   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Patsy O'Rourke   Sacramento Sacts
  NNO   Ham Patterson   Vernon Tigers
  NNO   Bunny Pearce   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Roger Peckinpaugh   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Monte Pfyl   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Watt Powell   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Bill Rapps   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Tom Seaton   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Bill Steen   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Harry Suter UER
UER: Misspelled Sutor on card
  San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Tom Tennant   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Pinch Thomas   Sacramento Sacts
  NNO   Bill Tozer   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Buzzy Wares   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Buck Weaver   San Francisco Seals

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