1972-73 Topps


  1   Wilt Chamberlain   Los Angeles Lakers
  2   Stan Love   Baltimore Bullets
  3   Geoff Petrie   Portland Trail Blazers
  4   Curtis Perry RC   Milwaukee Bucks
  5   Pete Maravich   Atlanta Hawks
  6   Gus Johnson   Phoenix Suns
  7   Dave Cowens   Boston Celtics
  8   Randy Smith RC   Buffalo Braves
  9   Matt Guokas   KC-Omaha Kings
  10   Spencer Haywood   Seattle SuperSonics
  11   Jerry Sloan   Chicago Bulls
  12   Dave Sorenson   Cleveland Cavaliers
  13   Howie Komives   Detroit Pistons
  14   Joe Ellis   Golden State Warriors
  15   Jerry Lucas   New York Knicks
  16   Stu Lantz   Detroit Pistons
  17   Bill Bridges   Philadelphia 76ers
  18   Leroy Ellis   Los Angeles Lakers
  19   Art Williams   Boston Celtics
  20   Sidney Wicks RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  21   Wes Unseld   Baltimore Bullets
  22   Jim Washington   Atlanta Hawks
  23   Fred Hilton   Buffalo Braves
  24   Curtis Rowe RC   Detroit Pistons
  25   Oscar Robertson   Milwaukee Bucks
  26   Larry Steele RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  27   Charlie Davis   Cleveland Cavaliers
  28   Nate Thurmond   Golden State Warriors
  29   Fred Carter   Philadelphia 76ers
  30   Connie Hawkins   Phoenix Suns
  31   Calvin Murphy   Houston Rockets
  32   Phil Jackson RC   New York Knicks
  33   Lee Winfield   Seattle SuperSonics
  34   Jim Fox   Seattle SuperSonics
  35   Dave Bing   Detroit Pistons
  36   Gary Gregor   Portland Trail Blazers
  37   Mike Riordan   Baltimore Bullets
  38   George Trapp   Atlanta Hawks
  39   Mike Davis   Buffalo Braves
  40   Bob Rule   Philadelphia 76ers
  41   John Block   Philadelphia 76ers
  42   Bob Dandridge   Milwaukee Bucks
  43   John Johnson   Cleveland Cavaliers
  44   Rick Barry   Golden State Warriors
  45   Jo Jo White   Boston Celtics
  46   Cliff Meely   Houston Rockets
  47   Charlie Scott   Phoenix Suns
  48   Johnny Green   KC-Omaha Kings
  49   Pete Cross   KC-Omaha Kings
  50   Gail Goodrich   Los Angeles Lakers
  51   Jim Davis   Detroit Pistons
  52   Dick Barnett   New York Knicks
  53   Bob Christian   Atlanta Hawks
  54   Jon McGlocklin   Milwaukee Bucks
  55   Paul Silas   Boston Celtics
  56   Hal Greer   Philadelphia 76ers
  57   Barry Clemens   Seattle SuperSonics
  58   Nick Jones   Golden State Warriors
  59   Cornell Warner   Buffalo Braves
  60   Walt Frazier   New York Knicks
  61   Dorie Murrey   Baltimore Bullets
  62   Dick Cunningham   Houston Rockets
  63   Sam Lacey   KC-Omaha Kings
  64   John Warren   Cleveland Cavaliers
  65   Tom Boerwinkle   Chicago Bulls
  66   Fred Foster   Detroit Pistons
  67   Mel Counts   Phoenix Suns
  68   Toby Kimball   Milwaukee Bucks
  69   Dale Schlueter   Portland Trail Blazers
  70   Jack Marin   Houston Rockets
  71   Jim Barnett   Golden State Warriors
  72   Clem Haskins   Phoenix Suns
  73   Earl Monroe   New York Knicks
  74   Tom Sanders   Boston Celtics
  75   Jerry West   Los Angeles Lakers
  76   Elmore Smith RC   Buffalo Braves
  77   Don Adams   Atlanta Hawks
  78   Wally Jones   Milwaukee Bucks
  79   Tom Van Arsdale   KC-Omaha Kings
  80   Bob Lanier   Detroit Pistons
  81   Lenny Wilkens   Seattle SuperSonics
  82   Neal Walk   Phoenix Suns
  83   Kevin Loughery   Philadelphia 76ers
  84   Stan McKenzie   Portland Trail Blazers
  85   Jeff Mullins   Golden State Warriors
  86   Otto Moore   Houston Rockets
  87   John Tresvant   Baltimore Bullets
  88   Dean Meminger RC   New York Knicks
  89   Jim McMillian   Los Angeles Lakers
  90   Austin Carr RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  91   Clifford Ray RC   Chicago Bulls
  92   Don Nelson   Boston Celtics
  93   Mahdi Abdul-Rahman   Buffalo Braves
  94   Willie Norwood   Detroit Pistons
  95   Dick Van Arsdale   Phoenix Suns
  96   Don May   Atlanta Hawks
  97   Walt Bellamy   Atlanta Hawks
  98   Garfield Heard RC   Seattle SuperSonics
  99   Dave Wohl   Philadelphia 76ers
  100   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar   Milwaukee Bucks


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