1992 Donruss The Rookies


  1   Kyle Abbott   Philadelphia Phillies
  2   Troy Afenir   Cincinnati Reds
  3   Rich Amaral RC   Seattle Mariners
  4   Ruben Amaro   Philadelphia Phillies
  5   Billy Ashley RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  6   Pedro Astacio RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  7   Jim Austin RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  8   Bob Ayrault RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  9   Kevin Baez RC   New York Mets
  10   Esteban Beltre RC   Chicago White Sox
  11   Brian Bohanon   Texas Rangers
  12   Kent Bottenfield RC   Montreal Expos
  13   Jeff Branson   Cincinnati Reds
  14   Brad Brink RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  15   John Briscoe   Oakland Athletics
  16   Doug Brocail XRC   San Diego Padres
  17   Rico Brogna   Detroit Tigers
  18   J.T. Bruett RC   Minnesota Twins
  19   Jacob Brumfield RC   Cincinnati Reds
  20   Jim Bullinger RC   Chicago Cubs
  21   Kevin Campbell RC   Oakland Athletics
  22   Pedro Castellano RC   Chicago Cubs
  23   Mike Christopher RC   Cleveland Indians
  24   Archi Cianfrocco RC   Montreal Expos
  25   Mark Clark RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  26   Craig Colbert RC   San Francisco Giants
  27   Victor Cole RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  28   Steve Cooke RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  29   Tim Costo   Cincinnati Reds
  30   Chad Curtis RC   California Angels
  31   Doug Davis RC   Texas Rangers
  32   Gary DiSarcina   California Angels
  33   John Doherty RC   Detroit Tigers
  34   Mike Draper XRC   New York Yankees
  35   Monty Fariss   Texas Rangers
  36   Bien Figueroa RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  37   John Flaherty RC   Boston Red Sox
  38   Tim Fortugno RC   California Angels
  39   Eric Fox XRC   Oakland Athletics
  40   Jeff Frye RC   Texas Rangers
  41   Ramon Garcia   Chicago White Sox
  42   Brent Gates RC   Oakland Athletics
  43   Tom Goodwin   Los Angeles Dodgers
  44   Buddy Groom XRC   Detroit Tigers
  45   Jeff Grotewold RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  46   Juan Guerrero RC   Houston Astros
  47   Johnny Guzman RC   Oakland Athletics
  48   Shawn Hare RC   Detroit Tigers
  49   Ryan Hawblitzel RC   Chicago Cubs
  50   Bert Heffernan RC   Seattle Mariners
  51   Butch Henry RC   Houston Astros
  52   Cesar Hernandez RC   Cincinnati Reds
  53   Vince Horsman RC   Oakland Athletics
  54   Steve Hosey   San Francisco Giants
  55   Pat Howell XRC   New York Mets
  56   Peter Hoy RC   Boston Red Sox
  57   Jonathan Hurst RC   Montreal Expos
  58   Mark Hutton RC   New York Yankees
  59   Shawn Jeter RC   Chicago White Sox
  60   Joel Johnston   Kansas City Royals
  61   Jeff Kent RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  62   Kurt Knudsen RC   Detroit Tigers
  63   Kevin Koslofski XRC   Kansas City Royals
  64   Danny Leon RC   Texas Rangers
  65   Jesse Levis RC   Cleveland Indians
  66   Tom Marsh RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  67   Ed Martel RC   New York Yankees
  68   Al Martin RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  69   Pedro Martinez UER
UER: Born 7/25, should be 10/25
  Los Angeles Dodgers
  70   Derrick May   Chicago Cubs
  71   Matt Maysey RC   Montreal Expos
  72   Russ McGinnis RC   Texas Rangers
  73   Tim McIntosh   Milwaukee Brewers
  74   Jim McNamara RC   San Francisco Giants
  75   Jeff McNeely   Boston Red Sox
  76   Rusty Meacham   Kansas City Royals
  77   Tony Menendez RC   Cincinnati Reds
  78   Henry Mercedes RC   Oakland Athletics
  79   Paul Miller   Pittsburgh Pirates
  80   Joe Millette RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  81   Blas Minor RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  82   Dennis Moeller RC   Kansas City Royals
  83   Raul Mondesi   Los Angeles Dodgers
  84   Rob Natal XRC   Montreal Expos
  85   Troy Neel RC   Oakland Athletics
  86   David Nied RC   Atlanta Braves
  87   Jerry Nielsen RC   New York Yankees
  88   Donovan Osborne   St. Louis Cardinals
  89   John Patterson RC   San Francisco Giants
  90   Roger Pavlik XRC   Texas Rangers
  91   Dan Peltier   Texas Rangers
  92   Jim Pena XRC   San Francisco Giants
  93   Will Pennyfeather   Pittsburgh Pirates
  94   Mike Perez   St. Louis Cardinals
  95   Hipolito Pichardo RC   Kansas City Royals
  96   Greg Pirkl RC   Seattle Mariners
  97   Harvey Pulliam   Kansas City Royals
  98   Manny Ramirez RC   Cleveland Indians
  99   Pat Rapp RC   San Francisco Giants
  100   Jeff Reboulet RC   Minnesota Twins


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