2018 Topps Chrome

Rookie Debut Medallion Red Refractor


  RDM-AB   Adrian Beltre MED, SN5   Los Angeles Dodgers
  RDM-AJ   Aaron Judge MED, SN5   New York Yankees
  RDM-AR   Amed Rosario MED, SN5   New York Mets
  RDM-AV   Alex Verdugo MED, SN5   Los Angeles Dodgers
  RDM-BH   Bryce Harper MED, SN5   Washington Nationals
  RDM-CB   Cody Bellinger MED, SN5   Los Angeles Dodgers
  RDM-CC   Carlos Correa MED, SN5   Houston Astros
  RDM-CF   Clint Frazier MED, SN5   New York Yankees
  RDM-CK   Corey Kluber MED, SN5   Cleveland Indians
  RDM-DS   Dominic Smith MED, SN5   New York Mets
  RDM-FL   Francisco Lindor MED, SN5   Cleveland Indians
  RDM-GS   Giancarlo Stanton MED, SN5   Florida Marlins
  RDM-I   Ichiro MED, SN5   Seattle Mariners
  RDM-JA   Jose Altuve MED, SN5   Houston Astros
  RDM-JC   J.P. Crawford MED, SN5   Philadelphia Phillies
  RDM-KB   Kris Bryant MED, SN5   Chicago Cubs
  RDM-MT   Mike Trout MED, SN5   Los Angeles Angels
  RDM-NA   Nolan Arenado MED, SN5   Colorado Rockies
  RDM-NS   Noah Syndergaard MED, SN5   New York Mets
  RDM-NW   Nick Williams MED, SN5   Philadelphia Phillies
  RDM-OA   Ozzie Albies MED, SN5   Atlanta Braves
  RDM-RC   Robinson Cano MED, SN5   New York Yankees
  RDM-RD   Rafael Devers MED, SN5   Boston Red Sox
  RDM-RH   Rhys Hoskins MED, SN5   Philadelphia Phillies
  RDM-VR   Victor Robles MED, SN5   Washington Nationals

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