1960 L.M. Becker Elephant Jokes


  1   How do you make an elephant float?  
  2   Why do elephants have flat feet?  
  3   Why di elephants walk sideways through the grass?  
  4   Why do elephants have tusks?  
  5   Why can't an elephant ride a tricycle?  
  6   Why do elephants have wrinkles on their ankles?  
  7   What did the elephant say to the bluebird?  
  8   How can you tell if there is an elephant in the bathtub with you?  
  9   How do elephants get into trees?  
  10   Why do elephants wear sneakers?  
  11   How do you make a statue of an elephant?  
  12   How do you get 6 elephants in a Volkswagen?  
  13   Why don't elephants play basketball?  
  14   How do you know if you have an elephant in the refrigerator?  
  15   Why are elephants gray?  
  16   What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming?  
  17   What did Jane say when she saw the elephants coming?  
  18   How is an elephant like a Volkswagen?  
  19   How do you stop a charging elephant?  
  20   What is the difference between an elephant and an orange?  
  21   Why doesn't an elephant drink whiskey?  
  22   Why doesn't an elephant have a glove compartment?  
  23   Why did the elephant wear pink tennis shoes?  
  24   Why don't elephants fly?  
  25   How do you know if you have an elephant in your oven?  
  26   How do you raise a baby elephant?  
  27   Why do elephants swim on their backs?  
  28   Why do elephants have wrinkles in their knees?  
  29   Why do elephants wear green socks?  
  30   How can you tell when there are three elephants in the bathtub with you?  
  31   Why did the elephant make friends with the owl and the goat?  
  32   Why are an elephant's toes split?  
  33   How do you get down from a elephant?  
  34   Why did the elephant change his socks?  
  35   What do elephants do with old Volkswagens?  
  36   What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?  
  37   Why do ducks have webbed feed? To stamp out forest fires. Why do elephants have flat feed?  
  38   Why didn't the elephant have any pajamas?  
  39   What did the 500 pound canary say to the elephant?  
  40   What did the worm say when he got under the elephant's foot?  
  41   Who started the elephant jokes?  
  42   Why don't elephants wear bow ties?  
  43   Why didn't the elephant go water skiing?  
  44   Why does an elephant eat peanuts?  
  45   Why do elephants have big ears?  
  46   What's the best way to catch an elephant?  
  47   Why do elephants have white tusks?  
  48   How do you tell an elephant from a dozen eggs?  
  49   Why do elephants have a trunk?  
  50   What did the elephant say to the cannibal?  

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