2016-17 Panini Flawless



  1   Dwyane Wade SN5   Miami Heat
  2   Kawhi Leonard SN5   San Antonio Spurs
  3   Kobe Bryant SN5   Los Angeles Lakers
  4   Stephen Curry SN5   Golden State Warriors
  5   Kyrie Irving SN5   Cleveland Cavaliers
  6   Ben Wallace SN5   Detroit Pistons
  7   Scottie Pippen SN5   Chicago Bulls
  8   David Robinson SN5   San Antonio Spurs
  9   Shaquille O'Neal SN5   Los Angeles Lakers
  10   Ray Allen SN5   Miami Heat
  11   Dennis Rodman SN5   Chicago Bulls
  12   Hakeem Olajuwon SN5   Houston Rockets
  13   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar SN5   Los Angeles Lakers
  14   Dennis Johnson SN5   Seattle Supersonics
  15   Julius Erving SN5   Philadelphia 76ers
  16   Larry Bird SN5   Boston Celtics
  17   Manu Ginobili SN5   San Antonio Spurs
  18   Chauncey Billups SN5   Detroit Pistons
  19   Alonzo Mourning SN5   Miami Heat
  20   Dirk Nowitzki SN5   Dallas Mavericks

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