2017 Topps Allen & Ginter

World’s Fair


  WF-1   Life Savers Parachute Jump - New York World's Fair  
  WF-2   X-Ray Machine - Pan-American Exposition  
  WF-3   The Atomium - Expo '58  
  WF-4   The Great Wharf - World's Columbian Exposition  
  WF-5   Westinghouse Tower - New York World's Fair  
  WF-6   Eiffel Tower - Exposition Universelle  
  WF-7   Diesel Engine - Exposition Universelle  
  WF-8   Facsimile Machine - The Great Exhibition  
  WF-9   Sunsphere - 1982 World's Fair  
  WF-10   Conical Pendulum Clock - Exposition Universelle  
  WF-11   Space Needle - Century 21 Exposition  
  WF-12   Unisphere - 1964/1965 World's Fair  
  WF-13   Solar Generator - Exposition Universelle  
  WF-14   Monorail - Centennial Exposition  
  WF-15   Ferris Wheel - World's Columbian Exposition  
  WF-16   Biosphere - Expo 67  
  WF-17   Statue of Liberty - Exposition Universelle  
  WF-18   Statue of the Republic - World's Columbian Exposition  
  WF-19   Habitat 67 - Expo 67  
  WF-20   Telephone - Centennial Exposition  

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