1998 Pro Baseball Stickers


  1   Nam-Ho Yoo   Haitai Tigers
  2   Young-Hwa Cha   Haitai Tigers
  3   Sung-Han Kim   Haitai Tigers
  4   Jung-Soo Kim   Haitai Tigers
  5   Jang-Chul Lee   Haitai Tigers
  6   Dae-Jin Lee   Haitai Tigers
  7   Tae-Won Jang   Haitai Tigers
  8   Jae-Man Lee   Haitai Tigers
  9   Sang-Duk Choi   Haitai Tigers
  10   Chang-Yong Lim   Haitai Tigers
  11   Sang-Jin Kim   Haitai Tigers
  12   Byung-Suk Lee   Haitai Tigers
  13   Chul-Min Oh   Haitai Tigers
  14   Jin-Chul Park   Haitai Tigers
  15   Hae-Sik Choi   Haitai Tigers
  16   Oh-Sung Kwon   Haitai Tigers
  17   Ji-Young Kim   Haitai Tigers
  18   In-Ho Baek   Haitai Tigers
  19   Koo-Hong Song   Haitai Tigers
  20   Tae-Ryong Kim   Haitai Tigers
  21a   Ho-Sung Lee   Haitai Tigers
  21b   Hoon-Jae Choi   Haitai Tigers
  22   Jong-Kook Kim   Haitai Tigers
  23   Kyung-Bok Lee   Haitai Tigers
  24   Sang Joon   Haitai Tigers
  25   Ho-Joon Lee   Haitai Tigers
  26   Sung-Ho Jang   Haitai Tigers
  27   Hoon-Jae Choi   Haitai Tigers
  28   Ho-Sung Lee   Haitai Tigers
  29   Jae-Bul Park   Haitai Tigers
  30   Soo-Hwan Bang   Haitai Tigers
  31   Jae-Yong Park   Haitai Tigers
  32   Hyun Cho   Haitai Tigers
  33   Chang-Hee Kim   Haitai Tigers
  34a   Jung-Soo Kim   Haitai Tigers
  34b   Kang-Chul Lee   Haitai Tigers
  35   So-Kyung So   Haitai Tigers
  36   Nam-Ki Cho   Haitai Tigers
  37   Hyun-Hee Kwak   Haitai Tigers
  38   Sang-Yoon Lee   Haitai Tigers
  39   Young-Duk Kim   LG Twins
  40   Im-Sik Kim   LG Twins
  41   Alvares   LG Twins
  42   Yong-Soo Kim   LG Twins
  43   Dong-Soo Kim   LG Twins
  44   Sun-Dong Lim   LG Twins
  45   Ji-Hyun Yoo   LG Twins
  46   Yong-Bin Seo   LG Twins
  47   Myung-Suk Cha   LG Twins
  48   Jae-Hak Sim   LG Twins
  49   Byung-Kyu Lee   LG Twins
  50   Jae-Hyun Kim   LG Twins
  51   Hyang-Nam Choi   LG Twins
  52   Kook-Hwan Sin   LG Twins
  53   Hyuk Son   LG Twins
  54   Seung-Nam Jun   LG Twins
  55   Bong-Chul Dong   LG Twins
  56   Jong-Ho Park   LG Twins
  57   Tae-Won Kim   LG Twins
  58   Ki-Beom Kim   LG Twins
  59   Moon-Hee Heo   LG Twins
  60   Joon-Tae Park   LG Twins
  61   Sun-Jin Kim   LG Twins
  62a   Jae-Hyun Kim   LG Twins
  62b   Jae-Hak Sim   LG Twins
  63   Yoo-Suk Song   LG Twins
  64   Won-Ki Min   LG Twins
  65   Jong-Hee Jun   LG Twins
  66   Min-Ki Kim   LG Twins
  67   Chul-Hong Park   LG Twins
  68   Woo-Soo Lee   LG Twins
  69   Jong-Yeol Lee   LG Twins
  70   Hyun-Bae In   LG Twins
  71   Seung-Min Choi   LG Twins
  72   Young-Kyun Sin   LG Twins
  73   Moon-Suk Jang   LG Twins
  74   Mike Anderson   LG Twins
  75a   Ji-Hyun Yoo   LG Twins
  75b   Myung-Suk Cha   LG Twins
  76   Jong-Do Lee   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  77   Joong-Soon Lee   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  78   Hyung-Chul Kye   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  79   Ki-Duk Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  80   Won-Hyung Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  81   Hyun-Wook Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  82   Sung-Ki Park   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  83   Joo-Oem Park   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  84   Jung-Hwan Choi   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  85   Jin-Suk Park   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  86   Bong-Wok Oh   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  87   Chang-Sik Lim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  88   Young-Jae Sung   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  89   Kyu-Jae Cho   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  90   Min-Kook Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  91   Sung-Hyuk Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  92a   Won-Hyung Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  92b   Sung-Bo Shim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  93   Ki-Tae Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  94   Ho Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  95   Sung-Rae Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders


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