1995 Correos Nicaragua KBO Baseball Stamps


  NNO   Dong-Yeol Sun   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Jong-Beom Lee   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Jung-Soo Kim   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Sung-Han Kim   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Logo   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Kang-Chul Lee   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Gae-Hyun Cho   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Sang-Hoon Kim   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Soon-Chul Lee   Haitai Tigers
  NNO   Jong-Hoon Jang   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Yong-Duk Han   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Kang-Don Lee   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Ji-Sang Park   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Logo   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Min-Chul Jeong   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Jin-Woo Song   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Jung-Gil Kang   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Dae-Sung Koo   Hanwha Eagles
  NNO   Dae-Hwan Han   LG Twins
  NNO   Yong-Su Kim   LG Twins
  NNO   Ji-Hyun Yoo   LG Twins
  NNO   Yong-Bin Seo   LG Twins
  NNO   Logo   LG Twins
  NNO   Jong-Ho Park   LG Twins
  NNO   Sang-Hoon Lee   LG Twins
  NNO   Dong-Soo Kim   LG Twins
  NNO   Jae-Hyun Kim   LG Twins
  NNO   Hak-Gil Yoon   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Dong-Hee Park   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Hyung-Kwang Joo   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Eung-Kook Kim   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Logo   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Jung-Tae Park   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Pil-Sung Kong   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Jong-Suk Yeom   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Min-Ho Kim   Lotte Giants
  NNO   Myung-Soo Lee   OB Bears
  NNO   Chul-Soon Park   OB Bears
  NNO   Hyung-Suk Lim   OB Bears
  NNO   Kyung-Won Kim   OB Bears
  NNO   Logo   OB Bears
  NNO   Jong-Suk Kim   OB Bears
  NNO   Tae-Hyung Kim   OB Bears
  NNO   Hyung-Suk Kim   OB Bears
  NNO   Sang-Jin Kim   OB Bears
  NNO   Kyung-Won Jung   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Kyung-Ki Kim   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Hong-Jib Kim   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Min-Tae Chung   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Logo   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Byung-Won An   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Duk-Gyu Yoon   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Sang-Duk Choi   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Dong-Ki Kim   Pacific Dolphins
  NNO   Jung-Il Ryu   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Sang-Yeop Kim   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Sung-Rae Kim   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Bong-Chul Dong   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Logo   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Ki-Wung Kang   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Chung-Sik Park   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Joon-Hyuk Yang   Samsung Lions
  NNO   Tae-Han Kim   Samsung Lions
  NNO   No-Joon Park   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Kyu-Jae Cho   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Ki-Tae Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Won-Hyung Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Logo   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   In-Ho Baek   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Sung-Ki Park   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Kwang-Lim Kim   Ssangbangwool Raiders
  NNO   Jin-Suk Park   Ssangbangwool Raiders

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