2017 Topps

5 Tool


  5T-1   Mike Trout   Los Angeles Angels
  5T-2   Bryce Harper   Washington Nationals
  5T-3   Anthony Rizzo   Chicago Cubs
  5T-4   Manny Machado   Baltimore Orioles
  5T-5   Josh Donaldson   Toronto Blue Jays
  5T-6   Mookie Betts   Boston Red Sox
  5T-7   Evan Longoria   Tampa Bay Rays
  5T-8   Francisco Lindor   Cleveland Indians
  5T-9   Eric Hosmer   Kansas City Royals
  5T-10   Carlos Correa   Houston Astros
  5T-11   Giancarlo Stanton   Miami Marlins
  5T-12   Kris Bryant   Chicago Cubs
  5T-13   Andrew McCutchen   Pittsburgh Pirates
  5T-14   Ryan Braun   Milwaukee Brewers
  5T-15   Buster Posey   San Francisco Giants
  5T-16   Wil Myers   San Diego Padres
  5T-17   Nolan Arenado   Colorado Rockies
  5T-18   Joey Votto   Cincinnati Reds
  5T-19   Paul Goldschmidt   Arizona Diamondbacks
  5T-20   Corey Seager   Los Angeles Dodgers
  5T-21   Robinson Cano   Seattle Mariners
  5T-22   Jose Altuve   Houston Astros
  5T-23   Yoenis Cespedes   New York Mets
  5T-24   Addison Russell   Chicago Cubs
  5T-25   Carlos Gonzalez   Colorado Rockies
  5T-26   Xander Bogaerts   Boston Red Sox
  5T-27   Ian Kinsler   Detroit Tigers
  5T-28   Dustin Pedroia   Boston Red Sox
  5T-29   Trevor Story   Colorado Rockies
  5T-30   George Springer   Houston Astros
  5T-31   Miguel Cabrera   Detroit Tigers
  5T-32   Matt Kemp   Atlanta Braves
  5T-33   Ichiro   Miami Marlins
  5T-34   Hanley Ramirez   Boston Red Sox
  5T-35   Noah Syndergaard   New York Mets
  5T-36   Madison Bumgarner   San Francisco Giants
  5T-37   Jake Arrieta   Chicago Cubs
  5T-38   Jason Kipnis   Cleveland Indians
  5T-39   Adam Jones   Baltimore Orioles
  5T-40   Kyle Seager   Seattle Mariners
  5T-41   Brian Dozier   Minnesota Twins
  5T-42   Freddie Freeman   Atlanta Braves
  5T-43   Yoan Moncada   Boston Red Sox
  5T-44   Hunter Pence   San Francisco Giants
  5T-45   Edwin Encarnacion   Toronto Blue Jays
  5T-46   Aaron Judge   New York Yankees
  5T-47   Alex Bregman   Houston Astros
  5T-48   Dansby Swanson   Atlanta Braves
  5T-49   Andrew Benintendi   Boston Red Sox
  5T-50   David Dahl   Colorado Rockies

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