1909-11 Colgan's Chips Stars of the Diamond (E254)


  NNO   Ed Abbaticchio   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Fred Abbott   Toledo Mud Hens
  NNO   Bill Abstein   Jersey City Skeeters
  NNO   Bill Abstein   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Babe Adams   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Doc Adkins   Baltimore Orioles
  NNO   Dave Altizer   Minneapolis Millers
  NNO   Dave Altizer   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Nick Altrock   Minneapolis Millers
  NNO   Red Ames   New York Giants
  NNO   Jimmy Austin   New York Yankees
  NNO   Jimmy Austin   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Charlie Babb   Memphis Turtles
  NNO   Charlie Babb   Norfolk Tars
  NNO   Rudolph Baerwald   Memphis Turtles
  NNO   Bill Bailey   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Home Run Baker   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Jack Barry   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Bill Bartley VAR   Atlanta Crackers
  NNO   Bill Bartley VAR   Atlanta Crackers
  NNO   Johnny Bates   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Johnny Bates   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Dick Bayless   Atlanta Crackers
  NNO   Ginger Beaumont   St. Paul Saints
  NNO   Ginger Beaumont   Boston Braves
  NNO   Ginger Beaumont   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Beals Becker   Boston Braves
  NNO   George Bell   Brooklyn Dodgers
  NNO   Harry Bemis   Columbus Senators
  NNO   Harry Bemis   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Heinie Berger   Columbus Senators
  NNO   Heinie Berger   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Al Buemiller UER   Louisville Colonels
  NNO   Joe Birmingham   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Kitty Bransfield   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Roger Bresnahan   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Al Bridwell   New York Giants
  NNO   Lew Brockett   New York Yankees
  NNO   Al Burch   Brooklyn Dodgers
  NNO   Jimmy Burke   Indianapolis Indians
  NNO   Jimmy Burke   Fort Wayne Billikens
  NNO   Donie Bush   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Bill Byers   Baltimore Orioles
  NNO   Howie Camnitz   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Charlie Carr   Indianapolis Indians
  NNO   Charlie Carr   Utica Utes
  NNO   Frank Chance   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Hal Chase   New York Yankees
  NNO   Bill Clancy   Baltimore Orioles
  NNO   Fred Clarke VAR   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Fred Clarke VAR   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Tommy Clarke   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Bill Clymer   Minneapolis Millers
  NNO   Ty Cobb   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Eddie Collins   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Bunk Congalton   Columbus Senators
  NNO   Wid Conroy   Washington Senators
  NNO   Ernie Courtney   Providence Grays
  NNO   Harry Coveleski   Chattanooga Lookouts
  NNO   Harry Coveleski   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Karl Crandall   Memphis Turtles
  NNO   Gavvy Cravath   Minneapolis Millers
  NNO   Dode Criss   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Jake Daubert   Memphis Turtles
  NNO   Jake Daubert   Brooklyn Dodgers
  NNO   Harry Davis   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Lefty Davis   St. Paul Saints
  NNO   Frank Delehanty   Toronto Maple Leafs
  NNO   Ray Demmitt   Montreal Royals
  NNO   Ray Demmitt   New York Yankees
  NNO   Art Devlin   New York Giants
  NNO   Wild Bill Donovan   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Mickey Doolan   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Patsy Dougherty   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Tom Downey   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Larry Doyle   New York Giants
  NNO   Jack Dunn   Baltimore Orioles
  NNO   Dick Egan   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Kid Elberfeld   New York Yankees
  NNO   Kid Elberfeld   Washington Senators
  NNO   Rube Ellis   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Clyde Engle   Boston Red Sox
  NNO   Clyde Engle   New York Yankees
  NNO   Steve Evans   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Johnny Evers   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Cecil Ferguson   Boston Braves
  NNO   Hobe Ferris   Minneapolis Millers
  NNO   Field   Montreal Royals
  NNO   Matty Fitzgerald   Providence Grays
  NNO   Patsy Flaherty   Kansas City Blues
  NNO   Patsy Flaherty   Atlanta Crackers
  NNO   John Flater   Newark Indians
  NNO   Elmer Flick   Toledo Mud Hens
  NNO   Elmer Flick   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Jimmy Frick UER   Baltimore Orioles
  NNO   Jimmy Frick UER   Toronto Maple Leafs
  NNO   Jerry Freeman   Toledo Mud Hens
  NNO   Art Fromme   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Larry Gardner   Boston Red Sox
  NNO   Larry Gardner   New York Yankees


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