2016 Donruss Elite

Etched in Time


  ET-AR   Andre Reed   Buffalo Bills
  ET-BF   Brett Favre   Green Bay Packers
  ET-BJ   Bo Jackson   Los Angeles Raiders
  ET-BL   Bob Lilly   Dallas Cowboys
  ET-BR   Bruce Smith   Buffalo Bills
  ET-BS   Barry Sanders   Detroit Lions
  ET-CM   Curtis Martin   New England Patriots
  ET-DM   Dan Marino   Miami Dolphins
  ET-DO   Tony Dorsett   Dallas Cowboys
  ET-FH   Franco Harris   Pittsburgh Steelers
  ET-FR   Fran Tarkenton   Minnesota Vikings
  ET-FT   Fred Taylor   Jacksonville Jaguars
  ET-GS   Gale Sayers   Chicago Bears
  ET-JB   Jerome Bettis   Pittsburgh Steelers
  ET-JK   Jim Kelly   Buffalo Bills
  ET-JM   Joe Montana   San Francisco 49ers
  ET-JN   Joe Namath   New York Jets
  ET-JO   John Riggins   New York Jets
  ET-JR   Jerry Rice   San Francisco 49ers
  ET-JT   Joe Theismann   Washington Redskins
  ET-KW   Kurt Warner   St. Louis Rams
  ET-LC   Larry Csonka   Miami Dolphins
  ET-LT   LaDainian Tomlinson   San Diego Chargers
  ET-LT   Lawrence Taylor   New York Giants
  ET-MA   Marcus Allen   Los Angeles Raiders
  ET-MF   Marshall Faulk   Indianapolis Colts
  ET-MI   Michael Irvin   Dallas Cowboys
  ET-MS   Michael Strahan   New York Giants
  ET-RA   Randy White   Dallas Cowboys
  ET-RB   Raymond Berry   Baltimore Colts
  ET-RI   Ricky Williams   New Orleans Saints
  ET-RL   Ronnie Lott   Los Angeles Raiders
  ET-RO   Rod Woodson   San Francisco 49ers
  ET-RS   Roger Staubach   Dallas Cowboys
  ET-SY   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  ET-TA   Troy Aikman   Dallas Cowboys
  ET-TD   Terrell Davis   Denver Broncos
  ET-TE   Terry Bradshaw   Pittsburgh Steelers
  ET-TI   Tim Brown   Oakland Raiders
  ET-TT   Thurman Thomas   Buffalo Bills

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