1988 Fleer


  1   Keith Atherton   Minnesota Twins
  2   Don Baylor   Minnesota Twins
  3   Juan Berenguer   Minnesota Twins
  4   Bert Blyleven   Minnesota Twins
  5   Tom Brunansky   Minnesota Twins
  6   Randy Bush   Minnesota Twins
  7   Steve Carlton   Minnesota Twins
  8   Mark Davidson RC   Minnesota Twins
  9   George Frazier   Minnesota Twins
  10   Gary Gaetti   Minnesota Twins
  11   Greg Gagne   Minnesota Twins
  12   Dan Gladden   Minnesota Twins
  13   Kent Hrbek   Minnesota Twins
  14   Gene Larkin RC   Minnesota Twins
  15   Tim Laudner   Minnesota Twins
  16   Steve Lombardozzi   Minnesota Twins
  17   Al Newman UER
UER: Home Location Listed As Ontario, CAN (Canada), It Should Be Ontario, CA (California)
  Minnesota Twins
  18   Joe Niekro   Minnesota Twins
  19   Kirby Puckett   Minnesota Twins
  20   Jeff Reardon   Minnesota Twins
  21a   Dan Schatzader ERR
ERR: Last name should be "Schatzeder" on front and back
  Minnesota Twins
  21b   Dan Schatzeder COR, VAR
COR: Name corrected "Schatzeder"; VAR: Black line under "Schat" on front
  Minnesota Twins
  21c   Dan Schatzeder COR, VAR
COR: Name corrected "Schatzeder"; VAR: No black line under "Schat" on front
  Minnesota Twins
  22   Roy Smalley   Minnesota Twins
  23   Mike Smithson   Minnesota Twins
  24   Les Straker RC   Minnesota Twins
  25   Frank Viola   Minnesota Twins
  26   Jack Clark   St. Louis Cardinals
  27   Vince Coleman   St. Louis Cardinals
  28   Danny Cox   St. Louis Cardinals
  29   Bill Dawley   St. Louis Cardinals
  30   Ken Dayley   St. Louis Cardinals
  31   Doug DeCinces   St. Louis Cardinals
  32   Curt Ford   St. Louis Cardinals
  33   Bob Forsch   St. Louis Cardinals
  34   David Green   St. Louis Cardinals
  35   Tom Herr   St. Louis Cardinals
  36   Ricky Horton   St. Louis Cardinals
  37   Lance Johnson RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  38   Steve Lake   St. Louis Cardinals
  39   Jim Lindeman   St. Louis Cardinals
  40   Joe Magrane RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  41   Greg Mathews   St. Louis Cardinals
  42   Willie McGee   St. Louis Cardinals
  43   John Morris   St. Louis Cardinals
  44   Jose Oquendo   St. Louis Cardinals
  45   Tony Pena   St. Louis Cardinals
  46   Terry Pendleton   St. Louis Cardinals
  47   Ozzie Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  48   John Tudor   St. Louis Cardinals
  49   Lee Tunnell   St. Louis Cardinals
  50   Todd Worrell   St. Louis Cardinals
  51   Doyle Alexander   Detroit Tigers
  52   Dave Bergman   Detroit Tigers
  53   Tom Brookens   Detroit Tigers
  54   Darrell Evans   Detroit Tigers
  55   Kirk Gibson   Detroit Tigers
  56   Mike Heath   Detroit Tigers
  57   Mike Henneman RC   Detroit Tigers
  58   Willie Hernandez   Detroit Tigers
  59   Larry Herndon   Detroit Tigers
  60   Eric King   Detroit Tigers
  61   Chet Lemon   Detroit Tigers
  62   Scott Lusader RC   Detroit Tigers
  63   Bill Madlock   Detroit Tigers
  64   Jack Morris   Detroit Tigers
  65   Jim Morrison   Detroit Tigers
  66   Matt Nokes RC   Detroit Tigers
  67   Dan Petry   Detroit Tigers
  68a   Jeff Robinson ERR, RC
ERR: Bio and stats above 1987 Tigers belong to Pirates pitcher Jeff D. Robinson (born 1960)
  Detroit Tigers
  68b   Jeff Robinson COR, RC
COR: Corrected bio and stats (born 1961, played for Lakeland, etc.)
  Detroit Tigers
  69   Pat Sheridan   Detroit Tigers
  70   Nate Snell   Detroit Tigers
  71   Frank Tanana   Detroit Tigers
  72   Walt Terrell   Detroit Tigers
  73   Mark Thurmond   Detroit Tigers
  74   Alan Trammell   Detroit Tigers
  75   Lou Whitaker   Detroit Tigers
  76   Mike Aldrete   San Francisco Giants
  77   Bob Brenly   San Francisco Giants
  78   Will Clark   San Francisco Giants
  79   Chili Davis   San Francisco Giants
  80   Kelly Downs   San Francisco Giants
  81   Dave Dravecky   San Francisco Giants
  82   Scott Garrelts   San Francisco Giants
  83   Atlee Hammaker   San Francisco Giants
  84   Dave Henderson   San Francisco Giants
  85   Mike Krukow   San Francisco Giants
  86   Mike LaCoss   San Francisco Giants
  87   Craig Lefferts   San Francisco Giants
  88   Jeff Leonard   San Francisco Giants
  89   Candy Maldonado   San Francisco Giants
  90   Eddie Milner   San Francisco Giants
  91   Bob Melvin   San Francisco Giants
  92   Kevin Mitchell   San Francisco Giants
  93   Jon Perlman RC   San Francisco Giants
  94   Rick Reuschel   San Francisco Giants
  95   Don Robinson   San Francisco Giants
  96   Chris Speier   San Francisco Giants
  97   Harry Spilman   San Francisco Giants


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