2015 Topps Star Wars Journey to the Force Awakens (UK version)


  1   Star Destroyer Captures Tantive IV  
  2   Darth Vader Searches the Ship  
  3   Leia Stores message in Artoo  
  4   Darth Vader confronts the Princess  
  5   Threepio & Artoo go their separate ways  
  6   Jawas capture the Driods  
  7   Owen Lars buys the Droids  
  8   Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi?  
  9   R2-D2 has gone  
  10   Luke and C-3PO search for Artoo  
  11   Sand People attack Luke  
  12   Princess Leia's Plea for help  
  13   Luke joins Obi-Wan's mission  
  14   Han Solo will be the pilot  
  15   Greedo confronts Han  
  16   First sight of the Millenium Falcon  
  17   Millennium Falcon departs Mos Eisley  
  18   The Interrogation of Leia  
  19   Han and Obi-Wan watch Luke train  
  20   "That’s no Moon…"  
  21   No escape from the Death Star  
  22   Stormtroopers Surround the Millennium Falcon  
  23   Hiding from the Empire  
  24   "The Force will be with you, always"  
  25   Wookie Prisoner  
  26   Rescuing the Princess  
  27   No way out  
  28   Deactivating the Tractor Beam  
  29   Back to the ship  
  30   A wrong turn  
  31   Luke blasts the door controls  
  32   Luke & Leia swing across the chasm  
  33   Darth Vader Vs. Obi-Wan  
  34   Under fire from Stormtroopers  
  35   luke prepares for a TIE fighter attack  
  36   Arrival on Yavin 4  
  37   The Death Star approaches Yavin 4  
  38   Han departs with his reward  
  39   Luke boards his X-Wing  
  40   Assault on the Death Star  
  41   "Look at the size of the thing"  
  42   X-Wing and TIE fighter dog fight  
  43   Leia Nervously listens to trench runs  
  44   "Use the Force, Luke"  
  45   Darth Vader within range  
  46   Rebels flee after Luke's direct hit  
  47   Medal ceremony for heroes  
  48   The Empire search for the rebels  
  49   An Imperial probe droid lands on Hoth  
  50   Luke patrols on a Tauntaun  
  51   A ferocious wampa  
  52   Luke is held hostage in the wampa's lair  
  53   Han searches for Luke  
  54   Luke recovers in bacta tank  
  55   Han destroys Imperial probe droid  
  56   Vader orders attack of Hoth  
  57   The Rebels prepare for battle  
  58   AT-AT Walkers begin Imperial assault  
  59   Luke leads the Rogue Squadron  
  60   AT-AT Walkers take control  
  61   Luke is struck down  
  62   Rebel base under attack  
  63   Han goes back for Leia  
  64   Snowtroopers take aim at the Millenium Falcon  
  65   "Shut him up or shut him down"  
  66   Rebels enter an asteroid field  
  67   Luke crash lands on Dagobah  
  68   Where is Yoda?  
  69   Yoda agrees to train Luke  
  70   Vader assembles a team of bounty hunters  
  71   "He will join us or die, Master"  
  72   Han and Leia become closer  
  73   "There's something out there"  
  74   Luke learns the ways of a Jedi  
  75   Luke is warned of the dark side  
  76   Yoda uses the Force  
  77   The rebels head to Cloud City  
  78   "You've got a lot of guts coming here"  
  79   Lando offers to repair the Millenium Falcon  
  80   What happened to C-3PO?  
  81   Double-crossed by Lando?  
  82   Han to be given to Boba Fett  
  83   "We will test it on Captain Solo"  
  84   Han learns his fate  
  85   "I love you"  
  86   Han is frozen in carbonite  
  87   Luke and R2-D2 arive  
  88   "It's a trap"  
  89   "The Force is with you, young Skywalker"  
  90   Lightsaber duel  
  91   Lando's surprise  
  92   Last chance to save Han  
  93   Luke and Vader duel  
  94   "I'm your father"  
  95   Luke calls for Princess Leia  
  96   The search for Han begins  
  97   Constructing a new Death Star  
  98   R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tatooine  
  99   Arrival at Jabba's palace  
  100   Jabba listens to Luke's message  


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