1966 James T. Elder Postcards


  1   George Alusik   Kansas City Athletics
  2   Rogelio Alvarez   Cincinnati Reds
  3   Harry Anderson   Cincinnati Reds
  4   Peter Appleton   Minnesota Twins
  5   James Archer   Kansas City Athletics
  6   Daniel Ardell   Los Angeles Angels
  7   Ed Bailey   Cincinnati Reds
  8   Ed Bailey   San Francisco Giants
  9   Floyd Baker   Minnesota Twins
  10   Norm Bass   Kansas City Athletics
  11   John Bella   New York Yankees
  12   Reno Bertoia   Kansas City Athletics
  13   Reno Bertoia   Detroit Tigers
  14   Steve Bilko   Los Angeles Angels
  15   Clyde Bloomfield   Minnesota Twins
  16   Edward Bowsfield   Los Angeles Angels
  17   William Bradford   Kansas City Athletics
  18   Fritz Brickell   Los Angeles Angels
  19   James Bronstad   New York Yankees
  20   Richard Brown   Detroit Tigers
  21   Ed Burtschy   Kansas City Athletics
  22   Andy Carey   New York Yankees
  23   Tom Carroll   New York Yankees
  24   Harry Chiti   Kansas City Athletics
  25   Gino Cimoli   Kansas City Athletics
  26   Frank Cipriani   Kansas City Athletics
  27   Gene Conley   Boston Red Sox
  28   Cliff Cook   Cincinnati Reds
  29   Glenn Cox   Kansas City Athletics
  30   Walt Craddock   Kansas City Athletics
  31   Babe Dahlgren   Kansas City Athletics
  32   Joe DeMaestri   Kansas City Athletics
  33   Steve Demeter   Detroit Tigers
  34   Art Ditmar   Kansas City Athletics
  35   Jim Donohue   Los Angeles Angels
  36   Dick Drott   Chicago Cubs
  37   Ryne Duren   Los Angeles Angels
  38   Bob Elliott   Los Angeles Angels
  39   Don Elston   Chicago Cubs
  40   Sammy Esposito   Kansas City Athletics
  41   Chico Fernandez   Detroit Tigers
  42   Don Ferrarese   St. Louis Cardinals
  43   Jim Finigan   Kansas City Athletics
  44   Bill Fischer   Kansas City Athletics
  45   Freddie Fitzsimmons   New York Yankees
  46   Hank Foiles   Cincinnati Reds
  47   Carl Furillo   Brooklyn Dodgers
  48   Ned Garver   Los Angeles Angels
  49   Dick Gernert   Cincinnati Reds
  50   Joe Gordon   Detroit Tigers
  51   Joe Gordon   Kansas City Athletics
  52   Kent Hadley   New York Yankees
  53   Ken Hamlin   Los Angeles Angels
  54   Chuck Harmon   Cincinnati Reds
  55   Russ Heman   Los Angeles Angels
  56   Billy Herman   Brooklyn Dodgers
  57   Gil Hodges   Brooklyn Dodgers
  58   Jay Hook   Cincinnati Reds
  59   Charlie James   St. Louis Cardinals
  60   Johnny James   Los Angeles Angels
  61   Sam Jones   San Francisco Giants
  62   Sam Jones   St. Louis Cardinals
  63   Sherman Jones   San Francisco Giants
  64   Willie Jones   Cincinnati Reds
  65   Willie Jones   Philadelphia Phillies
  66   Ed Keegan   Kansas City Athletics
  67   Alex Kellner   Kansas City Athletics
  68   Bill Kirk   Kansas City Athletics
  69   Ted Kluszewski   Los Angeles Angels
  70   Clyde Kluttz   Kansas City Athletics
  71   Jim Konstanty   New York Yankees
  72   Red Kress   Los Angeles Angels
  73   Johnny Kucks   New York Yankees
  74   Bill Kunkel   Kansas City Athletics
  75   Al Lary   Chicago Cubs
  76   Gene Leek   Los Angeles Angels
  77   Dick LeMay   San Francisco Giants
  78   Dario Lodigiani   Kansas City Athletics
  79   Dale Long   New York Yankees
  80   Carl Mathias   Cleveland Indians
  81   Charlie Maxwell   Detroit Tigers
  82   Clyde McCullough   Minnesota Twins
  83   Danny McDevitt   New York Yankees
  84   Gil McDougald   New York Yankees
  85   Bob G. Miller   Cincinnati Reds
  86   Bob G. Miller   Detroit Tigers
  87   Johnny Mize   Kansas City Athletics
  88   Zack Monroe   New York Yankees
  89   Tom Morgan   Detroit Tigers
  90   Tom Morgan   New York Yankees
  91   Bobby Morgan   Chicago Cubs
  92   Bubba Morton   Detroit Tigers
  93   Don Mossi   Kansas City Athletics
  94   Cal Neeman   Philadelphia Phillies
  95   Johnny Neun   New York Yankees
  96   Gus Niarhos   Kansas City Athletics
  97   Bob Nieman   San Francisco Giants
  98   Irv Noren   New York Yankees
  99   John Oldham   Cincinnati Reds
  100   Al Pilarcik   Kansas City Athletics


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