1994 Topps - Gold

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Inserted one per wax/mini pack, two per mini Jumbo pack, three per Rack pack, four per Jumbo pack, five per Jumbo Rack pack and ten per factory set. The checklist cards from the base set (#395-396 and... more

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1994 Topps



  1   Mike Piazza ASR   Los Angeles Dodgers
  2   Bernie Williams   New York Yankees
  3   Kevin Rogers   San Francisco Giants
  4   Paul Carey FS   Baltimore Orioles
  5   Ozzie Guillen   Chicago White Sox
  6   Derrick May   Chicago Cubs
  7   Jose Mesa   Cleveland Indians
  8   Todd Hundley   New York Mets
  9   Chris Haney   Kansas City Royals
  10   John Olerud   Toronto Blue Jays
  11   Andujar Cedeno   Houston Astros
  12   John Smiley   Cincinnati Reds
  13   Phil Plantier   San Diego Padres
  14   Willie Banks   Minnesota Twins
  15   Jay Bell   Pittsburgh Pirates
  16   Doug Henry   Milwaukee Brewers
  17   Lance Blankenship   Oakland Athletics
  18   Greg Harris   Colorado Rockies
  19   Scott Livingstone   Detroit Tigers
  20   Bryan Harvey   Florida Marlins
  21   Wil Cordero ASR   Montreal Expos
  22   Roger Pavlik   Texas Rangers
  23   Mark Lemke   Atlanta Braves
  24   Jeff Nelson   Seattle Mariners
  25   Todd Zeile   St. Louis Cardinals
  26   Billy Hatcher   Boston Red Sox
  27   Joe Magrane   California Angels
  28   Tony Longmire FS   Philadelphia Phillies
  29   Omar Daal   Los Angeles Dodgers
  30   Kirt Manwaring   San Francisco Giants
  31   Melido Perez   New York Yankees
  32   Tim Hulett   Baltimore Orioles
  33   Jeff Schwarz   Chicago White Sox
  34   Nolan Ryan TRIB   Texas Rangers
  35   Jose Guzman   Chicago Cubs
  36   Felix Fermin   Cleveland Indians
  37   Jeff Innis   New York Mets
  38   Brent Mayne   Kansas City Royals
  39   Huck Flener   Toronto Blue Jays
  40   Jeff Bagwell   Houston Astros
  41   Kevin Wickander   Cincinnati Reds
  42   Ricky Gutierrez   San Diego Padres
  43   Pat Mahomes   Minnesota Twins
  44   Jeff King   Pittsburgh Pirates
  45   Cal Eldred   Milwaukee Brewers
  46   Craig Paquette   Oakland Athletics
  47   Richie Lewis   Florida Marlins
  48   Tony Phillips   Detroit Tigers
  49   Armando Reynoso   Colorado Rockies
  50   Moises Alou   Montreal Expos
  51   Manuel Lee   Texas Rangers
  52   Otis Nixon   Atlanta Braves
  53   Billy Ashley FS   Los Angeles Dodgers
  54   Mark Whiten   St. Louis Cardinals
  55   Jeff Russell   Boston Red Sox
  56   Chad Curtis   California Angels
  57   Kevin Stocker   Philadelphia Phillies
  58   Mike Jackson   San Francisco Giants
  59   Matt Nokes   New York Yankees
  60   Chris Bosio   Seattle Mariners
  61   Damon Buford   Baltimore Orioles
  62   Tim Belcher   Chicago White Sox
  63   Glenallen Hill   Chicago Cubs
  64   Bill Wertz   Cleveland Indians
  65   Eddie Murray   New York Mets
  66   Tom Gordon   Kansas City Royals
  67   Alex Gonzalez FS, UER
UER: 4th line, "wont" should be "won't"
  Toronto Blue Jays
  68   Eddie Taubensee   Houston Astros
  69   Jacob Brumfield   Cincinnati Reds
  70   Andy Benes   San Diego Padres
  71   Rich Becker FS   Minnesota Twins
  72   Steve Cooke ASR   Pittsburgh Pirates
  73   Bill Spiers   Milwaukee Brewers
  74   Scott Brosius   Oakland Athletics
  75   Alan Trammell   Detroit Tigers
  76   Luis Aquino   Florida Marlins
  77   Jerald Clark   Colorado Rockies
  78   Mel Rojas   Montreal Expos
  79   OF Prospects (Billy Masse / Stanton Cameron / Tim Clark / Craig McClure) PROS   New York Yankees / Pittsburgh Pirates / Florida Marlins / Chicago White Sox
  80   Jose Canseco   Texas Rangers
  81   Greg McMichael ASR   Atlanta Braves
  82   Brian Turang   Seattle Mariners
  83   Tom Urbani   St. Louis Cardinals
  84   Garret Anderson FS   California Angels
  85   Tony Pena   Boston Red Sox
  86   Ricky Jordan   Philadelphia Phillies
  87   Jim Gott   Los Angeles Dodgers
  88   Pat Kelly   New York Yankees
  89   Bud Black   San Francisco Giants
  90   Robin Ventura   Chicago White Sox
  91   Rick Sutcliffe   Baltimore Orioles
  92   Jose Bautista   Chicago Cubs
  93   Bob Ojeda   Cleveland Indians
  94   Phil Hiatt   Kansas City Royals
  95   Tim Pugh   Cincinnati Reds
  96   Randy Knorr   Toronto Blue Jays
  97   Todd Jones FS   Houston Astros
  98   Ryan Thompson   New York Mets
  99   Tim Mauser   San Diego Padres
  100   Kirby Puckett   Minnesota Twins


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