1992 Topps - Gold

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Inserted 1:36 wax packs, 1:18 cello packs, 1:12 rack packs and 1:6 jumbo packs. The checklist cards from the base set (#131, #264, #366, #527, #658, #787) have been replaced with player cards in this ... more

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1992 Topps



  1   Nolan Ryan   Texas Rangers
  2   Rickey Henderson RB   Oakland Athletics
  3   Jeff Reardon RB   Boston Red Sox
  4   Nolan Ryan RB   Texas Rangers
  5   Dave Winfield RB   California Angels
  6   Brien Taylor DPK   New York Yankees
  7   Jim Olander   Milwaukee Brewers
  8   Bryan Hickerson   San Francisco Giants
  9   Jon Farrell DPK   Pittsburgh Pirates
  10   Wade Boggs   Boston Red Sox
  11   Jack McDowell   Chicago White Sox
  12   Luis Gonzalez ASR   Houston Astros
  13   Mike Scioscia   Los Angeles Dodgers
  14   Wes Chamberlain   Philadelphia Phillies
  15   Denny Martinez   Montreal Expos
  16   Jeff Montgomery   Kansas City Royals
  17   Randy Milligan   Baltimore Orioles
  18   Greg Cadaret   New York Yankees
  19   Jamie Quirk   Oakland Athletics
  20   Bip Roberts   San Diego Padres
  21   Buck Rodgers MGR   California Angels
  22   Bill Wegman   Milwaukee Brewers
  23   Chuck Knoblauch ASR   Minnesota Twins
  24   Randy Myers   Cincinnati Reds
  25   Ron Gant   Atlanta Braves
  26   Mike Bielecki   Atlanta Braves
  27   Juan Gonzalez   Texas Rangers
  28   Mike Schooler   Seattle Mariners
  29   Mickey Tettleton   Detroit Tigers
  30   John Kruk   Philadelphia Phillies
  31   Bryn Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  32   Chris Nabholz   Montreal Expos
  33   Carlos Baerga   Cleveland Indians
  34   Jeff Juden   Houston Astros
  35   Dave Righetti   San Francisco Giants
  36   Scott Ruffcorn DPK   Chicago White Sox
  37   Luis Polonia   California Angels
  38   Tom Candiotti   Toronto Blue Jays
  39   Greg Olson   Atlanta Braves
  40   Cal Ripken   Baltimore Orioles
  41   Craig Lefferts   San Diego Padres
  42   Mike Macfarlane   Kansas City Royals
  43   Jose Lind   Pittsburgh Pirates
  44   Rick Aguilera   Minnesota Twins
  45   Gary Carter   Los Angeles Dodgers
  46   Steve Farr   New York Yankees
  47   Rex Hudler   St. Louis Cardinals
  48   Scott Scudder   Cincinnati Reds
  49   Damon Berryhill   Atlanta Braves
  50   Ken Griffey Jr.   Seattle Mariners
  51   Tom Runnells MGR   Montreal Expos
  52   Juan Bell   Baltimore Orioles
  53   Tommy Gregg   Atlanta Braves
  54   David Wells   Toronto Blue Jays
  55   Rafael Palmeiro   Texas Rangers
  56   Charlie O'Brien   New York Mets
  57   Donn Pall   Chicago White Sox
  58   Brad Ausmus / Jim Campanis / Dave Nilsson / Doug Robbins TP
1992 Top Prospects Catchers
  New York Yankees / Seattle Mariners / Milwaukee Brewers / Baltimore Orioles
  59   Mo Vaughn   Boston Red Sox
  60   Tony Fernandez   San Diego Padres
  61   Paul O'Neill   Cincinnati Reds
  62   Gene Nelson   Oakland Athletics
  63   Randy Ready   Philadelphia Phillies
  64   Bob Kipper   Pittsburgh Pirates
  65   Willie McGee   San Francisco Giants
  66   Scott Stahoviak DPK   Minnesota Twins
  67   Luis Salazar   Chicago Cubs
  68   Marvin Freeman   Atlanta Braves
  69   Kenny Lofton   Houston Astros
  70   Gary Gaetti   California Angels
  71   Erik Hanson   Seattle Mariners
  72   Eddie Zosky   Toronto Blue Jays
  73   Brian Barnes   Montreal Expos
  74   Scott Leius   Minnesota Twins
  75   Bret Saberhagen   Kansas City Royals
  76   Mike Gallego   Oakland Athletics
  77   Jack Armstrong   Cincinnati Reds
  78   Ivan Rodriguez ASR   Texas Rangers
  79   Jesse Orosco   Cleveland Indians
  80   David Justice   Atlanta Braves
  81   Ced Landrum   Chicago Cubs
  82   Doug Simons   New York Mets
  83   Tommy Greene   Philadelphia Phillies
  84   Leo Gomez ASR   Baltimore Orioles
  85   Jose DeLeon   St. Louis Cardinals
  86   Steve Finley UER
UER: Mark Davidson listed on front; not a printing glitch, there is no Mark Davidson in the set
  Houston Astros
  87   Bob MacDonald   Toronto Blue Jays
  88   Darrin Jackson   San Diego Padres
  89   Neal Heaton   Pittsburgh Pirates
  90   Robin Yount   Milwaukee Brewers
  91   Jeff Reed   Cincinnati Reds
  92   Lenny Harris   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93   Reggie Jefferson   Cleveland Indians
  94   Sammy Sosa   Chicago White Sox
  95   Scott Bailes   California Angels
  96   Tom McKinnon DPK   St. Louis Cardinals
  97   Luis Rivera   Boston Red Sox
  98   Mike Harkey   Chicago Cubs
  99   Jeff Treadway   Atlanta Braves
  100   Jose Canseco   Oakland Athletics


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